Sunday, 31 August 2014

Equation 71 : My Heart.

How Should I say
how shall I represent
A heart that was, duelling against
Though time fades, Second changes
I always know that, I am still
Not admitting, never will
The truth that was somehow,
Swollen, the pain
Was it even, possible,
Holding it together, Somehow,
Deep inside, Inside my heart,
I always know that, Who was the one
The one that is holding the crown
Who I actually wanted to be with
I am still denying everything, How sadly to say
Though your smile still conveys,
My love for you, But were hidden in a way
I disobey, because I know
Deep inside my heart,
It is not the person I say
I love you
But it was the one I kept on telling
How much I need you,
How much I want to be with you,
That matters in my life.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Best friend and a Stranger.

"It's not fun when you are taller than me!" Yuki said while making faces to Sho. "It is a good thing! You see, it's easy for me to kiss you," Sho said while touching her cheek, acting trying to kiss her but she push him back and both of them started to laugh. Yuki and Sho has been best friend since they were studiying together in their collage years. "Hey Yuki," Sho called out. "What?" she said, looking at him, smiling. "I heard there's going to be someone new in this office somewhere this week. I think," he smiled while chewing a gum in his mouth. "Really?" she said, looking at him seriously. Sho suddenly had a big laughter and pinch her cheek,"No! I don't know!" he smiled to her and she frown and jockingly strangled him, "AHHH!!!!!!!!" she scream plus laughing at the same time. Sho laughed and tried to pushed her back, screaming," Noooo!!!!!" he smiled. Yuki let him go and smiled back. "But if there is someone new anyway, it will be good for you," he looked at Yuki, winked. "Good for me?" she saw him nodding and laughed. "And why is that?" she took Sho's drink and drank it. "You can flirt and then and then," he start to make a crying reaction,"You'd leave me alone!!!!!" he acts as if he is wiping his tears. Yuki pat his shoulder,"Aww my dear, come here," she gave him a hug and laughed a little. "You know that I will never leave you behind," she smiled and kissed his cheek. Sho looked up and smiled a little,"Really?" she smiled,"Really," and both of them laughed and walked to their office.

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While they were walking into the office, they were joking around and laughing and suddenly Yuki ran into a guy. "I'm so sorry," she appologize and when she looked up she was stunned by how gorgeous this man looks. He is tall, dark brown hair, red lips, very fair indeed, just like a man of her dream but wait, she never seen him around this office before. Is he just a custumor running a little early or a new guy, like what Sho had joked around today. She thought to herself."Yeah, I'm really sorry," she looked at him, smiling. He smiled back "It's okay, but are you alright?" he looked at her. "Yeah, I'm ok. I guess we never met," she smiled. "Yeah, I'm pretty new here. Just arrived from Hokkaido. Got transfered," he smiled, winked. Sho looked at him from up to down. What is he trying to do? Flirting with Yuki or something? He thought alone. "Oh, I see. Well, welcome to Shibuya. Anyway, I'm Yukino but people called me Yuki and this is my friend, Sho Sakurai," she touched Sho's arms. "Oh, Hi," he smiled and shaked his hand. "Hello, I'm Takizawa, people call me Taki," he smiled, looking at Yuki. What is he trying to do, Sho thought alone again. "So, I guess you are new to this town!" Yuki said to Taki, with a big smile. "Yes, and I don't know where I can find a personal tour guide who can show me around," Taki smiled as he walked to his room with Yuki following him. "Oh! I can show you around town. That is if you don't mind," Yuki grinned. "Sure! That would be great! When will you be free?" he asked her while inviting her into his room. Sho stand there and spoke in a low tone, "What is happening? Is she ditching me for that new guy? Does she likes him more than me? Or am I being too jealous right now?" he lift up his shoulder and walked to his room and walked in. "We'll see I guess," he whine and leaned back on his chair. After some time, Yuki ran into his room, screaming in joyfulness. "SHO!!!! Yu;d never believed what just happened!!!" she ran beside him, holding his shoulder. "What happened?" he said, stopped doing his work and look at Yuki, with an annoying smile. "HE ASKED ME OUT!!!" she said smiling to him like a psychotic person. "Good for you! But since you are MY secretary, I need you to do some work first," he told her while he continued with his work and saw Yuki's cheerful glooming smile fades away. "I'm sorry Yuki, I'm happy for but my father, our boss just called in while you were there. He asked us to finished this work before 5 pm and got to e-mail it to him," he look at her, smiling but with a little disappointment. "Ok," she said slowly, turning around while he holded her arms, stopping her from leaving the room. "We;ll talk after work ok?" he said to her, smiling. "Promise?" she look at him, like a spoiled child. "Promise. Beside, tonight is my turn to take you out for dinner. I did loose on our bet yesterday right?" he touched her cheek. Feeling her soft and warm cheek, it seems like as if he was in heaven. "Yes!! I know!!" she said pinching his cheek. "I'll go and do my work now alright!" she took the paper and walked to the door. She turned aroound and gave him a big smile. "Love yu always!" she put her hand on her chest. "Love you more," Sho said, with a gorgeous smile across his face.

After they finish their work, Sho and Yuki walked to his car in the parking lot. While reaching there, they have a small chat, "So, what's up with you and the new guy?" Sho asked. "Taki is a nice guy. He's sweet, generous, pretty smart and there's just too much to say!" Yuki smiled, dreaming away. "Generous? How would you know that," Sho thought while smiling to her. "Oh, so he's the real gentleman eh?" he said, laughing. "Yeah. He want me to show him around Shibuya. Where's the good place to eat, a nice hotel to stay in, where's the beautiful ocean view," she smiled, dreamingly. "The most romantic place," she stop, sigh and hold his hand. "Sho, it's like he's the dream guy," she smiled so wide, hugging him thight. "I'm sure he is," he said, faking a smile and tapping her back. What's happening. Am I loosing her already? He thought while still smiling in her arms. Suddenly they heard a honk behind them. Both of them turn around and saw Takizawa, in his BMW 4 series. "Just BMW? My car is way nicer than yours," he thought again. "Hey. Am I interupting anything?" Takizawa asked, giving them a bright smile. "YES!" Sho said to himself. "No, we were just walking to my car. Sending her home," Sho said, hiding his deep envious feeling. "Yeah. He always sent me home. Still can't afford my own car," Yuki immitaded a sad face but then she smile, laughing. "Oh, really? Where is your house?" Takizawa asked her, smiling. "Oh, it's just near by the Yoyogi Park. Why do you asked?" she smile, dearestly to Takizawa. "It's near to the West Park Cafe right?" he said, looking at Yuki up and down, smiling. "Yes! It is!" she said, smiling to him. She whispered to Sho,"It seems like he's asking me out....." nd keep on smiling. Sho whispered back, "Yeah, I'm sure he is. But we're going our for a dinner right?" staring sharply. "I'm on my way there to get my dinner, do you want me to send you home?" he told her while she widen her eyes and said, "Yes! Sure! I'm pretty sure that Sho doesn't mind too right?" she look at Sho, blinking twice. Sho sigh,"Yeah, I don't mind. It's easier for me to go home alone anyway," he finished his line, concealing his  feelings of resentment. "Thank you!" she whispered back while walking to his car. "Okay. Let's go Yuki," he went out from his car and walked to the other side and open the door for Yuki. "Thank you," she smiled innocently and get into the car. Takizawa walked back to his side of the car and went in. "Hope to see you tomorrow," he said to Sho. "Bye!" Yuki said, waving from inside the car as it drove off. Sho walked directly to his car which is just beside the car that he was standing at. He unlock his car, 2011 edition, black Lexus LFA. "You are ditching me for tat guy who drives a BMW 4 series! She knows me better than that man!" he was so angry, turn on his car, switch on his radio to the max and drove off.

After some time, Sho has been avoiding Yuki, it seems like he don't feel like talking to her after she started going out with the new Mr. Nice Guy. "He's so perfect. He's so nice! It seems like he's it!" Sho thought alone while he was in his office. "Yeah right, I could just fire you just like that!" he said while he saw Yuki just came back from her lunch break, with Takizawa. "What the hell? You guys are kissing in front of my office?! What's wrong with that? YEAH! Do it in your room!" he said so furiously and picked up the phone that connects to the outside. Yuki laughter can be heard into his room while he told Takizawa to hold on because she wants to answer the phone call. "Hello?" Yuki said softly, controling her laugh. "Have you done the work I gave you yesterday?" Sho said in a confident way. "Yeah, it's done," but before she could finish her sentense, "Send it to me now. I'm late for a meeting. Where have you been. Lunch break ends at 2 pm, not 2.30 pm," he told her and hung up before she could say anything. Outside his room, Yuki told Takizawa, "Honey, I think Sho is pissed at some reason. I need to do my work. I'll go to your room after this alright?" she hold his hand while taking all the papers she shad printed out ealier. "Okay, I'll be waiting for you," he told her with a smile. "Okay," she leaned over and gave him a kiss on his lips. "Bye," she said with a smile while she look at Takizawa walked into his room. She took all the papers and went into Sho's room. "Here's the work," she said, smiling, trying to ignore the fact that Sho yelled at her a while ago. He took the paper and look at it,"Thank you for your work. I'm leaving for a meeting now. Have fun with your new love alright?" he put the paper in his briefcase and stands up. "What's wrong with you?" Yuki hold his arm before he reach the door. "I'm just too busy with work. Can't you see?" he said, and pat his head,"Oh I forgot, you are just too busy with your man," he putted his briefcase on the couch and look at her, deep into her eyes. "Tell me what's your problem Sho. It seems like you're not satisfied with me or... I don't know. Tell me," she said holding his face but he pushed it away. "Your lover boy might saw, I don't want him hating me, his own boss because of this," he told her. She put her hand down. "Okay, then tell me what's your problem. I don't know if you don't tell me," she said, putting both of her hand on her waist. "You want to know?" he looked at her nodding, "I'll tell you after work. I'm late for my meeting now. T.T.Y.L, talk to you later," he picked up his briefcase and went out the room, leaving Yuki clueless. "Am I a brave guy? She's my best friend, how long am I going to torture her like this," he wipe the tears the dropped down from his eyes and went out the door.

After some time, Sho walked into the office,, the time is almost 6pm and almost everyone has gone back home, except for one. Yuki was still waiting for him at her desk. Yuki stood up, looking at Sho."Please come to my room," he told her. As they were walkiing inside, she asked him, "I'm wondering Sho," she told him. "What are you wondering about?" he sat on hi chair and looked at Yuki. "Why after Taki is here everything changed between you and me. Why," she sat on the couch in front there, holding back her tears. "Why, you're asking me why. You should ask yourself why. WHY!" he stands up and walked towards her. "You asked me why am I running away from you? I ask you back, after you got your lover boy, do you care about me? You asked me, Why can't we like before? I ask you back, do you even think about me? How I feel? How far have you been since you have him with you?" he look at her, she saw tears in his eyes. "But Sho," he cuts her off before she could finish, "We used to have lunch together. We go home together. You used to called me most of the nights. You used to be with me before. BEFORE! But what has happened now?" he sat in front of her. "I know whatever you said is true, since he came into my life, I was happier. When I was with you, I'm always happy. But now it's even better. You still care about my feeling. You still want me to be happy right?" she hold his hand. "Yes, I do care about your feeling, I do want you to be happy. But do you care about mine? Do you know if I'm happy, or if I'm upset? No, you don't bother anymore Yuki. You don't care," he closed his eyes and felt tears running down her cheek when he saw a white gold ring on her finger. "That's a beautiful ring," he told her. "Thanks," she replied looking at him, feeling a little sad. She knows she had been stupid for leaving him, her bestest friend, behind for another guy. "What is it for? An engagement ring?" he said with a little laugh, to cover up the sorrow he is still holding back. "Yes, that is what I want to talk to you about. I'm getting engaged with him next week, I hope you'd come to the ceremony," she told him as she stood up. "You just know him for one month and you're getting engaged with him?" he stood up, grabbing her hand and pulled her close as he kissed her lips. She was in shock, confused with the situation. She pushed him back, "What are you doing?! I'm getting married soon and now you're kissing me?! Are you crazy?!" she walked to the door. "Don't come after me," when she cried, ran out from the room, leaving Sho behind. "She's getting engaged," he sigh and sat down on the couch. Yuki took a taxi and went to Takizawa's house. "I hope he's home. I have the house key anyway,"" she smiled as she took an elevator up the 11th floor at the Shangubashi Apartment. She went to room number 1109 and put the key in and unlocked it and got shockked by what she saw. Takizawa wasn't wearing his shirt and made love to another woman. She closed the door and ran to the elevator while Takizawa ran towards her and grab her hand,"Yuki," he called. "Just leave me alone!" she pushed him back. "You told me that you loved me and you want to marry me and this is what you are doing behind my back?!" she yelled. "Let me expain," he tried to saved himself. "Explain what? I don't want you anymore! I don't share my man!" she took off the ring and threw it at his face when the elevator reached. "Give that to your dearest love. I don't want to see you anymore. We are through," when she walked into the elevator leaving him standing there alone. Inside the elevator she thought,"I left my best friend alone and now look what  he has done," as she wipe her tears.

At the office, Yuki treated Takizawa just like a work mate. They don't talk more than just about work. Only work. After the insident 3 days ago, Sho already went to New York for his working matters and she heard he will be back today. She was so excited because she wanted to apologize to him for what happened that day. It was 5 pm and everyone starting to leave the office. They told her goodbye and she keep on waiting for Sho to arrive.. She knows that everytime when he went somewhere, he will come to the office first to put all of his stuff so that he wont forget about it tomorrow. "He is the sweetest guy. Why am I so stupid for choosing a that I nly know for a month over a guy that I've knew almost my whole life," she said to herself when she heard somebody walked into the front office door. It is Sho. She smiled and stood up,"Hey," she greet him. "Hi. What are you doing here?" he said while walking to his room. "I was just doing some work," she told him. He put all of his things down inside his room,"What work," when she hugged him before he could finish his line. "I've reject him. I don't want him anymore," she looked at him deeply into his eyes. "Why?" he said, nervously. He have liked Yuki a long time ago and now he is in her arms. "The right one has been in front of me all these time. He has been with me all my life," she smiled, with tears of happiness in her eyes. "Who?" he asked, wondering. "You," she told him and kissed him passionately. He kissed her back. "It's like a dream come true," he thought in his mind as he pulled her back for a while. "Thank you, Yuki," he said, smiling. "Always love you," she said, with a little laugh. "Love you more," he smiled, kissing her again.

-I wrote this in the year 2011... i think i used to write a Script for this... XD-

He's My Vampire.

It was a cold night and Kym was in her room reading her story book. She thought "Vampires. Why aren't they real? Why aren't they true. If only they are here," smiling. Her obsession with vampire is too massive. She start drawing her imagination of her own vampire groom. Of herself being one. How she wish that it will all comes true. She put her book down and went to her balcony. Suddenly she saw a shooting star. " Wouldn't this be a good time to make a wish?" she thought, smiling and close her eyes. "I want him as my vampire and I want him real," she open her eyes and smiled. She went to her bed and close her eyes. " I hope it's a sweet dream," she said, while cuddling her pillow.

After a while, Kym got up and went to the bathroom. "Oh, what a wonderful dream!" as she look at herself in the mirror while yawning. She washes her face and went back to her room. She locks the door and turn around as she saw a gorgeous looking guy at her balcony. "Wait, isn't that Sho? What is he doing at my balcony?" she tought to herself. She went to the window and asked "Who are you?" as she look at him wearing a black shirt, unbutton halfway, a faded black jeans and a ring. "You called for me, I believe you know who I am,  and I heard your wish, so here I am," he said to her, smiling in a pleasantlyseductive way. "What's your name?" she asked while opening her window and step out. "You know who I am. I'm Sho," as he touches her cheek. She was shocked. "Why are you here?" she asked, looking at him deeply in his eyes. "You called for as I said before. When the shooting stars cross the sky, people make their wish. Those lucky one are lucky to get their wish came true. You got your wish, my love," he said while kissing her neck. "Oh, it smells so delicious," as he touches her neck, moving slowly to her chest. "Seriously? This must be a joke," she said nervously, laughing. "You can feel my touch, you can feel my breath, you can feel my lips kissing your neck, what else could it be?" he said while doing everything he just told her. "So, that means everything is real?" she look at him, feeling a little dozy. "Yes, and now you should invite me in," he speaks in a soft whsper as he kisses her lips. "Yes, you can come in," the last words she said before she falls down in his arms.

She got up once again and look around. "Oh my godness. It was an amazing dream!" she said, laughing. "You had a good dream?" she suddenly heard a voice talking to her. She got shocked when she look at someone who walked out from her bathroom. "Oh my god,it is Sho. It wasn't a dream after all," she thought to herself. "You're still... here," she looked at him while wiping the sweat off her chin. "Oh, I'm still here. You fainted a while ago while you invited me in," he said, smiling while having a drink. "This is a surprise," she said, smiling. "My mother would kill me if she founds out there is a guy in my room," as her smile cross her face while touching his hand. "No, she won't she's too far asleep, she won't even notice a thing," he said as he kissed her cheek while she turns around and thier lips touched each other. "Oh! I'm so sorry, I really, uh... really...," as she try to give excuse and asked again " Do you mind?". He smiled and whispered, "Go ahead, do me," and she pulled him closer and gave him a thight hug and released. "Just that? It's your wish come true, don't tell me you're just going to do that," he said while running his finger through her hair. She smiled and pulled him closer to her and giving him a passionate kiss while he kissing her back and push her on the bed. They continue kissing for several minutes as he unbuttoning her shirt one by one. "Will your mom sue me if she knows about this?" he said while touching her neck. "She won't find out," as she pulled him closer and kissing him again.

She took his shirt off, kissing her neck, passionate moment goes while they kissed, they whispered and they touched. While things happening, she whispered, "Will you ever leave me?" as she touched his face. He kissed her softly, "No,I will never let you go," as she smiled when she heard him telling her that. As things still going on, roughly, passionately, slowly, as she speaks in a soft whisper, "Thank you," she smiled to him. "No baby. I should be the one thanking you," as he licked her neck. She heard the owl speaks in it's own way as she feels the wind breeze softly, giving her the chills and the excitement in a way explainable. She feels his warm body on her chest, his fingers touching her face, down to her neck, and his soft, pink lips on hers. She feels like as if she is in heaven, with a man that she loves. The one who is not letting her go, she knows she will be save forever in his arms. The night of the fallen stars where there is thousands of it filling the sky, accompanying a beautifully glowing moon. It's like herself, one, filling in with thousands of chills, excitement, passion and love. "He is in my arms, he is mine at least for this one whole night," she thought to herself as she feels his lips touching hers once again as she kissed him back. "I will forever believe that you are here," she told him. "Good, I'd love to come back and see you again," he said smiling to her and suddenly she saw his shrap fangs, him licking his lips and bit her on her neck. "Oh!," as she scream softly, pleasurablely as he passionately suck on her blood.

Kym lay on her bed, while Sho hold her from behind as he whispered, "Thank you for tonight, I had a great with you by my side," as he kissed her neck when she smiled and turned around to face him, "Thank you for choosing me, I know there is a lot more people out there who wants you too, but you choose me. Thank you so much," she spoke in a soft words, feeling his cheek and kissed his lips. She leaned close to his chest, feeling his touch on her hair, as he fingers goes down on her neck, down to her shoulder, arms and her palm when he grip it close to his as he whispered, "I love you, Kym. You're my princess, be my queen," as he kissed her neck. "I do. But will you come back to me?" she look at him sincerely. "Keep on wishing everyday, I will see you every night. I will come back if you promise you would never stop wishing to see me again," as he kissed her cheek. "I won't give up praying for you. I will keep on wishing to see you again," as she kissed his lips. "I love you too, Sho," as she felt tears sliding down her cheek. He looked at the watch on her wall. "It's almost 6.30 a.m. I believe I must go now. Wish to see you again. Hope you would wish to see me again aswell," he said, smiling, while he get up to wear his clothes and walked to her balcony as she wrap her towel and followed him there. He touched her cheek down to her chin softly, kissing her passionately and whispered, "Don't forget to wish, I promise you I will be back," as he disappear with a last smile and a wave goodbye. Kym cried and went back into her room. "I will keep on wishing," she said before she fell asleep once again.

The next day she woke up, she opened her eyes and look around. She smiled and laugh, "It was just a dream, what a silly dream. Sho is my vampire, he bit me, and I'm his bride, what am I thinking," she got up from her bed and went to the bathroom and suddenly she scream out loud and went back inside her room and saw a beautiful black gown her size on the chair, a shining black heel and a diamond ring. She took that diamond ring and put it in her finger and she found a note saying, "Keep on wishing and I'll be there," she sit on her chair and let out a big breath. "All of this, and a bite on my neck, means it's all, real?" she said while wiping her forehead as she heard a voice saying, "Keep on wishing and I'll be there, my queen," as she smiled and lay back on her bed. "It is true after all," as she look at the side table and saw a photo of herself with him. She smiled and close her eyes.
-Mehh... i wrote this in the year 2011.. XD~