Friday, 23 March 2018

Equation 319 : Imagination

An illustration that was only seen,
Seen behind those eyes whose actually believe,
Believe in the story that was only heard,
Only heard from what it was said in their mind,
With the thought of something,
Something they expect to actually happen,
Happen in the actual world
But somehow, 
It was only alive in their own imagination. 

An illustration that was only written,
Written with an uncertain heart,
Dreaming of something that wasn’t there,
Those shadow that was seen along the way,
Forever bound right by your side,
Anything that wasn’t there exist,
It somehow was alive,
Alive so deep in a heart,
That believe that it is true. 

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto '18

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Equation 318 : Stars

Stars, hoping for the stars to be seen,
Even though a life was kept in silent,
The darkness that falls within,
Could a heart that hoped for freedom,
Ever be set free?
Each breath that was ever taken,
Prolonged in between time,
Minutes kept on exchanging,
As the second kept on passing away,
Will the stars ever be seen once again?
In the darkness,
A life that was bound behind,
Those false integrity,
In between a salvation of another life,
Could it ever regain another chance?
To see the stars that shines dimly,
Across the darkest night?

(c) Scarlet Matsumoto '18