Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Only You, Ohno Satoshi.

Each and every day as the minutes escaped. Each second fades away, as the hours continues to passed by. I kept on looking at you, curious what was actually on your mind. The questions were asked but still, I couldn’t find the answer that I wanted because the more I asked myself, the more confuse I’d become. I kept on wondering why, why there are boundaries in between you and me when all I wanted was only an eternal life right by your side. How could it be possible if you’re just somebody special in my life, somebody that meant so much to me, somebody that I could never dreamt of loosing even only for a few second? Your gaze towards me made my heart triggers every time I looked deep your eyes without you noticing. It flickered with love, honesty and purity…

Your soft touch that’s so warm, caressed on my skin, your gentle kiss on my cheek every night you wish me for a good night dream. I hold your hand in mine and I don’t ever want to let you go, but how can I be right beside you forever more because I know that one day, I couldn’t be there by your side anymore… I know that one day, somebody else would love you more. I know that deep in my heart, I want you to be mine, only mine, but somehow, I know that you can't be forever mine because you're never my property to be kept for too long. Maybe at the same time I'm already with somebody else that you know but my love for you it could never fade away. You know who you are. You know that you’re still Satoshi Ohno, the only one man that I truly love in my life… Maybe not as the lover I want you to be, but the brother that I'd always love throughout my life...

(c) Scarlet S. 2018

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Equation 315 : Crossword Puzzle

Question, question, question,
Could a question be a puzzle?
A puzzle that was written,

With only hint as an alternative solution,
An answer it wasn’t given,
How can a heart ever be sure,
With the answer that was still insecure,
As thought of what could be possible,
It was still unpredictable,
Can a heart and mind ever stay together,
To tolerate with an answer that could be true,
Somehow, still uncertain with the decision that was,
Still in a crossword puzzle,
Could fate be certain at the end,
Could the puzzle of life ever be solved,
With the solution that has only one end,
With questions were still written there unanswered,
Be the one and only resolution.

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2018

Friday, 29 December 2017

Equation 314 : Glimpse of Time.

In a glimpse of time,
The shadow of smile,
It was merely seen,
Through the trail light,
That was darkening a heart,
Repelled strength from standing strong.

In a glimpse of today,
Those moment had passed,
Those hidden words spoken soft,
It could barely even heard,
As an attempt to breathe fail,
Tearing a life in too short time.

In a glimpse of time,
Will those strength rebuilt once more?
Will those hidden words spoken be heard?
Will it ever mend a broken heart?
Will it mend broken life of tomorrow?
Will that shadow appear once more?

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2017

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Equation 313 : Reincarnation

In the darkest light,
At a moment that felt like it was,
Nothing else was alive, breathing anymore,
In the cold shivered hours,
The time kept on passing by but somehow,
It was like a life couldn’t manage to last no more,
In the stiff silent of night,
There’s nothing else that was heart apart,
From breath that were still breathing,
Alive in the darkness where there were,
Nothing else could be revive,
Nothing else could be living life anymore,
Could the attendance of the spirit that once believed,
Could be a destruction for those life,
Or could the reincarnation of its existence,
Be the only one that would give,
Another life to the most precious one?

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2017

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Equation 312 : Smile

Even though sometimes I cry,
I still try to smile,
I don't know what will happen today,
Let alone what tomorrow will come,
Will I still able to walk for another day?
Live my life as the days goes by?
Why am I still crying,
Even if I'm listening something,
That should make me smile,
I got to believe in myself and still,

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2017

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Equation 311 : Right Here, Right Now.

Maybe some people call me crazy,
Crazy to fall in love with somebody,
Somebody that maybe not so close,
So close to me,
Maybe you were never right beside me,
Never nearby me,
Even though your existence,
It was never right here with me,
But you still made me smile,
Even though I only remember your voice,
Telling me that you love me,
How your eyes sparkled,
Every time you looked at me,
You ask me to wait for your return,
Just to be right beside me again,
Right now,
I'll hold the moment of us together,
Let it engraved so deep in my heart,
Before you return right here beside me,
On a special day,
On a special night,
Once more. 

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto 2017

Maybe it's on another person's birthday, but I really miss you...

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Equation 310 : Bound

Maybe no one knows why,
Why was the glimpse of you shadow,
It suddenly appeared in my life,
As slowly a vision that a saw unclear before,
At the end actually appeared in my life,
Slowly tied up a knot that could never,
No longer be separated in our life.

Maybe no one knows when,
When will the time will actually come,
Will the distance in between two of our life,
Those soft whispered words kept on repeating,
Even though the time kept on exchanging,
The knot that still kept us further from distance,
Bound our heart for an eternal time?

(c) Scarlet Storm 2017


I'm sorry for writing this... But I really miss you, my sweet boo. 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Equation 309 : It's Dark Inside.

Don't get too close,
Don't get too close to me,
It's dark inside,
It's so dark,
Only your pulse could be heard,
Your pulse that was beating hard,
So hard you're not sure you're,
You're breathing anymore,
You can't see anything else,
Apart from just your shadow,
Your shadow that is,
At the end so afraid,
Afraid to even stand,
Stand so close to me.

(c) Scarlet B. 2017

Equation 308 : False Hesitation.

In the silent hours,
In the still of time,
A heart that was unsure,
With those whispered words heard,
Those silent it was still left unspoken,
With your words left hidden,

Your forsaken faith,
With an uncertain decision.

In the trail of night,
Where a smile was only seen,
Hidden behind the truth that lies,
In the light that was only meant,
Your shadows was seen holding on,
With thoughts that was barely a question,
Holding back those tears,
With no false hesitation.

(c) Scarlet B. 2017