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Beast with a True Love : Chapter 1


24th April 2012
Dear diary,
            It seems like today was just like the pass days I’ve lived in. It surely nothing that excite me at all. Life was still the same old, same old.
            My parents? As usual, I never even see their face for quite. The last thing I remembered them telling me was, “You take care of yourself, Yuki. We’re going to England since your dad has been post there for his new position. We left you some money, and please do call us if there’s any problem.”
            Mom’s sweet words, but I tried calling her, but as usual,
            I’ve been living on my own ever since then, but she’s always there at my house anyway.
            Oh! How can I even live without her?
            Manami Hana.
            She has been my best friend since I was in middle school…
            We share almost everything in life.
            She’s always there by my side…

            Ever since I had that dream about that mysterious thing, I tried so bad to get the image off my head, but why isn’t it possible? Why would it be something that I should even be bothered about? Why should I even care about that? Dreams are just dreams. None of it would be real anyway.
            … but why does it feel, real?
            When he held me close in his arms, I felt his coldness, his breath, lust, tempting passion he had for me, I know he want me,
             somehow he felt my fright when he wanted to owned me.
            What does he really need from me?
            Why does my heart ache when I think of him? Do I want him too as much as he wants me?|

            Stop thinking about this, Yuki!
            How can I not think about him anyway? I couldn’t even erase him from my head, let alone my life….
            Manami  kept on telling me to prevent, impede myself from thinking about that mysterious man, but how can I even forget his gorgeous frightful gaze that he gave me?
            Just get back in the reality world, Yuki.
            You won’t see him again, he won’t be there with you forever, never the less, see him in sight even if it’s only for a little while.

            Miyuki Takeda put the pen down, she took a deep breath, leaning closer down on the table, she blinked her eyes for a few times.
            What am I thinking?

            she thought, as the wind outside gently touch her tender skins, she covered her face, shielding herself from the sun that was rising bright in the real world right now.

            It was around 12.46 in the afternoon, where the outside world was busy like a normal regular days, but she was still in a dream,
            Miyuki smiled on her own, looking at how the Sakura blossom gracefully though it was almost the end of Spring, the green was still lighting up the world, everything still seemed to be at its own destiny, how everything was supposed to be,
            “Beautiful world,” she whispered, cherishing everything that was there around her, how she wishes she could be here forever,
            then she felt someone touched her shoulder in a tick of time,
            Without any notification, she felt someone touching her cheek for a few times again,

            “Yuki,” she heard someone calling for her, though she still didn’t see anybody.
            “Oi,” she heard someone called her over and over again, who was it disturbing her beautiful melody, as she slowly opens her eyes, she saw someone right in front of her face, she fell frozen for a few second, feeling shock, she opens her eyes wide, “Jun!” she said his name when he just smiled to her, “Yo,” he greeted her, lifting one side of his hands up, and rest it on her shoulder,
            “You know that you can’t sleep in class right?” he asked her, when she rubbed her eyes, looking at him, but still feeling a little dozy, she raised her eyebrow, clueless with what was going on, “Hello,” she replied him, when he grinned to her, “You had a good nap didn’t you? You know that if Mr. Takeshi walked in the class and see you sleeping like a small girl, he might bite you?” he asked her,
            she suddenly remembers about her eerie dream, but she pushed his shoulder, and shrugged a little,
            “I know you’d wake me up,” she told him, when he winked his eyes, “And give me 10 reason why I should even do that?” he asked her, she gave him a little smile, “I can only give you one,” she told him, when he sat next to her table.
            “What?” he asked her, looking as arrogant as he can be, she pinched his nose, “I know you love me and I know you’d save me,” she winked her eyes, leaning close and was about to give him a kiss, he seemed to be overly excited for what was going to happen in between those two, but he lifted his hands up, “Wait,” he said, looking away, unsatisfied in a sudden.
            She tries to push his hand away, but didn’t manage to, she gave him a short glance, “Why?” she asked, he shakes his head, frowning a little, he looked to the side, “I know you don’t love me,” he said, when she leaned closer to him,  “Oh my,” she replied, as if she was shocked what he just told her, she was so eager to know what was playing on his head at that second,
            “What are you saying, MatsuJun,” she asked him, when she frowned, “I know you don’t love me,” putting his hand down, she held it close in hers, looking depressingly miserable, he looked to the other side, trying not to get a glimpse of her eyes, she felt a little odd,
            “Are you okay, baby?” she asked him, but he still didn’t response to what she was doing to him, “I know that you like someone else,” he told her, sticking his tongue out a little, Miyuki’s eyes opened a little wide, “What are you saying?”  she asked him, but he didn’t even reply her even one bit, she looked at him, with her mouth opened, “JUN!” she called for him, but he just covers his face with both of his hands, “I’m not telling you,” he said, but she shakes his arms.
            Before he could even speak, someone patted behind Miyuki’s shoulder, as she looked to the side.
            Miyuki smiled looking at her, “Hey, girl!” she greeted her,
            “Hey dear,” she kissed her cheek,
            “What’s going on you two?”
            Jun just look to the side, “Not telling,” he shakes her head, Manami sat next to him, she took out her History notes,
            “Since when you’re not telling me anything?” Manami looked at him,
             “Since when I told you everything?” he said,  didn’t blink his eyes,
            “I thought you always tell us everything,” Miyuki bite her finger nail,
            They looked at each other for sometimes… wondering what was playing in each other’s mind, playing puzzle by looking into each other’s eyes, Jun raised his eyebrows up,
            “This is…”


 “… not true!” Manami said, when she laughed at the two of them, Jun wrote something down on a piece of paper in front of him, “but, people do said that if human dream too high, others might think that they have a bright future ahead,” he looked at those two girls, when Miyuki smirked a little, as usual, Manami act like she don’t really bother, but,
            “I do have high dreams myself,” she budged in, irritated, but that’s what Jun Matsuda always be, and will forever be like.
            He moves his point finger, declaring it’s a no in front of her face, “No, no, no,” he said, Manami looked at Miyuki, “Should I?” she asked her, who was reading the “Passionate Murderer,” novel, she just smiled, “Up to you,” she told her, with a little smile, she flipped to the other page, Manami frowned a little looking at him who still haven’t stop talking,
            “Even if you dream too high, baby,” he continue his talk, running his fingers through his dark brown hair, Manami crossed her arms on her chest, she gave him a glare, as he took a deep breath, turning his glance towards her, he touched his chin, taking a few second to think,
            “What are you? Einstein wanna be?” she asked him, when he lifted his hands up in front of her face, avoiding her to  get in the way while he was trying to say something, he looked at her.
             “If they dream too high, Miss Hana Manami,” he shakes his head in a disappointment, he sighed, as their eyes met each other,
            “What?” she look fiercely, without any smile, he gave her a mocking grin,
            “They might fall down” he said, looking at her sharply, she bit her lips,
            “Hard,”  he finishes his sentence, when Minami opened her mouth, she feels like she wanted to strangle him, but if only she can, she lifted her hands up, when Miyuki looked at two of them, she know she got to break the ice.
            Even though they’ve been friends for quite sometimes, but these two, they can never be too close to each other sometimes, she put her novel to the side, took a deep breath, giving away a nicely smile,
            “And I know you got a high dream to date Selena Gomez,” Miyuki budged in, Jun turned his gaze towards her, with her shoulder length brown hair falls down behind her back, how could he even resist her beautiful smile, he took a deep breath, looking away to the side,
            What are you thinking Jun… Don’t be ridiculous. Stop thinking about this!!
            he told himself, when he looked at her once again, “Everyone have a dream, Yuki,” he told her, patting her cheek gently, he felt a sudden nerve wrecking in between that touch, he froze for a few second,
            I don’t like her. No way. I never like her…
            he closed his eyes for sometimes, when Miyuki waved her hand in front of his face,
            “Hello? Earth to Jun. Earth to Jun,” she said, when Manami had a big laugh, “O,oh,” she teased, sticking a little of her tongue’s out, “I think he likes you,” she winked, when Jun gotten out from his fantasy,
            “No, I don’t” he said, straitening lines that seemed to be a little crumpled, he looked at the two of them, trying to make things clear, he took a deep breath,
            “She likes that other guy,” he told them, Miyuki just looked at him, “What are you saying?” Manami asked him, when he rubs his fingers against the tip of his nose,
            “You know that guy,” he said again, couln’t figure out who he wanted to say, he looked around, searching for someone to aim, when suddenly,
            he opened his eyes, “Sho,” he said, when he saw that man walking inside the classroom behind those ladies, that was the only name he could ever think of saying, Manami and Miyuki looked at each other,
            “Who?” both of them asked him all together, when Jun trying to remember what was his last name,
            he gritted his teeth together,
            What is his name, what is his name… he closed his eyes, thinking so bad, he felt his heart was about to burst out after running so hard,
            “So?” Manami asked him,
            after sometimes thinking, he opens his eyes wide,
            he let out his breath, “Sunohara,” he said, when both of them looked at him strangely, “Who?” they asked him, when he looked at both of them,
            “I know she likes Sunohara Sho,” he said. The two of them looked at each other and laughed so hard, they looked at him,
            when Miyuki patted his shoulder, “And why would I like him?” she asked when he looked a little clueless,
            “Because everyone in this college loves him?” he pointed out, making sure that what he said was right, Miyuki just shakes her head and smile to him, “So, I should like him too?” she asked when Jun tried so hard to think of something that make sense with this situation,
            he took a deep breath, and pointed to him who was at his desk behind the three of them, “Just look at him,” he said, taking a deep breath, he looked at the two of them. Feeling sweats soaking through the back of his shirt, he gritted his teeth together, avoiding the image confussion between his own emotion, or what reality was already written.
            Jun had a small gulp, when Miyuki turns around and looked at the person they were talking about.
            Sunohara Sho, a semi height man with a crystal clear brown eyes, and with a nicely set thick brown hair, it seemed like he was just a perfect man. Wearing a faded black jeans, V neck gray t-shirt, with a blue and white checkered shirt, unbutton, exposing his fair, mellow neck, he seemed not to be an ordinary somebody. Could be he was from a wealthy family? Or maybe he just have a very delicate, ancient look across his face, elegant apparel even though just a regular person,  Miyuki looked to the other side, trying to avoid any psychical contact, though they were sitting so far away, she felt her heart pounding endlessly as he ran his fingers through his hair.
            She took a deep breath, exchanging her gaze back to the reality world, she looked at Jun once again, “And so?” she asked him, when Jun covers his face with a book he was holding, he peeks a little,
            “I know you got a crush on him,” he winked, but she looked at him bizarrely, Manami touched Jun’s arms, as he turned his gaze towards her, they had a conversation about the History notes they have to memorize since there will be a pop quiz later, Miyuki leaned close on the table, turning her gaze around towards that mysterious man once again, she looked at him without blinking her eyes,
            Even if he was further away from her hand, his sight took her away to some other sight of her life. Why does she felt this way? Why does she wishes he would forever be here to stay? Why wouldn’t her life turned to gray?
            She had a sigh,
            At least he’s real, she told herself, when she looked at her friends, but he turned his gaze towards her,
            looking at her body length, how beautiful she was there, smiling with her friends, he took a deep breath,
            Miyuki Takeda,
            he said to himself, he took a deep breathing, closing his eyes, sensing the fregerence of each other humans around him, he started to feel his emotion shifting from one side to another, though how far she was from his reach, but her delicate scent, dominated his heart, his desire, how he yearned to be, he bit his lips a little,
            suddenly a person touched his shoulder, he turned his gaze towards her,
            “Your lips are bleeding,” she pointed that out, giving him a tissue, he smiled to her, “Thank you,” he said, taking it, as he wipes it away,
            Yuki… he repeated her name again.


            It was around 4.13 in the evening, inside a very quiet room, the clock on the wall was still sticking as every second time passed by, the dark green curtain was still fallen down even though the outside world was still living it’s life.
            The stenches of the wooden oak inside the room, increases the sences of please that a man who was hiding inside the warm blanket, still breathing,
            he turns around, still wearing his black shirt, partly unbutton, he pushed the pillow that was covering his face to the side,
            “Urgh,” he groaned, how he was wishing that the time won’t ever changed to the next day, let alone another decade, he let out a long breath.
            Opening his eyes a little, how the brown eyes sparkled, as he turned to the side, he looked at the sun light that was still shining ouside,
            “What the hell is the time now,” he groaned once again, feeling unsatisfied with whatever was disturbing his sleep, he pulled the blanket up, covering his face again, but the birds can’t stop twitching outside, he rubs his lips with his sweating fingers, “Damn you,” he said, pushing the blanket to the side, he opens his eyes, he heard something was calling for him somewhere, without any hesitation, he sat down on his bed,
            he looked at his worned out shirt, taking a long sniff, he bit his lips remembering on what has happened last night, he stood up and walked towards the mirror next to his wooden closet, he looked at himself there.
            He ran his fingers through his messed up hair, revealing his tempting image, he smiled to himself, “You are the man,” he said, praising himself for what he had done last night, he smell the scent on his shirt once again, “You are the man,” he messed up his hair again.
            “Oh, this is heaven,” he said, taking it off, throwing it at the side of his bed, he wiped the red stain on his lips, licking it, tasting the pleasure even though the sensation had passed hours ago.
            He took the bottle of liquor at the side of his bed, taking a large sip of it, he sat on the bed once again, taking the tv remote control, as he turned it on,
            “Now let see what’s the hot news for today,” he smiled, laying back a little on the bed,


            At the University, Manami, Jun and Miyuki were inside the cafeteria before it was the time for them to go back home since their last lecturer didn’t make it to the last class,
            Jun looked at Manami,
            “And you know that I would win for the best actor in this university right?” he said, taking a sip of his fresh lemonade juice, when Manami grinned to him, “And I;m sure that Miyuki would be your perfect partner,” she winked her eyes, but Jun frowned to her,
            he sighed a little, “Why do you keep relating me with her?” he asked,  Manami looked at Miyuki who was queing up to pay at the cashier, she turned her gaze towards him again, “Isn’t it obvious that you know,” she said, Jun only shakes his head,
            “No, I don’t know,” he said, leaning closer to her, “Explain,” he gave her order, but she just laughed at him, “Even a ten years old can see it, you know Jun,” she pointed out, he just shakes his head,
            “No way,”
            “You’re lying to yourself, Matsuda,”
            “No, I’m not,”
            she smirked a little,
            “Yes you are,”
            he continues to shakes his head, denying everything that might be true, Manami pinched his nose,
            “It’s okay, if you’re still refusing to confess,” she winked, turning her gaze towards Sunohara Sho, who was enjoying his meal over there, she smiled to Jun a little,
            “He seemed to be actracted to her, you know,” she drink her juice, Jun just raised his eyebrow, “I told you,” he frowned a little,
            “I do not care,” he said, when Miyuki put her glasses in front of them,
            “Don’t care about what?” she asked them, but Manami just laughed, “Nothing, this guy is just being crazy,” she smiled, when suddenly,

            “Latest news. Two of Saitama University freshmen has been found dead in a room at the Tokorozawa Park Hotel this evening around two thirty in the evening in a savage murder,” the tv inside the cafeteria announces,

            Miyuki looked at the other two, who was also shocked with the news they just heard, Manami looked at her, “Kaoru and Belle was absent today,” she said, feeling just terrified with that they heard, everyone there fell silent with everything they just heard.

            Sunohara Sho looked at all of them, he closed his eyes,
            Did he…


            The man inside that room had the biggest laugh, “Oops, I did it again,” he said, switching off the tv, he unbutton his jeans, walking towards the bathroom.

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Equation 44 : Missing Me? ( Full Lyric )

Time changes, fades away
Uncertainty, how life fades to gray
Counting days, but life unconscious
How can I understand, words with no question
Is it you I’m missing
Understanding, not winding up now
Won’t believe, won’t cry somehow
Deep inside, my heart bleeding
Am I not so important to you
Forgive me, I’m missing
Is it someone missing me?

*Even though I could sacrifice
Love won't stay for me, not now
Though I'd cry to be loved again
Still can’t be seen
Without life, I’m still breathing

Though if I bleed deep down inside
You won’t be with me, my love
Even if I die, will I see you there
No words remain, it’s quiet
Is it something missing,
Is it love I’m searching for,
Heart was torn once, but again

*Even though I could sacrifice
Love won't stay for me, not now
Though I'd cry to be loved again
Still can’t be seen
Without life, I’m still breathing
Is it a life I’m missing
Why in the world, I’m calling you

Scars, won’t dry out one day
Pain, never less, felt inside,
Wounded, inside my heart
Is it someone missing me?

Even though I could sacrifice
Tears won’t dry, without you near
Day changed again,
But no, you’re still not there
I’m all alone,
Is it something missing
Am I missing your only love…

*Even though I could sacrifice
Love won't stay for me, not now
Though I'd cry to be loved again
Still can’t be seen
Without life, I’m still breathing
Is it a life I’m missing
Why in the world, I’m calling you
Forgive me, I’m missing
Is it someone missing me?


Beast with a True Love Preface.


            It was a frightful night. It seemed like she was just all alone in a very quiet, just too grim night. She peddled her way up peddled her way up Maruyama Lane, Shibuya, and stopped outside the heavy oak door of a place she never been before.  The deadly silence and the eerie surrounding frightened her,
            She turned around, leaning back towards the wall, relieved when she realized that it was just her own imagination, her own thought, messing up her own intensity, she had a short sigh, “It was just my,” but before she could finish what she wanted to say, the wind blew gruesomely.
            She opened her eyes wide, “What was that,” she turned around, searching if there was somebody close enough to give her a hand, but there was no sound of any living human, nor creature there,
            when suddenly, she hear what sounds like footsteps nearby her side. Her pulse picks up speed, she closed her eyes,
            It’s nothing, she told herself, gasping intensely for some air to breathe, she decided to open her eyes again,
            I’m just imagining things,
 She repeated that line for quite sometimes, gripping her fist, trying to give herself strength to do it,
            but then the old steel board nearby her creaked once,
            and again for the third time,
            her heart stopped beating for a moment as time passed by.
            She opened her eyes wide, biting her lips, but without any notice, it started to bleeds.
            She felt her pulse skips a beat. She was not on her own.
            Who could be there with her? She knew that she was all alone from the very beginning, she tried to give herself strength to be strong, and somehow, the only thing that was running through her mind was only,
            fear, she thought.
            She was buried alive in her own frightful imagination.

            She heard it again.
            And again.
            She eased onto her feet, straining to hear, but her heart pounded too loudly in her ears and she was not sure if she was breathing or gasping for air.
            She tried to kneel down, but accidently ran her arm on a sharp corner of a wooden plank, and it started to bleed,

            Her eyes jerked to the gilded Oak doors when a gust of wind hurled them wide open.
            She was in a complete terror, as she fell down onto the ground, she heard the footsteps walking out from the building she was leaning against few moments ago.
            The footsteps are getting closer.

            She felt that her heart started to pumped up, swiftly. Even if it was such a cold night, she felt her sweats lingered down her neck.
            She looked straight at the open door;
            she couldn't hold it back any longer, when her tears ran down her cheeks. She shut her eyes tight.

            The strong wind blew passed by her again, she still felt the blood from her previous scar still falling down, wiping it away.
            She tried to wipe the blood stain from her hand on her faded blue jeans, but suddenly,
            she felt a touch, gripping her hand away,
            What was that? She thought when her eyes was still sealed shut, she have to know what was going on,
            she took a deep breath in, as she opened her eyes a little.
            It was nothing, she said on her own.

            She let out a small sigh again, relieved that she was there on her own, "I'm safe," she mumble herself, but without any further notice, she felt someone was caressing her palm her palm that was stained with her blood,

            She looked what was there, but it seemed like it was in a distance sight, she saw a pair of frightening, solemn red eyes, looking straight into her eyes.
            She fell silent, she didn't even blink an eye, she felt her heart shrieked down. How her heart urged to move away, but she couldn't even move a muscle, her weight turned too heavy for ever to even scream.
            "It hurts," she whined, but did he even hear her? "Let me go!" she screamed again, but still no sound was heard
            The hand that was gripping her palm a moment ago, moved in a distance flash when it wrapped both of his arms behind her back,
            At that second, she felt that she couldn't even breathe anymore,
            "Please, I'm begging you," she cries, but was ignored,
            "Please let me go," she said again, pleading to be sympathize, but what was she even thinking about??

            She felt his breathing was heavy for a moment, as if like his lust has turned where about, he hold her closer in his arms,
            "Where are you going, my love?" he said, but her brain went totally blank on what should she even say to him, she touched his hand,
            But before she could even think, he...

            “NO!!!!” she shrieked unexpectedly, clenching her fist tighter, she opened her eyes wide, breathing uncontrollably, but with the sound of birds twitching outside her room, she looked towards her side, when she only saw her picture with her friends from college, she blinked her eyes for a few times, slowly inhailing some air, she let out a long sigh when she realized, it was just a,
            “Dream,” she said softly, closing her eyes for a few moment, she looked in front of her sight.
            How beautiful the moon was glowing that night, it was a pity when she had that kind of disturbance on such a dazzling sight.
            She pulled her blanket up, covering her face, while holding herself close to herself, “Who is he?” she wondered, thinking back those eyes that was looking at her just now, it seemed like she had seen it somewhere, but why was she not even sure?
            She opened her eyes for a few moment, “It was just a dream,” she mumbled, holding her pillow close, she closed her eyes once again,
            Though she had fallen asleep, but that image was still there in her mind, what was that, who he was, it is still a question.

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Promises : Just a translated script. :P

At Miko’s House.}

AHHH!!!! ( frowned / throws her phone on the bed ) WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?! ( went out from her bedroom )

What’s wrong, baby??

I’m just not happy he’s doing this to me!

What did he do, baby? ( wrapped his arms around her ) Tell me…

( looked at him ) I tried calling him, he didn’t answer my call. ( sad face )

( hugs her ) Oh honey…

And I don’t have any more money left. 

Oh… About that…. ( look at er )

I know.. ( sad face )

We really don’t have anymore money, you see…

( looked at him ) Do you think he’s dating someone else?

Ahhh… I’m not sure about that, baby…

( leaned on his shoulder )

He is your toy boy anyway…


Oh, hey. ( looked at her )


Do you have any money in hand??

I have around 100$... ( looked at him ) Why???

I need the money...


( looked a little irritated ) I’m hungry, I need to buy some food.

( takes out around 20$ ) Take this.. I might need to buy something else with that money…

I need 50… 

And why??

I need to buy something.

( took out another 30 ) But what if he…

Just give me the money.


He’ll give you more, I’m sure. 

( looked at him ) But we got to go out and eat. 

Let’s go. ( smiles a little )

Alright, baby. ( smile / took her handbag / left the house )



Seriously?? ( smile )

Yeah, Who would have thought he was too annoying.. ( drink his water )

( small laugh ) No, ( looked at him ) I think he’s adorable!! ( smile )

( looked at her ) Are you kidding  me? ( raise eyebrow )

(nodded head ) Seriously. ( smile )

( took a napkip and wipe his lips ) How could you think that...


He’s the most troublesome kid I’ve ever known in my entire life, you know.

( smiled ) Don’t brothers always say things like that?

Not really... ( eat his food ) I think I’ the only one... ( looked at her / she had a small laugh )

Nahh... ( shakes her head ) I don’t believe you. ( stick tongue out )

And why would you say that?? ( looked at her sharply )

( put down fork / knife / looked at him / smile ) You don’t even want to see him hurt, don’t you?

( looked to the side ) I don’t care. He’s a grown man now. He’s responsible with his own life. ( looked back to her )

Oh, So if someone want to do something to him, ( looked to the side for a bit ) you won’t mind?

That’s is his problem. Not mine. ( lifted finger up ) Beside, he always say that, Sho can do ANYTHING on his own.

( raise eyebrow / impressed ) O’oh.. 

So, why should I bother?

Even if he’s going to be kill by some paid assassin?

( open eyes wide ) Err...

What?? ( smile )

( looked at her ) That’s a different story. 

You do love him... ( teasing smile )

No I don’t.

Don’t lie. I know you love Sho. ( grin )

Not more than my brother, just that.

Just that? ( look )

( nodded head ) Yes, ( Patrycja smile teasingly to him )

Are you sureeeee??? ( winked )

( sigh ) Of course I love him!! ( pinch Patrycja’s cheek )

Ouchhh.... ( rubs her cheek )

He’s my only brother nee?? ( smiles )

It hurts... ( sad face )

Oh really? ( touched her face when she nodded her head )

Yeahh.. ( sniff3 )

Ohh... I’m sorry... ( sad )

So, you love Sho??

Of course I do... I’ve promise I’d be with him no matter what. ( looked to the side ) 

Such a sweetheart. ( hold his hand / smile )

Even if I have to risk my life... ( sigh )

( looked at him )

I’d still be by his side. ( smile a little )

Oh, Sato kun.. ( smile )

( opened his eyes wide after realizing what was going on ) What am I doing?

( small laugh ) Being the sweetest brother??

( sit up straight ) I’m not sweet!

( giggle ) Yes, you are. ( pinch his cheek gently )

No I’m not.

Yes, you are.. 

No, no, no. ( shakes head )

( smile ) Then who would be standing beside him nee?? ( winked )

( thinks ) I am..

( touched the tip of his nose ) I know you are. ( smile )

( looked at her ) Yeah...

( smile ) So, Mr Satoshi...


( put her hand on the table ) Any other plan after this? ( smile )

( thinks for a moment... )


( stood up ) Come on. ( Grabbed her hand / looked at her )

( stood up ) Ehh?

Come on! I got something to show you!

EHH!! ( being pulled by him towards the front door ) SATOSHI!!

( looked at her ) I can’t wait to show you what is it! ( smile )

( had a small laugh ) Okay, okay! J

After he paid for their meal, someone was looking at the two of them get in his car and he drove away.

No wonder you’ve been missing, Satoshi. ( gripped her fist ) You got a new woman huh??  ( bite her lips ) We’ll see how long will you survive with that woman. I know you only need me in your life... ( turns around ) Only me...


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Equation 45 : Nudity.

Wound, with no difficulty,
Why though heart, torn,
Without any, beauty,
Gaze, nor reflection of,
Conclusion was never, done
Equation of fate,  skins were once
Alive, with no direction
Destiny revealed, Equally
No punctuality, doubt
Nor even, any sympathy,
Wound won’t last for,
Eternity, but how scars
Won’t fade, for infinity,
Promises, with no dignity,
Memories, Engraved but,
Somehow, was only a,
Nudity, of life that once were,
Should be, a question,


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Equation 44 : Missing Me?

Even though I could sacrifice
Love won't stay for me, not now
Though I'd cry to be loved again
Still can’t be seen
Unconscious, I’m still breathing
Is it a life I’m missing
Why in the world, I’m calling you

Even if I bleed deep down inside
You won’t be with me, my love
Even if I die, will I see you there
No words remain,
Is it something missing,
Is it love I’m searching for,

Heart was torn once, but again
Scars, won’t dry out one day
Pain, never less, felt inside,
Wounded, inside my heart
Is it someone missing me?

Even though I could sacrifice
Tears won’t dry, without you near
Day changed again, 
But no, you’re still not there
I’m all alone,
Is it something missing
Am I missing your only love…


(I really miss you, my <3)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Equation 43 : Paralyze

I see you there
Though, just for a second
You disappear, within thin air,
There was nothing there,
The shadows of you, vanish never to,
Reappear, I still am,
Searching for voices, but how can I do,
Regret that only, Everything
It was just, unspoken, 
Motionless fear, felt even if I
Still hoping, just for an only
Touch, that never fades,
Kisses, were never washed away,
May not, won't ever be
Shattered, just let it be
Paralyze, in each either way,
Hold me close, promise me
Again, you won’t ever,
Leave me, Astray.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Equation 42 : Crush.

It's strange when I think about U,
But what else can I say, when I know that U,
It's funny for me to even think about U,
But what else should I do?
When deep inside my heart,
How can I hide things from U,
It's so true,
I know,
I do,
I've got a crush on U.. 
When the first time I see U..
A smile that meant words,
Won't forget though how, I,
Want to be with U,

The first time I say Hello to U.. 

I know it is true.. 

I know that I got a crush on U,
I still do.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Equation 41 : Heart Desired.

Why do I ask?
Keep on wonder?
How fates were never,
Equal, frustration for,
My life? How can I?
Frequently questioned,
Somehow was still,
How would I even,
Thinking of, accepting
Love that was still,
Hidden behind, forever,
Whispered, the truth from your
Gazing eyes, a beautiful smile,
Though I still, dare not 
Notice, even how,
A heart desired,
Your love, it was never,
A lie, 
Always shines, with an
Everlasting star light,
In a dark, cold, life.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Equation 40 : Love...

Love, once were said
Each second, was a
Remedy, but how can it
Last for, eternally
Truth, though somehow there
Always hidden a gruesome,
Lies? How can it disguise
Adoring self, why would it be
A melody, missing a tempo,
Eyes that meant words,
A thousands symphony, still is
The darkest mystery,
Without sense, compassion shatter,
Emotion drained, tattered to pieces,
No mercy, nor any,
Respectful sympathy, 
Disgrace, only lies obeys
No love, betrayed.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Equation 39 : Obsession.

Not for any specific Occation
Nor any Reduction
It's only a Temptation
Massive Seduction
It never was an Election
Without any Relation
Just for self Satisfaction


Friday, 1 March 2013

Equation 38 : Existance

Trying to see,
Observing sights,
Though for only a few,
Even if,
Light was only, shading away,
Missing an emotion,
In  a distance, indication truth,
Of an existence, that once were,
Here, still hoping never ,
Never to meet again,
How may I, resist an intention,
No other occasion,
Never needed you here,
Somehow still do,
Want you near,
Reflection of, Shadows,
With millions of, questions,
Still unanswered,
How can I hide,
In a rare visualization,
With no other conclusion,
No other intention,
It’s only an affection,
Behind a reflection of,
Another smile.


Equation 37 : Undone.

What was it yesterday

Past memories, occurs
Even now, erasing mistakes
Stains were still, there
Remained, somehow,
Though each thought changed
Reflection of thee, a previous life
I am still, here,
Clashing against time, reaching close
To an only limit, was given
Never appreciates, each second goes by,
You still stands there,
With no action’s happening,
Without any movement made
What supposed to be done
Shadows of love,
Vanishes without even knowing,
Never return, or looking back,
For another time.