Friday, 28 December 2012

Equation 16 : Poetry.

Words was written
With meaning
That was hidden

How beautiful it was
A melody that always
Rhymes with symphony of life

People might always not
Understand but
Either way
The intention was just one

Words are only letters
Combination of an emotions
Love & tears.
Always here.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Equation 15 : Shattered Heart.

It was done,
Through life
Obliging sins
Uncovering a distance
In between two hearts
Faithful concern
A destiny was fates
Ground was not moving
Earth was standing still
Even if at times
How the beautiful moon
That shines through the earth turns
So dark,
It still can be seen 
Even if
How the world have turned
Once again
Through the unforgiving mistakes
It shines so bright
You are still there
Accompanying a heart
Appearing in a life, 
Always be aside
A soul that was shattered
Heart without any answers
Keep on holding together
From the day, today
Until the clock ends,
Another day.


Equation 14 :Mesmerized.

How can I

Compare you to a summer breeze
A love that was so soft
And sweet

Even melts in a hand that was
How gentle can it be

Even a touch that was careless free
Would harm a decent sheds of reflection

Your love might fades
But though still hope
How was mesmerized by just
A smile that was innocent

A tender kiss
Cured a wounded feeling

How a love was so delicate
Tempt a life but always have been

Hidden behing a shadow
An emotion

Won’t depart
In a state of trust and faith
Love won’t weaken
Or break away.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear friends,
Thank you for giving a chance for me to get to know you.
Even though we can't see each other
But u meant a lot in my life.
Wish all of u a Merry Christmas,
Hope you have a Happy New Year!
May all of wish come true,
May you have the brightest future,
The greatest life,
And a Happy Love!

Forever Arashi! :D
Thank you for being a friend! :D

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Equation 13 : My Dearest Love,

My dearest love

Though heart praised
Shall not equate nor
Compare to 
An endless scarification
How ruthless a heart
Tormented by
Even if it was
A seduction
Temptation lure
Rigid emotion was still
Glimmer against a mirror
How your reflection shown
How beautiful was
A smile always given
Never been taken
Changed even if
It was a sudden
Love me forever
Now, then
Won’t end 
Never shattered away
Life stands at this time
Fate was written here
Just only for
Your only love
A never-ending 


Thursday, 20 December 2012


When I hear you sing
My heart started to race
Even though not through
Not exceeded the speed
The limit of time
My heart weaken
Spirit raised up
Each and everytime I hear you
Your beautiful melodies
Sing through my life

( Ike )

But when I hear it bangs
How it made me smile
As though if I may
Count every beat you breaks
Every time you take
Imagening you
How can I even live
Or survive
Without you by my side

( Kento )

Even though time passed
Even how I know a wish
A dream to be with you
Won't come alive
But just stay together
And forever be
By my side.

( SpyAir )


Equation 12 : Life.

They would say action might be
Just crazy enough to prove how
The courrage and bravery
But what left the world
To fight for it to be right
How keep asking a heart
Wishing if only time situated
A life, living just so close
What other would makes it better?
Even if there’s no related motivation
Or a life sensation
Though it was only a word
Truth stands further ahead
Statement won’t forfeit
How the hardest time
A life, somehow won’t change a bit
Remember a heart
How beautiful words were said
The only ‘wish’ only just
‘To be Free’ from a destiny
A graving ‘truth’
Let a long life last
Keep on ‘dream’ing to be ‘alive’
Through the mischievous light
All life out from the 'supernova'
It will be there
For a life.


Equation 11 : Seconds.

At time, we wonder life
Most of the seconds
Washed away without us
Even see or realize
That every second we had
Was the time we share
Giving love,
Trust, or even
How at times we wishes
If it could be reverse
Only to reform everything
That was already listed
Anything that was living
Have its own emotion
A heart to cure
Or wasn’t meant to be
Never count hope so high
Keep on praying
And wish only
For the beauty in life
Cherish our love
Never let each second fades away,
Once again.


Equation 10 : Sleepless Night.

My dearest,
How a heart trying to understand
The beauty of your smile
How fragile was
The only kiss I’ve ever long for
Ever hold, hoping for it just to
Last even in a short time
The whispers of your love
Breathing softly against up
Of a once alive skin
Just so naïve facing
But truly reviving life
If only it could be touch
As fragile as it was
It seemed like a thousands of
Pain would never dreamt
To release you
Or even waken your eternal life
Just stay
Even without anything heard
Rest until a peaceful mind
Sleep and be the only one
To hold a heart,
Forever love
Forever one,
The beauty of a sleepless night.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Equation 9 . Sweet Escape

Even though how fear
Contaminated a heart
I'm still be standing here
Facing all lies
Sorrowful faith
Of confusion, my beloved
How hoping for to be forever
In your heart
Hold so close in an emotion just so,
Young and free
Only with your
Beautiful smile,
Irresistible love
And temptation
How you'd say a
Long lost hope
Come back alive
A sweetest escape
Just for your only wish
My only love.

Eva Rose,

Equation 8 : Loving you, 4ever , Arashi.

How bright the Beautiful World shine
Through the Morning Light
I will always Believe that
A promise To Be Free
Always be there
Right next to you
The Truth was forever safe
An everlasting Love
That was just So Sweetest thing
We could ever Dream Alive together
How else Can I Love
Only just Be With You
In my world
Knowing that I'm secured
Through the glance of Your Eyes
I'll be Waiting For You
Forever us Two
In all the Gakuen we've been throuugh
We've ever dream off
It's all Up To You
Only will be here
Just Come Back 2 MeWe'll live through the Taboo
We've created
And give me your
One Love.
Without any Hello or GoodbyeI will love you forever.

Aiba Masaki
Matsumoto Jun
Ninomiya Kazunari
Ohno Satoshi
Sakurai Sho.

My forever Loves,

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Equation 06

Even though sometimes
Always been trying to
Hoping for
Just if I can’t hold anymore
Something when I think
How gently you whispered
Your love to my heart
But still couldn’t collaborate
Along together
A smile you always give
Gorgeous eyes that forever shine
Been tryingto understand my heart
Though kept on praying for
Only a chance
To be love
To be feel deep in a heart
On self emotion
How kept on wishing for
A space for your precious
Only delightful love
Masaki Aiba.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

equation 05

even how sometimes
world made life so cold
being left alone
without even a single tears would even
 drop out or run down
even words spoken
unheard without even any
voice or sound whispered
but at time
a situation in this sort of condition
do make your heart
kept calm
been heard
with a free heart
and forever love..

Friday, 14 December 2012

Days of Dawn

How my life was left alone

With the colours gives me warmth
Of the emotion combines
How the explanation
Of violet, red, blue and green
Always seen in my life
From the day till dawn

Violet is how sacred you are to my life
Red how beautiful you bloom
Blue is just the sky
With the Greens surrounding aside
It’s just a happiness written
In a life turned shiftily
With you
By my side


So Long, Good Bye.. :) ( 4 My Friends )

Even though we seldom say Hello
Asking one another
How do you do
You're still my friend
Thank you for always be there
Even if where we stated
Don't make our friendship much closer
We still hold out heart together
Stand right aside
Thank you for being there
Thank you for being my friend. :)


Just to let you know, I might away for these few days ( not more than 6 days I hope ) since there's something wrong with my health, I will get admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning, so I guess, these two drs have to take care of me.. Hahaha.. :D Wish me luck since I know.. Injection isn't really my best friend.. XD Take care! <3 u always! :)
Kytty Sakurai.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Just telling u.. XD


He he.. It's me Kytty here.. :P
I just want to tell you that,
Most of the time I really love writing what came across my brain at that minute..
Hey, It can be anything you see..
But only telling you that,
It seemed like late William Shakespear use the word, Sonnet in most of his poems..
I couldn't think of anything else... but why not..
Equation? :D
So, :)
Rock on! :D

Equation 04.

As though day had pass
Time disappear without
Any hesitation of turning back
How a heart kept on crying
Why would a life be at its own
Substance over a perished life
 A wounded heart
Eternally bleeds
When there would it even be
 only for its
Or even care curing a lifeless soul.
Self emotion grows
Pleading to be care for
Urging to let go
Sentimental heart
Burned down in sorrow
Hope to smile
Wait until a day
A decade...

( Masaki Aiba kun <3 )

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Equation 03.

Shall I compare you to the night
of the Beautiful sky
that was gazing
Brightly shown its love
Loving for, forever is still
Holding close
Even though days saperated a life
In between time,
but always there
Coming back here,
as it changed once again
Though time parted us apart
But you,
you never disappear
nor ever
walked away
Always just be
Forever near
Only righthere.

Monday, 10 December 2012

100 Questions?!?! XD

1. Which Johnny's group is your favorite?
 Current: Arashi. Past: Arashi also. :P

2. Why? 
Been living my life with them. Love their music, their dance move and they are so kawaii/kakkoi! :D

3. Who is your favourite Johnny? 
Isn't it obvious already?

4. Why? 
Oh, he my knight in shining armor! :D The seciest voice ever! XD

5. When is your very first contact with a Johnny?When I accidently watch Jidai PV on my local tv. ;)

6. Who was it? 
Ohno Satoshi.

7. How did you know him? 
I think he's the cutest in Jidai. ( I was 11... I love cute boys! :D )

8. When actually did you really start listening/liking the JE? 
Year 2003, when i found the song i first listen to Arashi / Jidai again. XD

9. What incident brought you into JE? 
Arashi. Local tv. ( at that time they were still in Poly Canyon anyway. :P )

10. Do you have a favourite JE song? 
Believe, Cosmos, Welcome 2 Our Party, Fly on Friday... Too many? XD

11. Do you listen to JE artists the most? 
Most of the songs in my playlists are Arashi. XP

12. If not, who is your favorite band/artist? 
LoL... Hmm... BSB? Westlife? ( it was in the year 2000 - 2003 ) :P

13. Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before JE? 
BSB / Westlife / D-side / 2 many2.. :P


14. Who is your favorite in KAT-TUN? 
Akanishi Jin.

15. Why? 
I think he's the hottest among all of them. XP

16. Do you have a favorite song of KAT-TUN? 
Real Face.

17. Do you have a favorite live of KAT-TUN?

18. Do you have a favorite show appearance of KAT-TUN? 
I don't know.

19. Who do you think can sing the best out of KAT-TUN? 

20. Who do you think can dance the best out of KAT-TUN?
I don't know.

21. Who is the girliest of KAT-TUN? 

22. Who is the manliest of KAT-TUN? 
Akanishi Jin.

23. Who is the cutest member of KAT-TUN?
Nakamaru? ( i think thats the name.. XD )

24. Who is the funniest member of KAT-TUN? 
I don't know.

25. Who is the prettiest in KAT-TUN?

26. Who has the best appearance in KAT-TUN? 
Akanishi. He's sexy..


27. Who is your favorite in NEWS? 

28. Why? 

29. Do you have a favorite song of NEWS? 

30. Do you have a favorite live of NEWS? 
No idea..

31. Do you have a favorite show appearance of NEWS?
Don't know.

32. Who do you think can sing the best out of NEWS? 

33. Who do you think can dance the best out of NEWS?

34. Who is the girliest of NEWS? 

35. Who is the manliest of NEWS? 

36. Who is the cutest member of NEWS? 
Don't want to answer anymore.

37. Who is the funniest member of NEWS? 

38. Who is the prettiest in NEWS? 
Who knows?

39. Who has the best appearance in NEWS? 
I <3 Arashi... XP

40. Do you have a favourite PV of NEWS? 


41. Who is your favourite in KanJani8? 
Yu, Okura.

42. Why? 
They are cute, hot, and sexy. ;)

43. Do you have a favorite song of KanJani8? 

44. Do you have a favorite live of KanJani8? 
I don't even know their song.... XD

45. Do you have a favorite show appearance of KanJani8? 

46. Who do you think can sing the best out of KanJani8? Subaru~ and Ryo

47. Who do you think can dance the best out of KanJani8? 
Seriously.. IDK.. :P

48. Who is the girliest of KanJani8? 
Hmmm.... Idk.. :P

49. Who is the manliest of KanJani8? 

50. Who is the cutest member of KanJani8? 

51. Who is the funniest member of KanJani8? 

52. Who is the prettiest in KanJani8? 

53. Who has the best appearance in KanJani8? 
Yu, Okura. IDK! X

54. Do you have a favourite PV of KanJani8?


55. Who is your favorite in Arashi? 
Not telling. :P

56. Why? 
I told u already. XP ( no 4 Q :P )

57. Do you have a favorite song of Arashi? 
Too many.. But give the latest one.. Welcome 2 Our Party, Cosmos.

58. Do you have a favorite live of Arashi? 
All of their concert.. most of my fav.. BW Concert. :P

59. Do you have a favorite show appearance of Arashi? 

60. Who do you think can sing the best out of Arashi? 
Satoshi Ohno.

61. Who do you think can dance the best out of Arashi? 
Satoshi Ohno.

62. Who is the girliest of Arashi?

63. Who is the manliest of Arashi? 
Sakurai Sho / Aiba Masaki.

64. Who is the cutest member of Arashi? 
Aiba Masaki.

65. Who is the funniest member of Arashi? 
Aiba Masaki.

66. Who is the prettiest in Arashi? 

67. Who has the best appearance in Arashi? 
Sho Sakurai / Masaki Aiba.

68. Do you have a favorite PV of Arashi? 

-other units-

69. Who is your favorite younger unit? 

70. Who is your favorite older unit? 
Hmmm.. IDK! XD SMAP maybe. XP

71. Do you have a favorite member of any younger or older unit? 
Kisumai - Taisuke Fujigaya.

72. Do you have a favorite song of any younger or older unit? 
Kisumai - Love Me / Dancing Star / She Her Her... I forgot title.. :P

73. Do you have a favorite show with any younger or older unit?
Misaki No 1 / Ikimen Desu Ne.

74. Do you have a favorite live of any younger or older unit? 
Idk.. :P


75. Do you have a favorite actor in JE? 
Actor... Satoshi Ohno. XP ( ONLY HE CAN MAKE ME CRY! XP ) Taisuke Fujigaya / Jun Matsumoto / Sakurai Sho. :)

Fvorite dorama starring with one of JE? 
Maou / Ikemen Desu Ne / Gokusen / The Quiz Show 2 / Yamada Taro ( Thats HOW I MET MY LOVE~! XP )

77. What was your very first dorama staring with one of JE? 
Gokusen ( 2003 )

78. Which dorama of JE do you watch recently? 

79. Which dorama of JE do you want to watch? 
Yamada Tarou / Maou.

80. Who do you wish should start acting, who hasn't yet? 
Hmm.. Not sure... XD

81. Who do you wish should stop acting, because he sucks at acting or he should do something else instead? 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not telling ... :P

-Questions for fun-

82. Do you think that you are JE addicted? 
Isn't that obvious? DUH!

83. Why do you think so?
Look at my room. :P

84. What will you do seeing your favorite Johnny standing in front of your door? 
I would go spechless.. XD

85. What advantages does starting liking JE give you?
To love them forever and learn from them. :D

86. What disadvantages does it give you? 
I finish most of my money on them. :P

87. How many times a day do you think about JE? 
Almost all the time. XP ( even though I'm listening to other people's music and writing , my head only think of Sho. XP )

88. How many times do you have the face of your favorite Johnny around you?
All the time.. My whole room is Sho Sakurai , Masaki Aiba, MatsuJun and ARASHI EVERYDAY! XD

89. If your favorite Johnny has to grant you a wish what would it be? 
ARASHI!!! BE MY FRIEND!! XD ( Or one of u.. Marry me? XD )

90. If you have a wish about JE, what would it be? 
I wish n pray everyday that I'd meet them even if only for a second. :)

91. If you are reborn, who do you wish to be? 
Masaki Aiba. Hes a fun loving guy. ;)

92. If you are a Johnny's right now, who do you wish you are?
Masaki Aiba.

93. If you can ask your favorite Johnny or your favorite JE band a question, what would it be?
Can I spend a night with u?? .... XP

94. Did you ever have a dream with a Johnny?
Every night with either Sho or Masaki. XP

95. If yes, when was it and what was it?
Last night... Masaki was my date yo.. :P

96. Do you have any realizable goal in your life that has to do with JE?
LoL! I want to be a writer just like Sakurai Sho. :)

97. Do you like JE BL fanfic? 
What's BL? I read fanfic sometimes.. but prefer to write more. ;)

98. If yes, who are the best couple of JE? 
Shosaki / ShoAi / ShoMa / Sakuraiba. ( just the same person. XP ) Or.. D.O.F!! XD ( thats Riida, Sho and Masaki FYI :P )

99. If you are Johnny-san what would you change about JE?
Make Arashi come to Malaysia every year. XP

100. Do you like this survey? 
Idk some thing, its too long but it's fun! XD

Tears. Of. Sorrow.

Maybe before, when I was young
Aged 13 - 19 years old
I used to have a high hope and dream to see you.
Meeting you at least for a while.
Even if its only for a second.
But since fate was written this way
How i know I won't be
Forever here.
Forever stay..
I'll love you even if so far.
Just so far away....

Arashi / S. Sakurai / M. Aiba.


Equation 02 -

As though trust a life
Hoping for, hoping of
Gazing through love
That lies beneath youth soul
Emotion compels
How heart tortured with life that
Aching for even just only second
To breathe a life
Somehow that couldn’t understand how
Anymore pain
Resisting tormented lust
Of fear
What other can be done
What more may words say
Or believe
Truth hidden inside
Just a wish
Pray for life to praise
Sympathy, or even how
What would if
Won’t ever see
Your truthuful eyes
Eternal smile
Even only a minute
Worse if it’s just a second fate
Forever love
Disgracing a life
A feeling for your heart
Washed away
In tears
It will forever
Shattered away...


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Equation 01.

As though time had passed on
Hours disappear out each second
How it flies by
Without realizing somehow
Even if what encounter through life
Even how your beauty shown
Indulging a heart,
was down in its sorrow
Always there to show
Always here to be close
Though knows how love
In less, further more
Confusion unheard
Left out, all alone
Unable to received, accepting a heart
Though he had won
A battle of faith, trusting in life
You’re still there
Right by my side.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Thank U, Arashi / Sakurai Sho.

Sakurai Sho, Arashi,
Even if I've known you ( Arashi ) since the year 2000, even though I felt like I was on my own at that time, since no one else really care or know who you are, but I really love your music, and how sweet, too adorable you all looked like when the first time I saw your PV, Jidai played on the local tv.
Everyone around me, made fun of me for loving you, but I say, who cares?
I love you, why should I care if they don't anyway?
I don't even bother if they don't know you
Somehow it made me happy to be the only one that love you back then... :)
But anyhow, I guess when I first know Arashi, you didn't really hold my heart,
I lost track of you from the year 2001 - 2003,
but when I met you again, but somehow, my heart changed to someone else, but still not you.
My heart opened once again for him, and I wonder why it wasn't you.
 But I'm grateful and really thanking you for fate making my heart 2 stay and keeping it safe right by your side.
7 years of me loving you coming a head, and 14 years of Arashi being together.
I thank you forever for letting me love you.
Giving me a chance to get to know you.
For holding my heart.
Hoping that even if the world knows you,
I still have my little space, even very tiny bit chances,
2 keep on loving you.
Fate 2 Stay right next to you.
Thank you so much,
Sakurai Sho
 ,Arashi. )

Fate 2 Stay.

If only I could erase
Erase all the past relection of life
What was written in a distance
That wasn't my love
For you
If past could be written again
How wishing when the first
As the dawn meets the day light
The only man I saw only was
Fates stated a way
How two hearts met
A straitened direction
Even if before it wasn't your love
Therefor why would
 How could a heart ache
When we never say
Or even spoken a sentence a day
Even how memories didn’t go as how
Wishes, planned forever
Life outcome lastly
Gladly now
Keep holding me close
Close right in your arms
How I know now
Even though the time
Isn't always the same
We'll forever stay
Let love guides the way
Never go
or fades out to gray.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Just a comedy :P

5 in the evening.

( looked around her / waiting for someone )


Oi! ( got in shocked )

( laughed ) 

Oh, Yumi, you scared me.

( laughed ) Don’t I always do that to you? ( winked )

( look at her ) And you know I don’t like that!

( laugh ) Yeah, whatever.

( breathe3 )

( walked passed by her ) Come on. ( smiled to her )

Come on? ( was a little lost )

Yeah. ( look at her ) Let’s go. ( smile )

Go where? ( raised eyebrow )

( felt strange ) Err…


Back home?

Oh that.. ( blushed )


( stopped his car beside the two of them / open the window ) Hey, Yupi. 

( looked at him / smile ) Yeah? J

( smile ) Hey Yumi. ( lifted his hands up )

( confused ) Hi. ( lifted hands back up ) 

( gets out from the car ) Come on. ( smile to Patrycja )

( looked at Yumi / smile ) I’m going back home with him.

Oooooookeeeeey….. ( smile a little )

I see you later. ( kissed her cheek / went inside the car with the door that Satoshi had opened for her ) Thank you. ( smile )

( smile ) No problem, baby. ( walked towards his side ) Take care Yumi. ( smile / get inside the car / drives away )

( looked at that car ) And since when He call her…  Yupi??

OI!! SATOSHI KUN!!! ( run / gasping for air / searching for his brother who isn’t even there anymore )

( looked at the side ) Eh?

( still running ) SATOSHI!!!!!!! ( feeling irritatedly angry )

Sho? ( looked at him )

( stopped running / trying to breathe  )

Sho-kun? ( she calls for him )

( looked at her ) Yumi… ( wiping away his sweats )

( small smile / walked towards him ) 

( realize Yumi was in front of him / pulled his t-shirt up / wiping his sweat )

( her heart beat stopped ) Whoa… ( thought alone / while looking at his fine abs / she fell silent ) He’s dang hot…

I’m not sweating. Really. 

( stopped in front of him ) You’re sweating.

( looked at her ) No, I’m not. ( feeling nervous )  Really I’m not. ( smile a little )

( smiled ) Yes, you are, ( wiping away his sweat with her handkerchief )

( looked at her all innocent ) Am I?

( tiny laugh ) Yes, you’re sweating. ( wipes away his neck / kissed his cheek )

Oh… ( bite lips ) Sorry…

Why are you being sorry for?

For not being clean when I’m with you? ( sigh )

( smile a little ) But you look…

What? ( looked at her )

( tiny laugh / feeling embarrassed if she ever say it ) Nevermind…

Oh, come on…. ( holds her hand ) 

( look to the side / trying to look away from him ) No…


( shakes her head for a few times / smile / blushing ) No…

Pretty please??

( shakes her head again )

( sad face )

( looked at him / pinch his nose )

Ouch! ( rubbed his nose ) Why?

You know that you look….


( leaned close ) hot when you’re sweating like that? ( look to the side )

( smiled ) Reallllly??? ( lifted his eyebrow’s up for a few times )

( nodded her head a little ) Yeah.. ( winked )

( kissed her cheek ) I love you, honey.

I love you too, Sho. ( kissed his cheek back / smile )

( touched her face / smile )

( smile / remember something ) Oh, anyway.


What’s all with the running just now?

( sad face again ) Satoshi left me…

He left you?

Yeah…. ( sad face )

Wh… (remember about Patrycja ) Oh yeah…

He said he wanted to go out on a date…

With Patty…


Eh? No?

He said his girl, Yupi?

( bit her lips ) Yupi…


Yupi is Patrycja.


( laughed ) Yeah. ( smile )

And how am I going to get home?

( smile )

I don’t want to be taking the bus!

( tiny laugh )

You see, even you’re laughing at me… ( sad face )

( touched his fluffy cheek ) No, honey. ( smile )

What do you mean by no?

I’m not laughing at you.

Then what are you doing? ( looked at her / frowned a little )

( touched his face / turned his gaze towards her ) You’re just being too cute. ( kissed his lips for one second )


Just too cute. ( smile / kissed his lips again )

( holds her waist / making it a longer kiss ) Playing huh?

( pushed him a little ) No. ( smile )

Yeah… ( pinched her nose a little )

Ouch… ( frowned a little )

So, honey, I think I need to go there now, ( points at the bus stand )

( looked ) Oh…

Yeah… I know…  ( looked at her ) 

( looked back at him )

Sometimes, brother can be mean to you…

Ahuh… ( getting something inside her pocket ) I know that…

So, I see you later okie, honey? ( kissed her cheek / walks away )

( small laugh / holds his hand )


( lifted her car key up ) So, who’s going to drive me back home?

Ehhh…. ( smile )

( winked )

Let me be your guide, my princess. ( acting so gorgeously sexy / hands out as if asking for her bless )

( smile ) Good. ( put the key in his palm / messed his hair ) Come.

( smiled ) As you say, my princess…

( walks towards her car / smiling )

( holds her hand /  smile )

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Even how words were written
Thought about
How would a mistake
Could never even be
Would never erase
Or washed out in a dismay
Pain or suffer
What was seen
Wouldn’t just fades away
Regretful heart
Disobeying emotion
Ruthless temptation
Somehow soaked a life
Full of tears, disappointed happiness
Tormented fear
Won’t even thought of what
Was there.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dear love....

Dear Sho SakuraiMasaki Aiba.
Even if I know I never even see you,
I know I won't ever go just close enough to be with you,
But I will forever understand,
Knowing that,
You won't ever disappear from my heart.
Forever there, in my life.
Thank you for being there,
For giving me a chance to know you,

Even if I know,
I'm just like the other billions,
That maybe love you more than I do,
in a real life,But I still love you.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sweetest Desire.

Even if how was
Seen the world collide
Gruesome strength might only have
Damaged a feeling
Reality shattered

A heart for your love
Still standing here

Bravery fought away
An emotional fear

Knowing how a sentiment written 
In an essence of self,
Devouting a heart
Promises carved
The passage through the path way of life
The passion, a loving emotion
Distance love, pleading only for a touch
Even if time skipped a second
Pulse missing a beat
A love for you will forever stay
Being right here
It will never disappear
Or even fades out
From a sight,
In a life.