Sunday, 15 June 2014

Equation 69 : Broken

The broken heart, heard of,

Love, or Obsession,

Spells often compel,  the Prediction,

Obliging faith,  Though I,

Tried to believe, in your,
Love, nor any,
The heart of, Emotion
Hoped, Longing for,
Of an, Expectation, 
The beauty, Often said,
Sadly, It still
Couldn't, Never would,
Comprehend with, Those words.

The broken heart, heard,
Kept on whispering, hushed,
Can't even listen, but knowing,
You are there, the darkness,
Of my fear, It teared,
Shielding an open, Heart,
The blood drops, dripping down,
On the cold, Hard ground,
Wounded with, The fallen tears,
Wishing we would, never met,
No longer, at this time.
Not wanting you, ever near.

The broken heart, shattered,
Shattered in, Those lies,
Trust, How could it even be,
My broken heart, Will it,
Ever be, cured.
Sitting alone, In silent,
The fear, Still heard,
The melody of, Sorrow,
Trying to, Erase,
Erasing, The memory,
Love once felt for, You,
Hoping for it, To

Shades away,

Never appear again.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014