Friday, 26 September 2014

Equation 72 : Heart Complexity

Autumn has passed
Winter rushed by

Snow falling all night
Being so cold
Left out alone
Bloods flows uncertain ways

Why is the world
Misunderstood what I’m feeling for you
Why can’t I
Let you go
Even though we were never meant
To love once again

Even if my body falls 
Bloods dripped down slow
Still can’t let you go
Even if it’s a last second to live
Still wanting you beside me
Just love me once again
Love, I want you near
A heart twisted in its complexity
Just take a life away
I won’t live by myself again
Need you beside my ( empty soul )(c) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Sweetness Evil ( 11/02/2003 )

Sweetness Evil (-She maybe sweet,but She can be evil at the same time..-)

Scene 1 : Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Rachel : Okie guys,I got a darn evil plan to do.
Strider : Like wat?
Rachel : Dumb head..How many times should i say?!?!
Strider : Eh,Milion times I guess.
Rachel : Shut up moron!I am on my move tomorrow.
Mark : Yes Boss!
Rachel : Now shuu shuu!I want to get some rest!
Jack         : Yes Boss!
Rachel : URGH!
Strider : Jerk.
Rachel : What did you say?
Strider : Nothing!I said..Sweet!
Rachel : Whatever!Get lost!
Strider : Alright.

Scene 2 : In YorkShere Collage,NYC

Cheryl : Joanne!!!You keep on doing that to me!!!!Hahahah!You're funny!
Joanne : They call me the lagend Joanne because I am!
Cheryl : Very funny Joanne!Hehehe!
Rich : What are you guys doing?
Cheryl : Joanne!She keep on pulling my hair!Hahaha!
Rich         : That sound cute!
Joanne : No way!You want me to pull your hair?
Rich         : Eh!Nahh!!I'll pass coz I got something better to do than playing around with girls!
Cheryl : Hey!Girls rock!
Joanne : Yeah! High5 girl!
Cheryl : Hmmpf!Hehehe
Rich : Oh whatever!See ya girls later!
Cheryl : See ya Rich!
Joanne : Tata!
Rich : Chao!
Cheryl : That was nuts!hehehe!
Joanne : Yeah!!!
Cheryl : Ya walking me to the dorm?
Joanne : Oh Cheryl!I really love to walk you to the dorm,but I got extra class!
Cheryl : Nahh!It's alright!I'll talk to you later okie?
Joanne : See you Cheryl!Have fun!
Cheryl : You too.

Scene 3 : On Madley's Road,NYC

Cheryl : Watching a butter fly..goes towards the sun....
Rachel : Hey Cheryl Johnson.
Cheryl : Yes?Oh my lord..Am I dreaming or do you really look like ME!?
Rachel : You ain't dreaming Cheryl.I really do look like you..And I got a very special plan..for you!
Cheryl : Huh?What are you talking about?
Rachel : It is secret coz..It is!Hahahaha!
Cheryl : What!?!
Rachel : Guards!Get her!
Cheryl : Hey!!!!
Rachel : I am gonna take over your place,Cheryl..Hahaha..HAHAHAHAHA!
Cheryl : You won't be hap..HEY!!...

Scene 4 : Behind the Blazing Gold Disco,UK

Guard 1 : She'll be fine here!
Guard 2 : She fainted.Let just consider she is dead!
Guard 1 : What did Rachel ask us to do?
Cheryl : > Time to listen quietly..... <
Guard 1 : Rachel ask us to go back to the headquaters.
Guard 2 : Which Headquaters?
Guard 1 : The main headquaters!
Guard 2 : Is master Strider there?
Guard 1 : Yeah..We better go now.
Cheryl : Oh no you don't!
Guards : Huh?
Cheryl : Hiak!
Guards : AhHH!!!!!!!
Cheryl : Time to go to the headquaters.

Scene 5 : Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Strider : Where is Rachel anyway?
Mark : I have no idea!
Jack : Maybe she's dead!
Strider : Shut up boys!
Mark : Okie...

Behind the Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Cheryl : Okie,My name is Rachel...Rachel..Not Cheryl..but Rachel..That guy whoever he is .. name..Strider..Right..

Inside the Death Threatment of the Dark Gang headquaters,UK

Strider : Rachel!There you are!I tought you are gone or something!
Cheryl : I ain't gone anywhere ermm...err...Strider!Right?
Strider : Strider is da name..Yeah!
Mark : Hrmmm....
Cheryl : Right!hehehe.
Strider : You are acting diffrent..
Cheryl : Oh yeah?How come?
Strider : Hrm..Let me check..You slang is diffrent..
Cheryl : > Oh no!I don't know british slang! <
Strider : The way you dress ain't that sexy like you used to..
Cheryl : > Right!Rachel's clothes look like she's almost naked! <
Strider : You never call me Strider..You always call me,dumb head.
Cheryl : Ehh...I started to change..Right?
Jack         : Changed?Yeah right!
Mark : Shhh!!
Cheryl : > glare <
Strider : Change from bad to good is cool.
Cheryl : Yeah!It is! >I think<
Strider : Your hair color changed to brunett from blonde..Then again,you are weird.DON'T HIT ME!
Cheryl : Strider Strider,I change my hair color,coz I want to!
Strider : So,you ain't gonna hit me?
Cheryl : No.
Strider : Okie......>She's weird<
Cheryl : Wanna drink?
Strider     : No thanks. >Okie,she IS weird<

Scene 6 : Bronx Theme Park,NYC

Rachel : Look at's soo dumb!
Joanne : Rachel,you love that thing.
Rachel : I do?Oh yeah!!It's fun!Let's ride it!
Rich : You don't ride it..You shoot it..
Scott : Have u lost your mind Cheryl?
Rachel : No I haven't!I am fine!!URGH! (Go away far from them)
Jinnie : Gee,What is wrong with her?
Joanne : I wish I know..
Scott : Forget about her girls!Let's have fun!
Joanne : Yeah!

Scene 7 :  Swimming Pool,Wimbley,UK

Cheryl : > Wow,He's hot..He's hot..Oh my god He is hot..<
Strider : Watcha lookin at girl?Never see guys in his short before?I tought you see it everynight.
Cheryl : Uhh..Err..
Strider : And I tought last night was a holiday!HAHAHA!
Cheryl : Yeah,Holiday..Sick of it..
Strider : You?Sick of it?Wow,I am surprise...Seriously..Haha..
Cheryl : Well,Seeing guys everynight is just..Boring..hehe.
Strider : Right..HAH!
Cheryl : Uh,Whatever Strider.Whatever you say.
Strider : Usually,The answer to my line is "Go to hell!!".
Cheryl : Um..Okie..
Strider : Whatever!

> After Swimming <

Cheryl : So,Strider..
Strider : Okie Rachel,I had enough of the sweet little you.You better tell me.
Cheryl : Tell you what?
Strider : What you are up to before I,Kiss you.Which you will hate!
Cheryl : I am not up to anything Strider!
Strider : Oh,so,you don't wanna tell ha?
Cheryl : No coz there's nothing to tell.
Strider : Okie then.You ask for it.
Cheryl : > Oh my GOD!He is kissing me!He's a great kisser!WOW!Oh my god!gags! <
Strider : So?Want to tell me yet?
Cheryl : Oh..uhh...Ermm..There's nothing to tell you!
Strider : Oh really...
Cheryl : > Oh shoot!He's kissing me again!!Should I reply??Oh..I should!! <
Strider : So,wanna tell now?
Cheryl : There's nothing to tell?
Strider : Urgh!
Cheryl : > There he goes again!Oh my lord! <

Scene 8 : Next Morning at the Swimming Pool

Cheryl : Strider...Strider?Strider!OH MY GOD!What have I done?
Strider : Yeahh..RACHEL!?!?!Goodness lord!I can't be sleeping with..did we?..Err?
Cheryl : I think we did.. > glare <
Strider : Oh man!I did it with my own boss!
Cheryl : Strider,It's now who you..ermm..
Strider : What?
Cheryl : I am not Rachel..
Strider : What the ... Whatcha say?
Cheryl : My name is...
Strider : What issit?
Cheryl : Cheryl Amanda Johnson...
Strider : What!?!You gotta be joking.
Cheryl : No,I am not joking and I wish I am.
Strider : Oh shit man!
Cheryl : I am sorry!
Strider : Just forget it alright?I don't wanna see your face ANYMORE!
Cheryl : Strider...
Strider : Leave me alone!!
Cheryl : But I..
Strider : Shut up!
Cheryl : Oh no..What have I done?

Scene 9 : In YorkShere Collage Female Dorm , NYC

Rachel : Oh man!This thing is soo stinky!I hate it!
Joanne : Cheryl,That is your favourite teddy bear...
Jinnie : Yeah!How could you hate it?
Rachel : URGH!I hate it now!Throw this thing out from the house!!
Jinnie : Okiee...
Rachel : I am going to shower now..If you'll excuse me!
Joanne : Gee,What is wrong with her..
Jinnie : I don't know..
Joanne : I think she is fake..
Jinnie : Yeah!!
Joanne : We need to plan this thing
Jinnie : To make her say yes to us?
Joanne : Yeah!Well,Not really..We got to make her admit!
Jinnie : Yeah!!High5 girl!
Joanne : High5!Now,Let's talk to the boys into it!
Jinnie : Okie!Let us do it!

Scene 10 : Blue Star Light Pub,UK

Cheryl : Strider..There you are..
Strider : I tought I asked you to leave me alone.
Cheryl : I can't and I couldn't...
Strider : Why?You don't get what you want from me?
Cheryl : No..not because of that..It's just..
Strider : Just want?You want....
Cheryl : > Oh my god!!I am kissing him!Looong! <
Jack : Wow!
Strider : What was that for?!
Cheryl : Strider,I love you..
Mark : Oh lord!
Cheryl : I love you since the first time I saw you..
Strider : What the..
Cheryl : Since the first time I saw you,I knew you aren't that bad..
Strider : I am in an underground dark gang..
Cheryl : I still don't care..I know there's goodness in you..
Mark : C'mon man!She's being nice to you!
Strider : Uh,well,I ermm..Like..I mean..Love you...too...
Cheryl : You do?
Jack         : Yeahh!!He keep on..
Strider : Shut up Jack > glare <
Cheryl : Hehehe..
Strider : C'mon!Let's get out from here!We better save YOUR life before she..
Cheryl : Take over my life?
Strider : Yeah!!You're good!
Cheryl : Thank you!Okie!Let us go now!
Strider : See ya later!
Jack         : Good luck!
Mark : Yeahh!!
Strider : Thanks guys!
Cheryl : See ya!

Scene 11 : YorkShere Collage Boys Dorm

Jinnie : Okie guys..Me and Joanne thinks that Cheryl is fake.
Rich : How could that be?There's only ONE Cheryl Amanda Johnson.
Scott : Yeah!
Joanne : We maybe think that it's a look a like girl tryin to be her.
Rich : Oh..That maybe true..
Scott : But how can we prove that..
Rich : She is fake..?
Jinnie : We thought about it and this is what we got..
Joanne : Come here.
Rich : Alright.

Scene 12 : YorkShere Collage

Rachel : Where the hell are my friends?
Jinnie : Yo Cheryl!Come here for a while!
Rachel : Okie whatever!
Joanne : Hey Cheryl!What do Jinnie usually call you?
Rich  : Yeah!!I misses you saying it!!
Scott : Yeah!It's cute!
Rachel : Cheryl?
Jinnie : Okiee...Where is your favourite hang out?
Rachel : My room?
Joanne : Alright..
Rachel : Heh.
Scott : So,when is your date of birth?
Rachel : 30th April?
Rich : Fake!!!
Cheryl : She's fake guys.
Rich        : Huh?!There's TWO Cheryl?What the..
Cheryl : I am Cheryl..
Joanne : Cheryl Pootay!!
Jinnie : Muchie Muchie Cheryl!!
Scott : Cheryl?
Strider : That is Rachel.She's the head of the most evil underground dark gang.
Rachel : Strider!You betray me!
Strider : I am sick of working with you Rachel.I am sorry.
Rachel : Yeah!You better be!Coz I am going to kill you when we got back in UK!
Strider : I don't think we are going back.
Rachel : What do you mean?
Cop 1 : Miss..You're arrested for being in the dak agent.
Rachel : What is this?
Cop 1 : We got an order from UK to arrest you because you are in the underground gang.
Rachel : Hey!I urgh!Let me go!!
Cop 2 : Sir,since you're one of her worker..You're coming with us.
Strider : Okie..I will..But give me 2 minutes okie?
Cop 1 : Just be quick.
Strider : Cheryl,Thank you for making me realize what I did was wrong.
Cheryl : I will try and set you free..I will try...I promise..
Strider : Thank you Cheryl.
Cheryl : > Oh my god!He's kissing me again!! <
Strider : See you Cheryl..
Cheryl : See you Strider..I love you..
Strider : I love you too..
Cop 1 : Sir,we can't wait any longer.
Strider : See you Cheryl..
Cheryl : Bye Bye..
Joanne : Awww..That is soo cute!!
Cheryl : See you later aligator!
Jinnie : Hehehehe!
Rich : Alright girl!You rock!
Cheryl : Thanks guys!!
Scott : Hey!Group hug!!!
Cheryl : Yeahh!!
Rich : Welcome back to Cheryl!
Joanne : Yeahh!!!!!!!!!!
Jinnie : Weeeeeee!!!!!!!
Scott : Hugz all!!

Scene 13 : London PD,UK

- 1 years later -

Cheryl : I am here to pick up Mr Mus Omer
Cop 3 : You are Miss Cheryl Amanda Johnson?
Cheryl : Yes!
Cop 3 : ID please.
Cheryl : There you go.
Cop 3 : Hrmm..Wait for a moment.
Cheryl : Alright!
Strider : Hey Cheryl.
Cheryl : Hey Strider!
Cop 3 : Alright,he's free now.
Strider : Thank you sir.
Cop 3 : Remember,No doing anything stupid anymore!
Strider : I won't!
Cop 3 : Better be!
Cheryl : Thanks!
Strider : Thanks!

Outside of the UKPD.

Cheryl : Oh Strider!I misses you!
Strider : I never thought you still remember me..
Cheryl : Of course I will remember you!
Strider : > Wow,she's kissing me <
Cheryl : Now..Let's get some niceee meal and some sleep!
Strider : Sure.
Cheryl : Hot tub!!
Strider : Oh,I misses that!
Cheryl : And tomorrow,We're going back to NYC!
Strider : But I don't have a job.
Cheryl : Don't worry!My dad has a job for you in his office!
Strider : Thank you Cheryl..Thank you very much..
Cheryl : > He's kissing me again! <

Inside the UKPD.

Rachel : THIS AIN'T OVER!!IT AIN'T OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cop 4 : Shut up girl!
Rachel : GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

-The End-

( I was only 14...was trying to write.. muahahahaha XD )

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nobody's Innocent ( 13 / Nov / 2003 )

Cast Member

Ashley Parker Angel – Parker “Strider” McMillan
Orlando Bloom   – Michael “Thunder” Ashton
Cheryl– Angelique “Angel” Johnson
Cameron – Blake “ Blade” Richard
Dominic – Kyle “Demonic” Miller
JC Chasez – Thomas “Kenzie” Conner

- Nobody’s Innocent -

Scene 1 – St. McKellan High School, First Period.

Michael              : God! When is this class going to end? It is getting bo-ring!
Kyle                  : Where is Miss Kendra? This teacher doesn’t have a nice ass!
Mrs. Thompson : Boys! Keep quiet!
Michael              : Fine fine! [ roll eyes ]
Thomas                         : Hey guys... [ look stunned ]
Michael & Kyle   : What?
Thomas                         : Who is that chick? [ points at a girl ]
Parker               : Hey guys! What’s up fellas? [ put down his book on the table ]
Blake                : Anything up?
Parker               : Hello!?! [ wave hand in front of Michael’s face ]
Michael              : Look at her! [ points at a girl ]
Parker               : Wow.. She’s totally freaking hot! [ bites nails ]
Thomas                         : You tell me!
Kyle                  : Who should go to her and say hello? Of course! Ask her to join us!
Michael              : Who get the shortest stick go to her. [ take out some sticks ]
Blake                : Sure! I bet I’ll win! Muahahaha!
Parker               : Right! Go to hell man! [ slap Blake’s head ]
Blake                : Sure!! [ slap Parker’s head back ]
Kyle                  : Shut the damn up and pull! [ glare ]
Blake                : Girls hate harsh man, amen! [ pray to god ]
Thomas                         : I got the shortest! [ smiles wide ]
Michael              : Go man!
Blake                : Damn!!
Parker               : Hahaha! Too bad! You loose! [ make tongue ]
Blake                : Shut up! [ slap Parker’s head while Parker’s slap his back ]
All Boys             : Go Thomas! [ Hurrah for Thomas ]
Scene 2 – Lunch Time , Canteen

Thomas                         : [ running as he hit a girl and her book went all over the place ] Oh Jesus! Sorry! I guess I wasn’t really looking!
Angel                : It’s alright![ bend down and start to pick the books with Thomas’s help ] It’s just some of books! [ laughs with a smile ]
Thomas             : Oh cool. Anyway, Hi, I am Thomas. [ offer a handshake ]
Angel                : Angelique! [shake hands back ] But please call me Angel! [ smile ]
Thomas             : Sure Angel! New here? [ walk with Angel along the canteen ]
Angel                : First day! Just got to study! [ laugh and smile ]
Thomas             : Oh! Leave the studies behind! Let’s hang with me and my mates! [ grab her hand ]
Angel                : But I…! [ run away where ever Thomas is taking her ]
Thomas             : Don’t be shy! First day should be... Making friends! [ wink ]
Angel                : Ok... [ shudder ]
Thomas             : Hey guys! [ waves as he high5 with them ]
Michael              : Oh la la! Who do we have here? [ put down his pie and smile ]
Parker               : Sweet, sexy, sweet, innocent, sexy, and sexy! [ touches Angel’s hand and kiss them ]
Angel                : Thanks... I guess! [ blushes red ]
Blake                : Why on earth are you so good at making girls blush?? [ scratches head ]
Parker               : Ask god! [ points up ]
Blake                : Shit man! [ hit Parker hard with his hand ]
Angel                : No! [ blocks the hit while Blake hit her hand and it got hurt ] Oww..
Blake                : Oh my god! I am so sorry!!
Michael              : [ hit Blake’s head and kisses Angel’s hand ] Poor dear.
Angel                : I better get going!
Thomas             : Hey! wait up! [ grab Angel’s hand ]
Angel                : Yes? [ look at Thomas ]
Thomas             : [ whisper to Angel ] Drop by at my dorm tonight. We could do some ‘studies’ [ wink ]
Angel                : Ok, I’ll be there! Don’t worry! [ smile ] But which number?
Thomas                         : 21!See you Angel! [ wink and waves ]
Angel                : See you guys! [ waves ]
Others               : Bye! [ waves ]
Kyle                  : [ wakes up after a long sleep on his pie ] Huh? What happened?
Michael              : [ slap Kyle’s head ] Thomas just score the chick!
Kyle                  : Awesome! When’s the one night stand? [ scratches head ]
Thomas             : Might be tonight.. [ evil grin ]

Scene 3 – Angelina’s Room

Amanda                        : Oh my god! Angel! I can’t believe this!! [ hold her friend tight and hug her ]
Angel                : Believe in what? [ hug her friend back , confused ]
Amanda                        : You’re already friends with the Orpaque Tryst gang!!
Angel                : So? They are just some boys!
Amanda                        : Some boys!? [ pinch Angel’s cheek ] Heck no! They are the most popular boys here!
Angel                : So?
Amanda                        : Oh my! Why is my friend soo silly? [ slap forehead ]
Angel                : They maybe popular to you, but not to me! Sorry buddy! [ touch shoulder ]
Amanda                        : That is it! I personally don’t want to talk to you anymore!
Angel                : Suit your self, Amanda!
Amanda                        : I am soo going out from here! Sleeping with Jen is cooler than sleeping with you!
Angel                : Ok! [ watch as Amanda packs her bags ]
Amanda                        : So long, ‘buddy’!
Angel                : Bye… [ waves ] [think to self “ What should I wear tonight on the date?”]

Scene 4 – One Night Stand

Angel                       : Sorry I am a little late Thomas. [ apologizing smile ]
Thomas                   : It’s alright babe. Come in. [ kiss Angel’s neck ]
Angel                       : Oh my god! What was that for?! [ panics ]
Thomas                   : My way of welcoming someone. [ winking ]
Angel                       : A very… nice way.. [ smile as she back off but fell on the bed ]
Thomas                   : [ sit beside Angel as he kissed her bare chest ] Lovely chest babe.. Lovely..
Angel                       : Thomas, what are you trying to do? [ enjoying but hiding ]
Thomas                   : Shhh.. Keep quiet.. Just enjoy.. [ start kissing her lips and moving down.. ]

Scene 5 – Next Morning, Thomas’s Room

Thomas                   : [ kisses Angel’s neck to wake her up ] Wake up you cutie pie! [ wink ]
Angel                       : [ open her eyes and give Thomas a French kiss ] Morning sexy.. [ wink ]
Thomas                   : [ grabbing Angel’s bum ] Morning back to you super sexy.. [ wink ]
Angel                       : How was I? Bad? Yeah I know.. I’m just an innocent little virgin!
Thomas                   : Come here!
Angel                       : [ move closer to Thomas’s face ] What? [ smile ]
Thomas                   : [ whisper to Angel ] It’s really hard to find a girl like you.. [ kisses on the neck ]
Angel                       : Hrmm.. Thank you.. [ try to kiss but doorbell rings ]
Thomas             : I’ll get it. [ yells ] Hold on! [ walking to the door and open it ] What is it?
Michael              : How are you doing man?
Thomas             : Was about to get another one until you came!
Michael              : Oh chill! A boss always  visit his followers! [ laugh ] Hey sexy [ wink at Angel ]
Angel                : [ rise eyebrow as she smile ] Hi Michael. Where are the others?
Michael              : Outside. Waiting to be invited in. [ smile ]
Thomas             : Alright! [ annoyed ] Guys! Come on in! [ rolled eyes ]
Parker               : Finally!
Michael              : Hey Blake, mind showing Angelina here around the school? [ rise eyebrow ]
Blake                : Sure thing! [ look at Angel ] Come! Let’s go!
Angel                : Let me wear my shirt first ok? [ laugh ]
Blake                : Can me see? [ laugh ]
Angel                : No! [ show tongue at Blake ]
Blake                : Ok! Don’t be so mean to me! [ tears ]
Angel                : [ came out from the dressing room and give Blake a kiss on the cheek ] Poor boy!
Blake                : Yeah… [ sniff sniff ]
Parker               : Look at Blake being cute!  Big laugh ]
Michael              : Blake! Be quick! [ glare ]
Blake                : Well, are you ready to go my princess? [ smile ]
Angel                : No! Not until you kiss my cheek! [ laugh ]
Blake                : Mwah! [ kiss Angel’s cheek ] Let’s go! [ offer a hand ]
Angel                : See you guys later! [ waves ]
Blake                : Bye! [ waves ]
All                     : Bye! [ see Angel and Blake went out the door ]
Thomas             : That chick was totally virgin!
Michael              : Good!
Kyle                  : What is it now Michael?
Michael              : Ok guys, since Thomas [ points at Thomas ] ,
Thomas             : Thank you! Thank you! [ smile so wide ]
Michael              : Haha! Since Thomas already got Angel in his hand, we can do this thing.. A-S-A-P!
Parker               : The demon rising thing?
Michael              : Yes, after 5 time having sex, she’s all set to go!
Kyle                  : Who’s next?
Michael              : Your turn Kyle. Your turn. [ laughs evilly ]
Parker               : [ to himself “Oh no! She is like so innocent! I just have to help her!” as he laughs too ]
Kyle                  : I’m going to get her.. really high..
Parker               : Wait, wait! She is still a virgin right? You guys just play with tongues and fingers right?
Thomas             : Of course! We leave the virgin to our master! [ smile wide ]
Parker               : Oh ok. [ look down ]
Michael              : All set up? Good! Let our move begin! [ all evil laugh except for Parker ]

Scene 6 – Girls Shower Room

Kyle                  : [ enter the girls shower room ] Hey babe!
Amanda                        : Yes Kyle? Why is a hottie doing here? [ winking ]
Kyle                  : Have you seen Angel?
Amanda                        : [ rolls eyes ] [ yells ] Angie! You boyfriend is here!!
Angel                : What?
Amanda                        : The boy from Orpaque Tryst !!!
Angel                : [ walk out just in her towel ] Hi .. Kyle ! [ smile ] What are you doing here?
Kyle                  : Just want to see you dear.. [ kiss Angel’s hand while Amanda just glare ]
Angel                : Why? Hehe! I am innocent!
Kyle                  : Sure you are! Come on! [ pull Angel out from the room while she’s just in her towel ]
Angel                : Kyle!! [ rolled eyes but follow wherever Kyle is taking her ]
Amanda                        : She’s totally dead by tomorrow! URGH! [ stomp out , pissed off ]

Scene 7             - In Parker’s and Blake’s room

Parker               : Man, that girl is too innocent to be used just like that! [ stare outside his room , watching how Angel’s smile fade down when Kyle start to touch her ]
Blake                : I am so with you man. Look at her. She got the friend material, not a slut material.       [ points at Angel outside the room ]
Parker               : Yeah… I totally pity her for being used. Worse. On her first day!
Blake                : Now you tell me. Michael, Kyle and Tom are just bunch of selfish pimp. [ kick off some boxers on the floor and sit down on his bed ]
Parker               : I feel like saving her. [ put arms around waist ]
Blake                : Are you crazy? Michael would KNOW it is you! [ slap his forehead ]
Parker               : And how is that? [ sit down on his bed, looking at Blake ]
Blake                : The way you talk and stare at her is more different than they did. I look at her at a buddy but you look at her like she’s your girlfriend! [ shakes head while eat the biscuits on the bed ]
Parker               : Oh yeah. That is true. [ scratches head ] Hey look. Tonight is your night but please don’t tell them I told you this. Just act like you do not know anything. I got a plan.
Blake                : What plan? [ scratches head ]
Parker               : Come here. [ start talking to Blake about the plan ]                                                                                                                                                        

Scene 8 – In the Orpaque Tryst’s Room

Michael              : How was it Kyle? Is she good?
Kyle                  : I am not telling! [ laughs ]
Michael              : Bad bad boy huh?
Kyle                  : You tell me [ wink ]
Blake                : When is my turn?
Michael              : Tonight is the night of your dream.
Parker               : After his turn is who’s?
Michael              : You Parker. Then it will be mine and the demon will rise right after this went inside her. [ hold up a pointy stick ]
Kyle                  : That is really cool… [ touches the stick ]
Thomas             : Heck yeah!
Parker               : Demons are cool.
Blake                : Totally. [ poke Parker’s arm and smile with a hint ]
Parker               : [ smile back while Michael just laugh and stare at those two ]

Scene 9 – In the Library

Blake                : Hey Angel, may I have a word with you?
Angel                : Yes Blake! Shoot ‘em up!
Blake                : Can you make like we are having a foreplay tonight?
Angel                : It’s your turn tonight? [ laughs ]
Blake                : Be serious!!!!! [ glare ]
Angel                : Ok... Sorry!!
Blake                : Come, let you follow me to my room so we can have some ‘fun’ reading then ahem!
Angel                : Ok then!! [ smile ]

Scene 10 – Hall Way

Angel                : Blake!! Stop spanking my bum! Oh my god![ laugh ]
Blake                : Can’t help it! [ laugh ] Is your math work done?
Angel                : Yup! You haven’t done anything didn’t you?
Blake                : Heyy!! I am innocent! [ blinks eyes ]
Parker               : Hey Angel. Blake! My man!  [ high5 Blake ]
Angel                : Hi Parker [ smile and blushes at the same time ]
Blake                : Parker! Buddy! Man! What’s up? [ high5 Parker back ]
Parker               : Not much here buddy! On your way to class?
Angel                : Of course! But Blake’s not in my class anyway!
Parker               : What class are you?
Blake                : She got History after this!
Parker               : Join me in then , Angel! [ smile while pat Angel’s shoulder ]
Angel                : You got History too?
Parker               : Don’t want to be mean but yes. [ smile as he hold Angel’s hand ]
Blake                : See you guys later! [ waves as he run to his class ]
Parker and Angel           : Bye!! [ laugh ]
Parker               : So Angel.. Tonight is my turn…
Angel                : Not again! [ sigh ]
Parker               : Why not we go to your room, packs your bags and we run away? [ stop walking ]
Angel                : What!?! [ shocked ] What makes you think I want to run away with YOU!? [ pissed ]
Parker               : I’ll explain everything on the way to your room! And we’re cutting class today. [ sigh ]
Angel                : Uh… I am not sure about trusting you. Really. I just can’t. [ shake head ]
Parker               : [ grab Angel’s hand and look at her eyes ] You just have to trust me!
Angel                : I don’t kn… [ before Angel could finish her sentence, Parker give her a kiss on the lips ]
Parker               : Trust me… [ kiss Angel’s cheek ]
Angel                : Alright. At least you are honest.

Scene 11 – In the Men’s Room

Michael              : How was her Blake?
Blake                : She’s real good! [ fake smile ]
Michael              : Are you sure? [ grab Blake’s shirt ]
Blake                : Of Course! Why would I want to waste a good supper? Ha Ha Ha? !  [ roll eyes ]
Michael              : Good! After Parker’s turn tonight.. It’ll be my turn next! [ evil laugh ]

Scene 12 – In Angel’s Room

Parker               : So that is the whole truth! [ helps Angel with her stuff ]
Angel                : How could you be so sure? Maybe you are wrong! [ wears her sleeveless top ]
Parker               : Missy! I am one of their gang! Of course I know the truth!
Angel                : Oh... Alright… I am ready…
Parker               : Let’s go! [ grabs her hand tight ]
Angel                : Ok! [ run out from the house to where Parker park his bike ]
Parker               : Hang tight Angel… I ride, fast!
Angel                : Don’t go to……… [ scream as Parker ride it, fast ] WHOAHH!!!
Parker               : [ hold Angel’s hand that is wrap around his waist ] It’s ok! I won’t let you go!
Angel                : Please don’t... [ hold Parker tight in her arms as she feels something weird going on ]

Scene 13 – At Blake’s and Parker’s Room

Michael              : Wow! How come your room is a mess?! [ kick some boxers on the floor ]
Blake                : I am wondering myself! [ scratches head and a fake smile ]
Kyle                  : Hey Mike! Come here for a while! [ calling Michael with his finger ]
Michael              : Yeah what? [ going closer to Kyle ]
Kyle                  : Do you think someone is escaping?
Thomas             : I think so too! [ glare at Blake ] Look at his eyes.. He is not telling the truth!
Michael              : Yeah true! [ look at Blake and walk to him with Kyle and Thomas following ]
Blake                : What!? [ noticing how Michael , Thomas and Kyle is starting at him ]
Thomas             : [ grab Blake’s shirt and pull him ] Where is Parker?
Blake                : How the bloody darn I know!? [ getting scared ]
Thomas             : [ let go of Blake’s shirt and look at Michael ] So?
Michael              : We’ll find him if you don’t want to tell! [ get out from the room ASAP ]
Kyle                  : Useless kid! [ following Michael and Thomas out from the room ]
Blake                : [ think to self “Oh no! I need to call Parker NOW!” ]

Scene 14 – In the Purple Storm Forest

Parker               : This is where we’re going to hide I guess.
Angel                : The place is beautiful but I never sleep in a forest… [ going to walk out from there ]
Parker               : [ grab Angel’s arm ] There’s a house inside there. It belongs to my grandfather…
Angel                : Oh, sorry… I taught we’re going to sleep here… Can we go there now? I’m scared…
Parker               : Let’s go! [ holds Angel’s hand but his cell phone rings ] Hold on! Hello?
Blake                : Dude! Do they know about the house you are going with Angel?
Parker               : No, why?
Blake                : They are coming after you! Run! Hide quietly!
Parker               : Ok, thanks man!
Blake                : See you! Later!
Parker               : Bye! [ hang up phone ] C’mon we need to take the bike before it’s too late!
Angel                : Why? [ run with Parker towards the bike ]
Parker               : They are coming after us! [ jump on his bike and takes Angel to the house , real fast ]

Scene 15 – English Class, Back in the Collage

Michael              : [ walking towards Kyle and Thomas ] Did you find him?
Kyle                  : No sign of him!
Thomas             : The only person we can ask is just him.. [ points at Blake ]
Michael              : No, not yet! We still have to figure out on our own! [ glare at Blake ]
Kyle                  : Ok! Whatever you say Michael!
Michael              : [ still glaring at Blake ] Just wait and see..

Scene 16 – In the Big Mansion House in Purple Storm Forest

Angel                : [ lay down on the bed ] Mind if I lay here for a while? [ looking at Parker and smile ]
Parker               : Sure! This is your room anyway! Mine will be next to you! [ smile to Angel ]
Angel                : Alright... Can we go around the mansion after this?
Parker               : Sure! [ smile ] I better go first! [ trying to walk outside but Angel pull his hand ]
Angel                : Wait.
Parker               : Yes?
Angel                : [ pat the bed ] Sit beside me. [ smile ]
Parker               : Sure! [ smile as he sit beside Angel ]
Angel                : Aren’t you one of their gang?
Parker               : I am. Or maybe I was. I don’t know. [ shudder ]
Angel                : But why are you helping me while they want me? [ look into Parker’s eyes ]
Parker               : Well, it is because… [ give Angel a kiss on the cheek ] You’re so innocent Angel…
Angel                : [ stunned ] I am?
Parker               : Yes, you are. I don’t want to see you being used and everything.
Angel                : Really? [ smile ]
Parker               : [ touches Angel’s cheek and smile ] Yes. You know the drink they always give you?
Angel                : Those drink?? [ see Parker’s nodded his head ] Yeah… I remember…
Parker               : It is actually some sort of weird freaky wine..
Angel                : What do you mean?
Parker               : They use that wine to make you totally high and forget about everything…
Angel                : So, They’ve… me? [ looking sad ]
Parker               : No! They just use touches but still , they have molested you . Sorry [ hug Angel ]
Angel                : It’s okay… I guess… I can’t do anything about it anyway… [ tears fall on her cheek ]
Parker               : No Angel. No crying ok? Promise me that… [ wipe away the tears on Angel’s cheek ]
Angel                : Ok… But I… [ start to cry more as she hug Parker tight ] I promise my mom not to…
Parker               : To what? [ rise eyebrow as he hug Angel tight back ]
Angel                : Stay away from boys in their room until I am married…
Parker               : You are still a virgin! [ confused ]
Angel                : I hate boys…
Parker               : Hey… [ pulls Angel away from his arms and look at her eyes ] Do you like nature?
Angel                : [ wipe her tears ] They are one of me.. [ place her hand at her heart ]
Parker               : Then , why don’t you have a bath first and I’ll take you to somewhere you’d love?
Angel                : Where? [ rise her eyebrow , questioning Parker ]
Parker               : It doesn’t matter but you’d love it! Trust me ok?
Angel                : Okay Parker…
Parker               : [ kiss Angel’s cheek ] See you in 30 minutes okay? [ smile ]
Angel                : Sure… [ hold Parker’s hand ] Thank you [ kiss Parker’s cheek ] You’re really sweet…
Parker               : Hey! No sweat babe! Later! [ exit Parker ]
Angel                : [ sit on her bed ] Is he really nice or is he up to something? … Who cares anyway?
Parker               : [ outside the room walking to his ] I really hope she trust me coz I love her…

Scene 17 – In Michael’s Dorm

Kyle                  : What is that boy up to? He can’t have her all by himself! [ slam a book on the table ]
Thomas             : Like totally agree with you! [ slam the toilet door ]
Kyle                  : Yeah!
Michael              : Look guys… If we find him [ pat the boys shoulders ] he’ll be the demon’s dinner…
Kyle                  : Man! You are smart Mike! I salute your brain! [ high5 ]
Michael              : Of course I am! I am your boss! Bow to me! [ evil laugh ]
Kyle                  : Right… We don’t bow to people… [ roll eyes ]
Thomas             : We’re not your slave Michael!
Michael              : Well then… Congratulation… [ snatch away their tags ]
Kyle                  : Like what the…..? [ pissed off ]
Thomas             : You better give us back that tag Michael!
Michael              : There is no way I am giving it to you dear! [ evil laughs ]
Kyle                  : [ slam down the book and walk to the door ] I am sick of being your slave!
Thomas             : Me too! I’m not going to help you anymore Michael!
Kyle                  : We’re ready to be the regular kid again! [ walk out the door ]
Michael              : See you guys later! I don’t need your help anymore…
Thomas             : Later assle …
Michael              : Say the proper word! Later bitches! [ evil laugh ] I will be getting the power all by myself! This is what you call satisfaction! [ evil laugh once again ]

Scene 18 – Kyle and Thomas’s Private Talk

Kyle                  : For all I know is, we were really dumb to trust him! [ rolls eyes ]
Thomas             : You tell me! [ unlock the dorm door and enter inside ]
Kyle                  : You know what? We better are helping Parker and Blake over him!
Thomas             : Like yeah! You know what? [ looking at Kyle ]
Kyle                  : What man?
Thomas             : Why don’t we go and find Blake and offer him a help? [ rise eyebrow ]
Kyle                  : Are you kidding me? He would just kick us out! [ rolls eyes]
Thomas             : You will never know until we try man! [ pat Kyle’s shoulder ]
Kyle                  : Alright, lets go and give it a try ok pal?

Scene 19 – At the Fountain

Blake                : I am bored! [ step on some rocks ]
Kyle                  : Hey Blake! We need a word with you… [ calls Blake with his finger ]
Blake                : [ to himself ] What now… [ smile at them ] Sure! [ walk to them ]
Thomas             : Well, I don’t know how to say this but, we want to help you and Parker … [ fake grin ]
Kyle                  : Yeah dude…
Blake                : Like I will trust you guys! [ rolls eyes ]
Thomas             : Come on! Give us a chance pal! [ glance at Blake who is giving his back to them ]
Kyle                  : Yeah! Please dude! [ rise eyebrow ]
Blake                : No way! Get out of town man! Parker trust me with this! I am not letting you guys in!
                          You might even still work with Michael! [ burning up with anger ]
Kyle                  : He snatch away out tags ok?! [ pissed off as well ]
Thomas             : Heck yeah! [ try and look angry ]
Blake                : Later boys! See ya! [ goes into the school again ]
Kyle                  : [ glare at Blake ] We got to make him says yes! [ punch his fist ]
Thomas             : Totally… and there is only one silly way… Just one silly way…