Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Equation 201 : Untitled

Sometimes I thought of running away.
Running away from life I never understood the path,
But the further I tried to hide,
The closer you are getting to me.
I don't really understand what was going on.
Is this really my life?
Or am I becoming that person,
A person that I really don't want to become?

Do I know who I am?
Because I clearly know who you are,
Let's make it clear because you know it well,
As much as I'm not certain of who I am,
I couldn't be what you want me to be,
I don't ever dream of you,
Becoming another person who I want you to be.

But sadly,
The harder I try,
The further I was reaching for,
The darkest path keeps holding back,
The boundaries I have left of my life,
The harder it seems for me to break free,
Free from this false entity,
Breaking free from a story that wasn't meant to be,
This is an untitled life story,
It never meant for me.

Scarlet B. 2017