Monday, 31 August 2015

Equation 156 : The Compassion of Love

The compassion of love,
At time forfeiting air to breathe,
The poverty of heart,
That was still alive,
In a dearest love,
In a heart that was concealing,
Utterly blinded by plaguing,
A tormented soul,
But the justice that was searched for,
Confront the truth in life,
That reveals a destiny that was,
Actually true,
A sacred soul that abruptly before,
Vanished in pain that was written,
A jagged heart has torn apart,
But it was again today,
As thou smile came back to life,
Brightens a life that has lost,
In a battle against untruthful despair,
Has regain a heart that before has taken an end,
Awaken once again,
Through an endless time,
The compassion of love.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Equation 155 : My Dearest Love

To my dearest love,
To a smile that forever portrays,
The happiness of the love,
The love that you had given away,
To concealed a heart that at times,
Sheds to grey.

To my dearest love,
As the joy you have been giving,
Each and every second of the day,
Minutes couldn’t be able to tell,
How much your existence in a life,
Meant until the end of another day.

To my dearest love,
Through the crescent light that dim down low,
As It came alive in the purity of heart,
Thanking you for so much love cherished each day,
Wishing you for a beautiful and pleasant life,
In the present and future time will be coming to,

Happy 32nd Birthday to you,
The king of our heart,
Matsumoto Jun!

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Equation 154 : Everlasting Love

An everlasting love,
As the eyes were seal,
The imagination of your shadow,
That wasn't actually there,
It has finally came alive,
The strength for a life to survive,
The power for a faith to comply against,
All those living with false integrity,
All those buried within lies of modesty,
Somehow, your existence in a cold heart,
Giving warmth to a witted sorrow,
The reflection of your eyes,
That was seen in a still water,
It oblige the faint lies of contiguity,
This pure sanity of truth,
The heart and soul combined,
Shading sorrow for those endless possession,
Through the power of love,
The shadow still consist the a stain of blood,
That sheds on sheet so white,
Even though the reality conjunctive,
That your reflection never actually exist,
Only alive in a fantasy that still,
An everlasting love,
With a smile to pump a heart,
That once before shallow apart.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015

Equation 153 : Another Tomorrow

In silent,
The rhapsody it still couldn’t,
The whispers that was still heard,
In a journey of life,
A destiny that has oblige,
The frequency that was still in,
A search for a relive that only can,
Cure a heart that wasn’t broken,
Only left hidden,
Never was in the shadow of your reflection,
The smile that was frequently given,
The purest story that has been,
Written through  an unexpected life,
In a journey that still has no end,
Laughter that obliterate the sorrow,
Through the gaze of your eyes that promise,
There will be another tomorrow,
The softest whispers that was still heard,
In a melody that doesn’t even make any echo,
But in the providence has given tempo,
Through destiny that wasn’t reluctantly sure,
An endless smile of love,
The gentle touch sweep away the sorrow
As the petals of love 
Through the sweet days of another tomorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015


Friday, 21 August 2015

Equation 152 :Hypnotizing Smile

Even though without any words,
The whispers could still be heard with no,
A heart that was engraving was,
Each second the echoes of your,
It somehow was brutally escaping from,
Your eyes was telling me something,
Behind a smile that was still,
Captured alive from your eyes that was,
Every living things that was still believing the,
That you are never once denying it wasn’t a lie,
Of time though everything that was embraced,
Was left dying until there is no more,
The heart that was raging,
For air to be left breathing from the,
Of your heart that was before,
From the gaze of your eyes that was still,
With your smile that consist thousands of,

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Equation 151 : Another Tomorrow

Through the journey of life,
In a route of the darkest path,
The shades of silent,
That doesn't seems to show,
The reflection of another smile,
That somehow fades away,
Only in a glimpse of time,
As the footsteps were taken,
A kindle of heart that keen to know,
What was left there,
Written in a story,
That was only written in drops of tears,
At the end,
It echoes in a solemn sorrow,
A shuddered heart,
Pleading if there still was left some air,
To be living,
In another day of tomorrow,
A saint once before left dying,|
Suffocating in all those sins,
A dreadful soul has become,
As a sinner that still was standing with an open arm,
In a grief of hollow,
Forgiveness only left to let go,
The air that left nothing to be breathing,
For another tomorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Equation 150 : Nuisance

The nuisance upon love,
The living or what was left only,
As the darkness that lies,
The truth at the end complies,
The destiny that wasn’t certain,
Sure of what another day would become,
The ache that felt buried in a soul,
The wound that still was hidden,
Bleeding down on the earth so dry.

The nuisance upon love,
Laughter was heard at the end,
An agonist still be forth stands,
In a cruel rigid light of a broken shadow,
Whistle that was at the end become an echo,
A clean linen cloth that was once pure,
The heart right now was unsure,
Feathers that has fallen,
From a broken wings of another shadow,
At the end,
The beauty your smile that heals a heart sore cold,
Perish in a grim of tomorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 149 : Furthermore

As at the beginning,
Of life that has no ending,
Petrified sorrow overcoming,
The judgement came across,
The winter breeze so long oblige,
At the journey of path that has no shadow,
Faith couldn’t regain anymore,
Sacrifice of a heart,
A heart that was frozen cold,
Through the pain of grief,
A pain that somehow at the end,
Sheds to no more,
Tears that still falls,
In a cold shudder night of another tomorrow,
Sacrament in life,
It could not bear anymore,
In another day,
The black dawn of tomorrow,
Sheds another life,
In a death,
Regardless grief of pain and sorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Equation 148 : The Curse of Love

The curse of love,
Darkness befallen,
Beforehand of trust,
The strength of faith,
Of what was left,
The desire of conquest,
Conducting pain that was,
Actually never there,
Moment of truth,
Sheds each second pass,
In the bound of love,
That once was there.

The curse of love,
In a distance of second,
Impurity compels,
As a minute compose,
Through melodies that has no more,
Echoes at the end convulse,
A story that hoping for to never,
Exist in life that has no more others,
Emerging a life once before alive,
The tears of blood that falls,
In the darkness only meant for a love,
Only for a dearest beloved.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bound : HIStory. The first Epilogue of a Mystery Trilogy.

One of the great lessons any young person learns at university is that life is never as simple as it may seem on the surface. For Miyuki, a carefree young lady, and her creative friend Matsuda, life has a few more lessons in store. When Miyuki was orphaned at a young age, Matsuda’s family took her in. As they grow into adults, their special bond has intensified. Now that love is in the air, he has made a promise to keep her safe at his side for the rest of his life.

But that pledge is tested with the arrival of Sunohara Sho, who believes Miyuki to be the woman of his dreams. The two men share a complicated history, and the violent pull of vengeance and honor they both feel endangers everything and everyone they love, including Miyuki. Sunohara has seen his future with her, and he has already dueled with his former friend and mentor, Akiyama, in a bold attempt to win her love. When Sunohara learns that Akiyama has been terrorizing Miyuki in her dreams, he pledges to make things right any way he can.

Will Miyuki ever be free from Akiyama’s nightmares?
Will Matsuda find his courage and win her heart?
Can Sunohara manage to keep Akiyama away from Miyuki’s dreams?
Who will Miyuki ultimately choose?

Bound: HIStory is a story of a love and redemption for even the darkest of hearts.


A novel of what lies in a heart that sometimes, nobody would understand what is actually going on in their life. Everything that happened that day was coloured each day of our living life. A first story of the Bound Trilogy, grab your copies today, or personally email me for your autograph copy.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 147 : A Dying Heart

A dying heart,
Fallen beyond the hollow,
Of an endless grief,
A mourning echo,
Shades in the sweetest regret,
Love that once before alive,
Swollen  in a distance,
Inflated in a distance time,
Underneath the witness of,
The glimmer light of the shining stars,
Shone upon the darkest course,
Was left craving all alone,
Of a dream that tormented a soul,
Terror that shallow the deepest echo,

Exiling through, 
A dying heart,
My love for you,
It was still written in my life,
It is another day has passed,
As at the end a life disobeying the truth,
In a solemn forbidden sorrow,
Of an endless love for you.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Equation 146 : Thorn of Roses

In a distance time,

The faith that was design,

Through the mist of darkest sorrow in life,
Dimmed under the moonlight,
That doesn’t shine anymore,
Heart that prolong to live,
Shadow that wanted to exist,
Perish in the darkest entity of sorrow,
The thorn of roses,
Tears apart a soul that was shattered,
The wittered decision of heart,
That previously was doubtful,
A conjunction of a deceitful core,
In lies that has no conclusion,
Truth was still left forbidden,
Hidden in life that wasn’t even quivered, 
Only pain that left in the eyes,
Of purity, somehow it still holds,
That unshed tears that wasn’t falling any longer,
The bloody stain, 
Of the past mistakes that was written,
Caused only by the pain,
That at the end of this mystic path,
The thorn of roses has broken apart,
Forsaken in fouls of love,
Exiling in the myth of your existence,
That was never written...

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Equation 145 : Shadow


The tears of sorrow,
Shattered in the black,
Black solemn sorrow.

The words before whispered,
Vanished in a glimpse of times,
In the hollow once was heard. 

The eyes that were still gazing,
Through life that has no ending,
In a story that is never existed.

The wonder of world kept on questioning,
Answers that never seemed to be,
The true meaning of this reality of what's left living.

The wisdom of love that was pure,
In a dying heart that was still breathing,
Until there is no more an unforgiving tomorrow.

©Scarlet Storm 2015

Friday, 7 August 2015

Equation 144 : Unbound

The night has fallen,
As the earth that once were a beauty,
Has turned to the darkest mystery,
Will there be any more insanity,
In a life that has no more territory,
Only left an unbound contradictory,
In a life that was still chain with believe,
Left only misery,
A smile once before,
Somehow it is now only left,
Just a false modesty,
Unconscious sight,
Seeing in a life history,
Unchained in a memory,
That has nothing else,
Apart from only a sad story,
A kiss once before felt,
Against your lips that were warm,
As it was blood that was still boiling,
Those unforgiving tears were still falling,
Willowed apart,
At the end of your unspoken destiny,
The cold night breeze,
Wittered a heart that wasn’t anymore,
Alive in this unwritten melody.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 143 : Endless

An endless love,
False love, truth and honestly,
Where there lies anymore,
Desire to be buried upon with,
A story that was written,
Hidden behind,
An unforgiving mystery,
A wittered rose, 
It would be less impurity,
A whispered sorrow,
Will life exist,
With no integrity,
Will life ever be,
Reborn with faith that has no dignity,
With no air to breathing in,
Anymore entity to be align,
In a devoted life,
Of an endless love,
tears that were still fallen,
Be fallen once more in cruelty,
Of lies that shattered,
Apart from love, truth and honestly,
It is still buried upon the petals,
Of a wittered heart,
A love once before it is still, 
That was still an unforgiving mystery.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Monday, 3 August 2015

Equation 142 : In a Life

In a life,
Was seen a path,
That wasn’t clear to the eyes,
Even though at times,
The road that we thought,
We frequently see in a dim light,
Of a fallen moon with no shining stars,
Each night before the sun comes alive,
Was the only life we should be heading for,
In a life,
As the sun began to arise once more,
The path that was unsure,
In a previous day,
A life before still didn’t evade away,
The journey that still conveys,
In a figment fear of tomorrow,
Truth that previously shattered,
Behind a life that was cold,
Awakens in a bliss of faith,
The warmth of love,
Through the road of life,
In a destiny that was before only left hidden.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Behind a writer's eyes.

Hello there.
As I was going through with my daily life today, I feel like sharing you one thing that I didn't realize actually buried within my all these time.
What was there actually written silently behind a writers eyes.
No one can actually see how the figment of imagination that come alive in a writers mind.
Most of us keep on telling ourself at first that 'I will stop after this is done,' but where does all of that goes right, when actually, you can't live without even thinking of what will happen next in a life that no one really know.
Although, almost all writer tries to deny this, but there surely is a friend that exist in the thought of their head to be playing along with the stories that comes in mind.
I also think that it was foolish to do all of it before as i decided to quit and really start working my life.
But none of it doesn't really seem right, as the story I promised myself to end, still continues.
At times, even if a life isn't always like how it was plan to be came true, but only a smile remains in a heart that believe that the story still exist even though it will end after the last page was written.
Behind a writer's eyes, everything is never impossible, only will and guts to achieve it needed to proceed in this world.
Never give up if you are a writer.
Proceed your dreams and one day when you achieved what you wanted to be, you would laughed thinking that before you decided to quit a dream that is now a reality.
Writing is an art that not many can do, so cherish with what you have, think free and through the open air that still give you life to be breathing in, be who you are supposed to be...

- Scarlet Storm 2015