Thursday, 23 January 2014

Equation 61 : How 2 Love You.

Sometimes I do not know how.
I kept on asking myself why.
Why do my heartfelt weak,
Even though I never do,
I might not able to,
Know who you are,
Feel you close to me,
Wrap me in your arms,
And let me learn how do I possibly do,
Share my love for you,
Teach me how,
For me to love you.
Is it even to be true…
Get one chance to be,
Only to be with you,
Though I still won’t know you,
My soul tempted me to be,
Love by a man,
I don’t even know,

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Equation 60 : You & I

How like a thunder,
You make me come alive,
All those dreams,
You would still appear,
These past years,
You and I,
Both of us were here,
Through the fallen snow,
The heavy rain, 
The precipitation,
We were still, near
Never would be, apart from,
Each other, Yet,
Even when,
World ever collide,
Fear ever amplify our faith,
The friendship of us,
You and I,
Will forever unite,
Won’t ever shattered,
Even though tears would fall,
Your smile would still,
My wounded heart.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Equation 59 : No more.

Snow has fall, I’m sitting
I’m sitting here,
All alone, what else can be done,
There’s nothing new

Promises, would never
Would never last,
Forever if the time is near
It seemed so true

The frozen breeze whispering here
Without you by my side
It’s hard to understand

*You, I’m standing here
With all of pain, but
 I am awake, again
Without you,
Without you near
All I see, just you
Without me in your arms

All your smiles,
All your lies
I can finally see
All my tears
All my sorrow
How I wish, never here
Just go away,
Our fate isn’t the way
As planned in another life
I’m no more here.

(c) 2014 Kytty Sakuraiba

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Equation 58 : Dear Friends.

Dear friends,

How do you do?

It seemed like it has been a while

Since I last say Hello 2 you.

Dear friends,
How was your day?
I hope that everything is okay
Because I want you to have a brighter day.

Dear friends,
Don’t worry,
Even if the time goes away,
But our memories would never go ashtray.

Dear friends,
Even if where we live,
Time doesn’t seemed to be,
Exactly the same.

My dearest friends,
Even if day changed to another way,
Even if we didn’t manage to say “Hey”
You would still be in my heart,
Even if there’s no more another day.

This is dedicated to everyone of my friends. Even if we barely say Hello, but I will never forget you. :) Thank you so much for being a friend. :')

(C) 2014 Kytty Sakuraiba

Sweet Love,