Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Equation 196 : Whispers

Sometimes I wonder,
I wonder when...
Will I hear the soft sound,
Of your whispers again,
As you were no longer here with me,
You've fallen to a deep dream,
In a life that only you could see,
In a pattern that a pure heart,
Wishes it to be,
Those soft whispers,
It could still be heard,
Your soul isn't buried in,
Your purest heart anymore,
You are still breathing alive,
Fallen so deep asleep.

Each second has passed,
I was drawn in your sweet,
Sweetest lullaby,
That still makes me smile,
Even tough you are not here,
Never were near,
I could still feel,
Like you are there so close to me,
Even though it's only,
In a dream of your whispers,
Sooner perhaps we are meant to see,
Our existence so close together,
Embraced one another,
Even though it's in another life,
It's only a fantasy,
Of our dream destined together...

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Equation 195 : Aokigahara

You were lost,
Lost so deep in the dark forest,
You look around and there isn't anything close,
Apart from silent and darkness that frightens your soul,
You wanted to look away,
But at the end you stood there still,
Looking deep and think inside your heart...
Are you thinking clear?
Or are you afraid of what is inside?
Does it give you a fright?
Would you walk in through the darkness?
In a world that you can't even scream,
Because it would be just you,
Only you that could hear your voice shrieking,
Or see anything clear.

Through a long journey,
Along the way you will see,
Those dead bodies sitting down,
Hanging dead,
From their previous dreadful life,
They were living in despair,
They were crying in pain,
Pleading for mercy for the guilt of their past,
Crawling towards your way,
You felt terrified,
You are too afraid,
You wanted to run away,
Run away to escape,
But the path that you take was too dark,
You slipped down and fell painfully.

The ache that you felt burns deep in your heart,
Grumbling rigidly,
You sealed your eyes shut,
You hope that you were never here,
Sadly you are captured here,
Trapped in your own life, in your own fear,
Just like who they were in those previous years,
Options left only for you just to live there,
In a dreadful misery,
Or would you just rather die,
Die in the deep deep end of,
The sea of trees,
The suicide forest,
The Aokigahara?

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Equation 194 : Warmth

At night,
As soon I will close my eyes,
Before the darkness surrounds me,
As I was left in my hallucination alone,
I felt my body triggers,
The coldness of night,
Holding me together,
So close,
As it won't ever let me go,
The warmth of your body,
It couldn't be felt anymore...

Even though at time I was frightens,
The thought of you suddenly emerge,
Emerged once again in my mind,
With thou's charming smile,
Holding my heart,
As I couldn't feel anything else anymore,
Apart from the warmth that you are giving,
Giving to me..

I gasp as I opened my eyes again,
The chills could still be felt,
As sadly I was only there alone,
I was there on my own,
With my heart is raging so bad,
The thought of you running through,
Every inch of my veins,
The warmth of you could still be felt,
I sighed and wondered at the same time suffocating,
Am I in your mind too,
As much as you are always have been in mine?

(c) Scarlet B. 2016