Sunday, 28 February 2016

Equation 182 : Reality

I tried to cope but somehow,
Somehow at the end,
It made me wonder,
Wonder why would my heart kept on longing,
Longing to waste my time as I kept on trying to,
To earn something that somehow,
At the end It would actually do,
Do nothing to my little life apart from only,
Only trying to endure the pain,
The pain and suffer for only hoping and praying for,
To win a heart what isn't even meant,
Meant anything to you.

The question that kept on repeating,
Regarding will the person ever wanted to be,
Longing to be with me too,
It should be erased and replaced with,
Do I even mean anything to you?
Because in the dark cold sorrow of a heart,
It already know,
Knowing what I actually feel in my solemn heart,
It all only exist in a dream,
That I so long to see it coming true.

Not this reality that,
That the pain that were buried deep inside,
Deep inside a heart,
Won't be giving a chance for you to even,
Or living one more time.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Equation 181: how would i

Sometimes I sit on my own and I close my eyes,
Remembering the time when you first ask me why,
How I've lost my words since I don't even know how,
How should I answer you but you keep on enquiring why,
But somehow as time had passed us by,
With memories that bring smile to our face,
With incident that sometimes torn our heart away,
It made me remember you more even though at times,
I wanted to forget that you are there in my life,
How each day you bring me happiness,
Carving a light across the empty space in my solemn heart,
I wanted to forget you,
But the more I do,
I would still remember you,
And the more I'm telling myself how much in hating you,
The more love I felt for you.
But somehow at the end,
I know who am I to you,
And in between the distance stars in our life,
I know that one day we would be torn apart.
How long can I restrain the pain,
Before at the end,
I could be wishing you the last goodbye,
How long will all of this last,
How would I endure the pain,
When I know at the end,
I won't ever see you anymore in my life.

(C) scarlet storm 2016

Friday, 26 February 2016

Equation 180 : Unknown

Sometimes in life,
A decision it’s the hardest task to consist,
A burden that has been bounded,
A certain part in life that were still left unwritten,
Why was it now,
When I see you smile,
The joy would restrain in between two uncertain journey,
To whom should a heart love,
To what an equation kept on asking why,
Why was it still the smile you give,
At the end,
It brings me down,
As tears began to fall,
Was it the feel of affection I am feeling for?
Or was it only a heart that was still questioning me?
For a love that could only be,

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Equation 179 : Reflection

When days had changed once again,
I was breathing a life,
That nobody could possibly known,
Nobody would precisely understand,
As the clock kept on ticking,
As the time was passing by,
At time,
I still could barely see a sign,
I look upon a mirror that once was said,
A promise that was made for perhaps one day,
You perished heart,
It would return to me,
Once again,
From the day of dawn,
To the light timidly shading away,
The dusk arise before the night befallen apart,
I was still standing close,
Close enough to the mirror that once was said,
Waiting for the return of whom,
I dearly wished to be parted away,
To be shield together once again,
But would there even be any chance of another day?
Would there still be a time for me to say,
Even though at the end of time,
I would be left not breathing anymore,
I would close my eyes and could on see,
A shadow of your smile being right there,
Next to me,
I would still be waiting,
For your love to,
Come back to me,
Through the darkest time,
Through the grim cold night,
I would still be standing strong,
To be held once more,
By thou love that had promised ,
Upon a reflection to return,
Once more.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Equation 178: for the one that I love

For the one that I love,
Please forgive me,
Forgive me with all those sin,
Those sin that I have done,
Through the destiny of my life,
What was written for me,
Whoever that I have met,
Everything might seems so easy,
But how could those hearts,
Trying to accept everything that I have done,
Those mistakes that I have made,
Even though actions were done first,
Without thinking,
I blame myself,
Because I couldn't appreciate,
What has God given to me,
With my heart still couldn't resist,
Being impatient at all time with
What I will soon face in the future time,
For the one that I truly love,
All I am asking,
Please forgive me...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Equation 177: -For You

Dear Matsumoto Jun.
I know once before I love you,
But has time goes by
I keep on telling myself how much I hate you,
Everything that you do,
Everything that you have become,
I would still hate you,
But why does after years has passed,
Your smile at the end opens my heart,
Opens my heart to love you once again,
The memories of us,
It was still there,
Even though I kept on drying how much I actually love you,
Even though I kept on telling myself how much I hate you,
Even though the world couldn't see,
I know that deep in my heart,
I still love you, Matsumoto Jun.

Sweet love,
(C) scarlet storm 2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Equation 176 : Awaken Asleep

How I am wishing to be asleep,
Never be awaken anymore,
As I will continue to find a way,
I will foresee what was left for me,
In the dim of light of nothing else,
In the darkest of the dungeon I was left all alone,
Held captivated with too much calculation,
Too much equation on my skin that was still torn,
Bleeding alive as I wasn't aware of,
Unsure that later through out the darkness,
One day still,
Forfeiting those questions that doesn't,
Doesn't have anymore solution,
The pain of the forbidden sorrow,
From thousands of love shattered that has shattered apart,
Hoping forever to still be asleep,
Buried me alive,
Let me be forever here,
Let me endure the pain that I could no longer restrain,
Not to,
Never will be,
Awaken anymore.
(c) Scarlet Storm 2016