Friday, 27 April 2018

Equation 323 : I Miss U

Right now,
I don't know where you are.
I don't know what you're doing right now
Even though every day and night,
I keep on telling myself that I never think of you,
I never want to have you in my heart,
But each minute passed by,
You're always in my mind,
Every second passed by,
I felt like my pulse had skipped a step or two,
Maybe what I say it can seemed to be true,
But deep down in my heart,
That every day I keep on saying I don't want you,
I don't need you,
I actually really love you,
I really miss you.

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2018

Monday, 9 April 2018

Equation 322 : Written Love Story

Why is it until today,
A love story it was still written,
The story of love that somehow,
At the end,
It seemed so impossible,
Impossible to reach out for,
It's so impossible to even breathe.
A true love that actually lies behind a life,
A true love that's hidden from the actual reality,
Was the story ever meant for you?
Or was it only for a heart,
That cried out endlessly,
Should the love story ever end,
The love story it was still written,
With a neverending love,
Neverending happiness,
Or should the love story still be the same,
With no other melody apart from only silent entity,
With only a never the less sad love story,
That actually lies in between tragedies?

© Scarlet Matsumoto 2018

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Equation 321 : Another persons Smile

Always tried to laugh
Always tried to smile
Always moving ahead with no doubts
Always starting another life with faith lies within,
But somehow in silent,
Nobody would know how actually a life,
A life that was already torn apart,
Laughter sometimes fades away,
Smiles actually gone to grey,
as each day's  had  passed,
An image still tries to live a life,
A life that's full with questions that's at the end,
It won't be untwine,
A smile it would still last but somehow,
Hiding those tears,
Behind another person's smile...

©Scarlet Storm 2018

Friday, 6 April 2018

Equation 320 : Love Letter

Write, write,
I'll write a love letter,
A love letter for who?
It could be for y-o-u,
But somehow it could also be for,
A person who's untrue, that's definitely not you.

Write, write,
I wrote a love letter,
With a solemn heart that was said,
In a melody that was actually there,
But sadly the sound it couldn't be heard,
Because the truth of life, it actually hurts.

© Scarlet Boundaries 2018

Friday, 23 March 2018

Equation 319 : Imagination

An illustration that was only seen,
Seen behind those eyes whose actually believe,
Believe in the story that was only heard,
Only heard from what it was said in their mind,
With the thought of something,
Something they expect to actually happen,
Happen in the actual world
But somehow, 
It was only alive in their own imagination. 

An illustration that was only written,
Written with an uncertain heart,
Dreaming of something that wasn’t there,
Those shadow that was seen along the way,
Forever bound right by your side,
Anything that wasn’t there exist,
It somehow was alive,
Alive so deep in a heart,
That believe that it is true. 

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto '18

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Equation 318 : Stars

Stars, hoping for the stars to be seen,
Even though a life was kept in silent,
The darkness that falls within,
Could a heart that hoped for freedom,
Ever be set free?
Each breath that was ever taken,
Prolonged in between time,
Minutes kept on exchanging,
As the second kept on passing away,
Will the stars ever be seen once again?
In the darkness,
A life that was bound behind,
Those false integrity,
In between a salvation of another life,
Could it ever regain another chance?
To see the stars that shines dimly,
Across the darkest night?

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto '18

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Equation 317 : Left Alone

In the darkness
I was left alone,
Felt like I was blind,
I could barely see no more,
Tears kept on falling,
A triggered heart it still shivered,
The wind of night it felt so cold
Blew against my skin that was numb,
Not feeling anything anymore,
In the grim and ruthless night,
I was left alone,
With a heart that was torn apart,
Even though I could never

See your shadow anymore,
But I was never there on my own,
A smile that was engraved so deep,
Gentle touch it could still be felt
Those silent words you whispered your love,
It could still be heard,
With no words ever spoken.

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto '18

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Equation 316 : Who R U?

Equation 316 : Who R U? In the grim ad darkest night, There's nothing to be seen, Apart from sound that could be heard, In the silent hours, rough wind could be heard, His shadow appeared, his footsteps were heard, From far, a very long distance, He saw you right there, He would only sit and look at you.. You saw a glimpse of light, you saw him there, He's ignoring you, But when he smile, he could kill you.. He won't say a word, he's still ignoring you.. But when he speak, it would slaughter you.. Your heart triggered, you wonder who would it be, Who is he? Let it be a mystery.. As you approached closer, his shadow disappeared, But when he's there, you'd be the one he's looking for. (c) Scarlet B. 2018

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Only You, Ohno Satoshi.

Each and every day as the minutes escaped. Each second fades away, as the hours continues to passed by. I kept on looking at you, curious what was actually on your mind. The questions were asked but still, I couldn’t find the answer that I wanted because the more I asked myself, the more confuse I’d become. I kept on wondering why, why there are boundaries in between you and me when all I wanted was only an eternal life right by your side. How could it be possible if you’re just somebody special in my life, somebody that meant so much to me, somebody that I could never dreamt of loosing even only for a few second? Your gaze towards me made my heart triggers every time I looked deep your eyes without you noticing. It flickered with love, honesty and purity…

Your soft touch that’s so warm, caressed on my skin, your gentle kiss on my cheek every night you wish me for a good night dream. I hold your hand in mine and I don’t ever want to let you go, but how can I be right beside you forever more because I know that one day, I couldn’t be there by your side anymore… I know that one day, somebody else would love you more. I know that deep in my heart, I want you to be mine, only mine, but somehow, I know that you can't be forever mine because you're never my property to be kept for too long. Maybe at the same time I'm already with somebody else that you know but my love for you it could never fade away. You know who you are. You know that you’re still Satoshi Ohno, the only one man that I truly love in my life… Maybe not as the lover I want you to be, but the brother that I'd always love throughout my life...

(c) Scarlet S. 2018