Thursday, 29 November 2012

Not Alone.

When the moment
of you being there
Even though so far away
But I still
Need you near
Even if
You're never here
I always knows that
You're my one true love

When the world
Step, Stop, Slow down
I'm waiting
When I know
You'll be here
Next to my world
Even if I fell down
You hold me so close
Right in your arms
Never gone
You never will be

I can feel it
You're next to me
But you don't see
Waiting for you just for too long
Still can feel it
How your touch was so near
How you're meant to me
Won't ever let you go
Even if
Tomorrow no longer here
You'll always be there
Engraved deep in my heart
Won't ever let you off my sight
Loving you forever
I know that
I'm not alone
Always needs you here
Right next to me


Punishment 4 a Dream.

My suspicion draws
Because I do not know what was
My mistake
That makes you disappear
Makes you go away
It is simply a virtual delirium
Imagination, but you're not here

I do not understand why
Why did this situation occur as complex
Enervate , I struggled to breathe
In the turbulent situation

When I last met with you
Your smile makes my soul tremble
I ran towards you
But the obstacles block
The pain and its sorrow I know you would never understand
When I'm closer to you
You went away
Leaving me on my own


Papa, a Promise 2 U

Each day I count

How much I'm always
Loving you

Needing you
How can a life be
Without you in my life

AllI'm praying for

Don't you let me go
Never leaving me alone
Standing here,
On my own

Everyday my heart kept on whispering
Telling you

How I promise you
Even though whatever

Anything that would happen
To the world so cold

I'll always be here
Right next to you
Wrapped in your love.

Greatest Love.

Even if time had skipped a distance
Still every second looking just so deep 

Deep into your eyes
With your beautiful smile
It seemed like it meant
Thousands of emotion to be
Understands even if it was always obvious that
You won't be by my side
Promise that will forever
Loving you
Never ever
Forgetting you
For an eternal life
Of the greatest love
It won’t be a last goodbye…


Wednesday, 28 November 2012


What world comes around
Closing dreams of hope

Drowning alive
Gasping for air
Deep under the sea
Open my eyes 
And all can be seen
Was you

Why you’re calling me
Reaching your hands but
Been attached to prison
Of all sympathy
Crying for love what’s obvious
Living in fear 
Full in anxiety

When the time comes
Calling for love
Praying for you
Being here, forever
As the time’s here
You didn’t appear
Whisper out of life
Leaving me all
You disappear


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Take a heart away
Don’t leave a moment astray
If ever thought of
Taking a life
Forfeiting  the race of illegal
Face the force
Kept on walking ahead
Don’t be scared to even think
What mistake was done
Let it washed away
A love embraced
The colour of dark shadow
Preventing a heart from
Being broken again
Shattered away
Or even burns to ashes
It might flown away
Just hold it together
Love will always be there
Doesn’t matter what life written
How unsightly hideous the scars was
Thinking of you
Healing a life that was cold
Just smile again
Without words heard
Or has been said
It won't fades away
Baby, please just...


Loosing U...

Saw you there again
Hold your breath, closing away
Hoping for life to starts, over another time
Feel my heart burns into flame

This is not the end
Shadow appears, didn’t wash away the stain
Broken tears slipping down 
Experience, suffering a heart again
Over do what wasn’t fate
I’ve drowned a life, 
The world still moving

This were that starting of
Hearts holding a love, close together
Rain falls down, don’t just bother
Anxiety of knowing, just wonder
Running forward, didn’t turned around again
Leaving pain, don’t want to miss a thing
The worlds collide, days turns to dark
I got your number
Remembering your name
But you let go a heart releasing, far away

*At that second
Missing a view
A heart crumple
Risking all
At that second
A heart whispering
Forgive me, my love
Face it all, together
Don’t let me go

Where my life stopped there
Wounded heart of
Aching for love
Washing away the pain
Trying to breathe again
How to be living
When my life turns out to gray
Letting me go, out again

At that second
Knowing how world
Treating fear from
Loosing you

( Nothing related to the picture above.
Loosing someone special in a life would hurt you more..
Perishing your feeling away...
Tore a broken heart worse than how you trying to hide away your tears.. )


Summer's Today.

The day turns away
Starting again
The sun had rose now
Shining life that was
So gray
The winds blow slow now
How beautiful
Red roses blooming

Why it was fading
A heart was crying
Why it was begging

The rainbow of May 
Summer’s here once again
Hidden behind the world
Of clouds once 
Were gray

Oh no no
Thinking of you there
What can be said
You walked away, again
Your love were there
Shedding a life
From tears, Fades away

Come back to me 
Don’t go away
If wasn’t be able
Return a love
Growing all through the years
Breathing alive
In spite you thought
Of giving me 

Let go of love
Release me out of
Give me back my life
Your promises
Fading away
Don’t exist to day

Won’t give up a life
Will be living again
Just give me a world
Breaking free from you
Let me go my love
Don’t be here again
Walking far from you
Leaving you away


Monday, 26 November 2012

4 Your Love.

It is a little funny when you kept on thinking over, and over again.
How only a person can drives your world
A little crazy, yet still able to control the passionate desire
Wishing that you want the person to be near
To be so much more closer in your life
Seeing how stunning your lips are
Wondered so badly
How would it feel as if
Touched your skin
With your fingers moving away
Slowly touching every inch of your body
Driving you wild
And much more crazy
Even if knowing that it was from a distance glance
Hoping that the anticipate for your lust
Will succeed in achieving
A fantasy would become real
Just keep on wishing
Continue praying
Strength would gave energy
To be there, in your life
Next to your forever Love.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Happy Birthday 2 U!

Time has come again
It’s only one day
Twenty four hours
One four, four zero
Minutes won’t stay
only memories
All needed to say
to smile all day

What day was it today
Erased out from thoughts of
How can we don’t think of
Hoping a good time
Shining all night
Even world has turned away

*Right now!
Wishing you the greatest time of life
Just you
Can make a world shines so bright
Even if
The sky turns blue
Always smile
Even if sorrow,
Your being right next to me
The love for you
Won’t slip, fading away
Just smile again
Loving you, forever!

A year had passed
Right now’s the time again
Cherishing your love, passed time today
Tears of
Being there with your smile
Devoted for you eternally.

A few more second till it’s the day
Wishing for your happiness
Your tears will fades away
Joyful life forever then
Happy birthday to you!

*Right now!
Wishing you the greatest time of life
Just you
Can make a world shines so bright
Even if
The sky turns blue
Always smile
Even if sorrow,
Your being right next to me
The love for you
Won’t slip, fading away
Just smile again
Loving you, forever!

Happy BIrthday Satoshi Kun! :D

Happy Birthday Riida!
( click to view the video :D )

Thank you for always being here. :D

We love u so much! :D
Thank you for being the best.
The greatest leader.
The perfect smile.
Thank you for everything, Satoshi Ohno. :)

Happy Birthday Satoshi Ohno Kun! :D

Years had passed
You're still there
Thank you so much
For sharing
Your beautiful
Don't you cry
We promise to
Love You
Until now,
And Forever.
Happy 32nd Birthday.
Satoshi Ohno.

We Always Love You! :)

Thank you for being the best leader ever in the world!! ;)

Yadda3. . .

This is just a random thoughts..
Do you ever think about
How almost everyone do make mistakes in the world?
Which human on earth is 100% perfect anyway?
None of us really are.
Maybe from life experience, mistake were done.
Without even been realize.
But God do make us to forgive each other.
Not hating, or making revenge just because of your own satisfaction.
If you say, or tell that people do mistake, what's worse if you're doing it as well?
Not that I wanted to brag about anything here.
I admit that I've made mistake to some certain people I've known.
Even through the net, everyone have their own emotion to face.
Maybe I felt stupid after I realize everything I did was actually wrong.
But like I said, how long are we supposed to have revenge on each other anyway?
Until death tear us apart?

But sometimes, there are good things in this kind of issue..
We make mistake to learn.
We learn to be better.
We be better to become the best.
Even if we say we're not clever enough,
we don't hold any certificates like some certain people.
But what's the use of being smart, but with a heart as bad as a rotten food?

The moral of the things I share with you,

Don't give up even if life isn't always fair, because there's always something much better for you in life.
There's always a bright future if you think positive.
Let all the cheesy life behind you, and move forward.

You'd be someone better.

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Even how gorgeous you are
How beautiful you can be
When people know you for being beautiful
Even if you're the hottest hunk on the list
That doesn't mean that
Or even proven at all
How pure your heart was
How generous you can be
The only thing that meant everything
The only thing that's true
Your  heart aching for a love
Receiving all hopes and dreams
Just be with a heart that
Serve you right
That always makes you smile
Beauty won't give you happiness
If a heart was cold, dried soul
Doesn't matter who you are
Truthful only matters
In a heart
Just be true
And let love exist only
Between me and you.



Ding Dong..
Sometimes, I wonder what music do I really love to listen to you know.
I'm sure that most of you think that POP is the greatest music ever, but I'm sure that somewhere deep inside your heart, there's a small spot for some other music as well.
I admit that I've been loving Arashi since the year 2000.
How i've been following with their albums and music they've released, and most of them are really fun, and really ease to listen to.
Their latest album Popcorn had made it big through out the world.
But where were everyone else sometimes ago?
That's not an issue anyway.
I'm really glad that Arashi had made it big for their 13 years being in this entertaiment industry, and I'm really happy for them.


Have you ever heard about this one rock band??


I'm sure not really people know who are they, but from what I listen to, most of their songs, really do touched deep inside my soul, somehow, cure my broken heart as well.

How I used to say Sho Sakurai always, always makes me smile, but who am I kidding, SpyAir's music did the same thing as well.

If they said that fan girls always rate their most listened 'sweet heart' songs...

LoL, you'd be laughing if you see mine.
Sorry, but you're not on top of the list. ;)

05 - I Miss You ( SpyAir )
04 -Fly On Friday ( Sakurai Sho )
03 - You 2 ( SpyAir )
02 - Cosmos ( Arashi )
01 - 0 Game ( SpyAir )

Even though I always write for Sakurai Sho / Masaki Aiba, but SpyAir music always, always do give me the greatest impression for almost anything I wrote.

Thank you SpyAir for being part of my life. I'm really glad that I know you, even if it's only a short time, but I didn't regret in anyway.

Arigato Gozaimasu! :)

Your music rocks my world! :D

Forever Friendship

Strong winds blows
Holding on one another
Won’t let go
Even thunder strikes once again
Blizzard appears, our tears ran away
Just smile and pray
Nothing won’t breaks away

Trusting a world
Risking a life through it
Thinking back a time
When you came into my life

Friendships won’t fades away
Even day ends today

Promises were meant here to stay
Five forever a star
Gazing throughout
Out a life that was so dark
Thanking you for being there
Being without eternally
Smile again
When star light strikes again

*Years had passed now
The journey of existence goes by
Walking ahead
Oh, my life
Had been dreaming of
What would a world
How could it get
Made it pass by a love
My friends

Promises won’t fades
Dreaming of will take
Smile in a world been living
Just come close, and stay
Thank you for always
Being there through a life and destiny
Always loving you, Arashi.

( Thank you again SpyAir for great music! :) 

Oh My Heart.

He was the first reason why did I met them in the year 2000.

As time passed by, I kept on asking why did I even left him?

But most of the time, you always came across my heart, and I know it..
That I really like you.... I really do...

But what they say is true.. U can't never split them from one another... but...

I really love this guy, and I always do. ;) <3


One Love

The day begun once again
Still closing my eyes
But saw you here
Just so close in my existence years
Heard your gentle whisper calling me
Telling just how much you wanted to
Only to be right next to me
*Praying to hold you close, my love
Soft winter blows turned a life so cold
A heart is aching without your love
When the sky turns so dark
Just want to love you forever
Even if two world merge into one
Won’t ever let your love go
Out of sight, for a second time
I want your love
Your only love

How I know we were never meant to be
Together aside for eternity

One, wishing you’re forever here
Two, never let me go out from your life
Three, wanting to hold you close
Never letting go, yet again
Four, your smile warmth my soul
Five, Just whisper your only love

How sacred you are through the spinning globe
Won’t ever fades away
Won’t ever leaving astray
Forever here
Keeping a promise together
My only love.


Looking ahead

How the world was just
Crushing down
Each time you kept on 
Telling me that 
You want me
How it badly you ache
A emotion froze
When I felt your touch 
Grabbing through
Right on my skin

Don’t stop whispering
Tell me, baby
How you need me 
Craving for your temptation
Every night, throughout the day
Won’t ever let u off my sight 

Feeling the hottest sensation
Your lips against mine
Somehow, It never stopped
Even for a second as time passed by
Don’t ever stop
Don’t even think of
Just keep on
Tempt my lust for your love
Holding me in your arms
( Can’t let you go )

Just tell me how
What you wanna do, 
Got to do it now
Take a soul away
Won’t ever regret
Hold me close
And you know what
You just got to do me
Just do me, now

( Noted what's on ur mind. ;) )

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shattered Tears

Looking around 
But still won’t find it
Craving for some air
Were found, won’t able
Water drops fading away 
From sight, out of the whole life
Dried of lust 
Just needing for sympathy 

The puzzled spread out
Some pictures missing
Memories appears
But gone in instant
Searching for words
Missing out
Wondering what’s left for now
But fading…

*It’s shattered away
Broken hearts and dreams
Spread out, a raging flame
Through life’s that’s cold and gray
The temperature rising
Increases , won’t ever fail
Through life and death

Suffered a life
Screamed out, unheard
Ran out of tears
Felt lost, confounded 
Confusing fear how
But the question was what
Facing alone
Out on my own life

Heard a sound of
The steps gets closer
What that might be
A shadow appear
Wondered what was
A light so near
Was it a hope for
Emotion fear of

Feel so close
But I 
Won’t let go
( Through life’s that’s cold and gray )
Hold my hand
Just don’t 
Let me go
( Through a life and )

( Again, I thank SpyAir for their great music. ;) 0 Game )


Never thought
Would just care
What’s happening
The glance of
Your eyes
Everything seemed like
So erotic
Just wanna go oh
Baby boy, now oh baby
Your smile drives me crazy
Oh, baby, baby.

How you dance away
Just step up, making a world
Come on close, say Hello
How I want you
Just treat me like
How you want me in your life
Oh baby, just kiss me,
My loving, kiss me, tenderly
A heart that was pounding
Won’t ever think of just stopping

So I try
To hold, just hold it
But you’re too close
Magnetic, Magnetic
Hoping for
Dancing, just dancing
Come on close
Get me on the track

*I just wanna scream
Hell yeah
How you turned my world with
A sensation of
Breathing, Whisper for your lust
Tempt me in your life
Oh, baby, baby,
Oh come on baby!
Now oh, get me closer
Hold me close, now baby
I just wanna scream
Baby, don’t go now
Running away
I’d plead for your touch
Hold me close
Moving pleasure in a sense
Of sexual loving, baby 
I need you near
Now oh, baby, touch me baby
Oh baby, baby.

Just take off
Come dance with me

*I just wanna scream
Hell yeah
How you turned my world with
A sensation of
Breathing, Whisper for your lust
Tempt me in your life
Oh, baby, baby,
Oh come on baby!
Now oh, get me closer
Hold me close, now baby
I just wanna scream
Baby, don’t go now
Running away
I’d plead for your touch
Hold me close
Moving pleasure in a sense
Of sexual loving, baby 
I need you near
Now oh, baby, touch me baby
Oh baby, baby.