Thursday, 16 February 2017

Equation 202 : Broken II

Even a life that is still breathing,
Still awaken and alive,
As rough wind kept on blowing,
Blowing strong against a live that is still,
Still trying to survive,
At the end of time,
Would falls down to its final stance,
A wittered heart,
Craving for a second chance that is never,
Never give in  for another hope,
Could it still hold on,
As each steps that it takes in life,
It still try to make her falls down,
Make her last devoting life,
Crumbles and it could no longer,
Be secured.

In those tragedies that tormented its heart,
Shattering its soul,
Could this life still stand strong,
Even though it has lost its faith to even,
Carry on these consequences that came forth,
That even life couldn’t manage to obey,
The tragedies that still occur,
Kept on drowning a life,
Could it still believe in its life,
Could it mend a broken heart?
Could it cure this shattered soul?
With faith that no longer oblige,
That is forbidden to even breathe,
Just once more.

Yours Truly,
Scarlet B.