Sunday, 23 November 2014

Equation 81 . How...

How great the life was given in this world,
until today you were still guven a chance to breathe.
How great time was still continue to ticks,
or else the days wont passed from yesterday to another day.
How great the love was given through minute changes,
until there wont be another day.
How incredible a strong heart were still standing even if,
until today tears kept on falling.
How gruesome is a lie what still lies hidden within,
until one day a smile shades away.
No, life wont return again.
Cherish the day until the time your life were forgotten.
sometimes werent meant to be forgiven....

(C) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Equation 80 : In Life

Sometimes in life, 
how i wish certain people would understand.
Sometimes in life, 
How i wish i can live my life in the way i plan.
Sometimes in life, 
How i wish i can stand survive standing all alone.
Sometimes in life, 
How i wish there would be a better day tomorrow.
But sometimes in life, 
How i wisn i can really find another place to go...

(C) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014.

Righy now, i am in Japan... shouldnt i be happy about this? But why am i still feeling strange like this....

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Equation 79 : Through a Destiny.

Through a destiny,
A life that were meant written,

Tears, smiles, or confusions,

Let all it be only a memory or just a delusion.

Through a destiny, 

Fate that never meant to see,
The night falls for a heart to siesta a fantasy,
To concealed our faith, love, hopes and dreams.

Through a destiny,
Failure weren’t meant the greatest desire,
Not to give up, Only close your eyes,
Keep on dreaming until one day to achieve.

Through a destiny,
Even if lies were buried within,
Just keep on smiling,
And hope for another day to come once again.

 ( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlette Storm 2014.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Equation 78 : In Loving Memories.

In loving tears,
am I still standing here.
Forsworn believing,
 I thought I was never.

The earnest of memories,
Of devotion that won’t ever,
The swear once whispered,
I am perjured the most.

Was it a mistake occurred, 
or was it a lie that was hidden.
Hidden within time,
Will it even be another day pass by.

As season passes, 
why do the love I felt,
The love once had, 
Has been skipping instant.

The oath had been written,
With your love, truth and honestly,
A loving memories,
Shattered thousands of cry.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlette Storm.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Arashi . Trap

I'll get you in the trap

Hey now! 
That manner of pretending to be capable and that composed expression, now's the end of that
Preparing yourself is the most you can do 
Even if it's admitted that you have the ability, you're not wanted here
By the time you notice, you're trapped 
If you lose focus, you'll be scrap
Come on, let's cut through the center of the world 
This is a game

Sooner or later 
The game's mine
Even if you can't see it, it's the truth

I'll take you down! No matter what speed you try to run away
I'll take you down! You know, don't you? You are in the trap
I'll take you down! Come, it's show time
Believe it or not You're already in my trap

You wanna cry? It's already too late
If you're afraid, then you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

Hey now! 
It doesn't matter what format 
If you don't have your own style, it's the end for you
In this era where one fingertip does everything for you 
There's no system to double check things for you
Watch out the trap!

Black or white We can't tell now
Stuck in that trap Whose really the one whose stuck?!

I'll take you down! No matter what power you show
I'll take you down! Can you tell? You are in the trap
I'll take you down! The show time is already in the last stages
Believe it or not I've got everybody in my trap!

You're gonna cry Everything's up to you
If you're not afraid, you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

I'll get you in the trap

Sooner or later The world knows it
Black or white The one who'll laugh last is me 
You can't see it, but it's the truth

I'll take you down! No matter what speed you try to run away
I'll take you down! You know, don't you? You are in the trap
I'll take you down! Come, it's show time
Believe it or not You're already in my trap

You wanna cry? It's already too late
If you're afraid, then you better watch your back
I'll take you down!

I'll take you down

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NC17 rated story : Demand ( ONLY FOR 18+ ABOVE )

 Sorry for the grammar and spelling error. I'm not that good with this kind of story, but I tried my best to write it. Thank u.

           Misako Maruyama sits alone inside a room that wasn’t really the type of girl like her wanted to stay for long. She looked around inside his room and frowned alone, ‘Why am I assign with this man anyway?’ she asked herself when she remembered what happened in between her and the boss of this company. She admits she does have a degree qualification, but she wanted this job because she wanted to explore the entertainment life. She sighed when she felt something was not so clean on the table. She doesn’t want to baby sit a 30 years old man!
            She frowned as she stood up from where she was sitting down just now, exchanges her place to the couch when he grabs his files with her. She sits on the black couch and waits for his arrival while she was flipping through his files. ‘Who is this guy,’ she grumbled since there was only his information but there wasn’t no picture attached to it. She turned to her side to see what the time then was.
            Misako bit her lips, ‘It’s my first day as his manager and he is already late! How can I give him a good record if he is already late like this!’ she wasn’t happy at all. It was already nine fifteen in the morning and he was still not there. She put the file down as she stood up and grabbed a glass of plain water. She drank quarter cup of it and walked towards the door, but by accidently, she door fling opens instantly and caused her to spilled the water on her cherry pink blouse and fell down on the ground.
            The glass she was holding was still in her hand when she turned her gaze and looked at the open door. She saw a man standing, wearing only his knee length short, and a green t-shirt. She frowned her face when she stood back up and put the glass on the table next to her. Was he deaf or just too stupid he didn’t hear that he just pushed her down? He was still busy talking and laughing with whomever that it was outside. She knows she have to work for this guy but, he was being a terrible pain in her ass.
            She stood still behind him when he closed the door and turned around to face her. Misako gripped her face when she felt like slapping his face with her palm but she fell silent when she saw his smile to her, “Hello. I’m Aiba Masaki. Nice to meet you,” he said to her when he offered his hand for a handshake.
            Misako blinked her eyes a couple of times, ‘He is the guy I got to spend my entire life working with,’ she said in her heart when he looked at her wet blouse. He smiled when he grabbed a clean napkins on the table and hand it to her, “You can take this and wipe yourself off if you want too,” he said to her when he walked towards his desk. She frowned her face when she grabbed the napkin, “Thank you very much,” she said to him, irritately.
            She turned around and looked at what he was doing. Eating his sandwiches, with a cup of fresh milk, she raised her eyebrow when she didn’t expect him to be like that. He was writing something on the book in front of him. It seemed like his planner or some sort.
            Aiba looked at her, “Yes? Whoever you are... How can I help you?” he asked her when she walked closer to him, raising her eyebrow when she was looking at him from top to bottom. Simple dressed up, tidy hair, it would better if it was a little messy, but she accepts him for who he was. She puts the file that was slightly wet because of the water that fell from the glass she was holding on the table and looked at his direction.
            “It was a bummer that Mr. Ueda decided to quit on you,” she kneels down slightly when she puts both of her hand on the table in front of their face. Aiba raised his eyebrow, “So?” he answered her before she could tell who she was to him. She was about to burst out but before he suddenly smiled to her, “I am not afraid of who you are, fairy God Mother,” he replied her sarcastically.
            Misako’s jaws dropped down open when she heard him said that to her, “Oh, you didn’t,”  she replied him when he smiled to her irritatingly, “Oh yeah, I did,” he replied when Misako looked at him sharply, “Well then, young man. Get ready. You are already late for your first photo shoot of today,” she said to him when she turns around and walked away. She heard him snorted a laughter to her. She stopped walking and turned her gaze towards him, “What is it?”? she asked him when she ras straightening the pants she was wearing, she ran her fingers agiatns her cheek when she looked at him indirectly. Aiba was only smiling to her, “And who are you?” he asked her when he wasn’t satisfied with her demanding him when he just met her.
            “Me?” she asked him with a smile across her face, she crossed her arms on her chest when Aiba stood up and walked towards her direction. He stopped in front of her face. She was only around his shoulder’s length since he was a tall guy, she inhaled the perfume that he wore that day when she smiled to him sarcastically. She touched his chest, when she inhaled a deep breath.
            “I am your new manager here,” she said to him, leaving him startled for quite sometimes. “Manager?” he asked.  She rolled her eyes when she walked out from the room.


            Two weeks has passed when Misako had been working together with Aiba. Sure there were some certain things that don’t suit them both right, but it seemed like either one of them have to give up and let the other wins.
            At that day, Aiba was called for one of Tokyo’s famous magazine’s shot. Their meeting was supposed to be at ten thirty, but because he went to work a little late since he overslept like he always does, Misako have to make up a story that there were some traffic jammed at the road they were using, but it was only an empty street that day. Both of them reached to the set when Misako looked at her surroundings. They want to make it dark and sexy she guess when the sets were completely black. She turned her glance towards Aiba who went straight to the makeup artist without her being there with him. She lifted her shoulder and thinks that he can do it on his own when she walked towards the chair, she puts her bag there and sat on the chair next to it.

            Misako looked at how unexplainable Aiba was posing as a guy who wanted to seduce a woman that day. She ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair and covers her lips with her hand. She rolled her eyes when she saw how terrible he was acting that day. She wasn’t sure it was already how many cuts and takes the photographer has told him to do but he was still not showing his true identity to the camera.
            She ran her fingers at the side of her jaw and think of how was it possible for them to finished the shooting in one more hour, since they have been there for more than two hours. She took a deep breath when she knew it was the last solution she could ever think of doing. She stood up from the chair she was sitting down for quite sometimes and walked closer to Aiba. She doesn’t really care if they have to spend a long time there, but sadly, he got another shooting to go to in two hours. She can’t let him leave with an empty stomach.
            “Aiba,” she called for him when she stands behind him. She looked at the camera man and asked him to give them five minutes to talk to each other. The camera man smiled and nodded his head. She returned his smile but turned her gaze towards Aiba and she doesn’t seemed that happy. Aiba turned his gaze towards her when she looked at what he was wearing. A black shirt that was buttoned fully, and his hair was really tidy, she frowned her face she pulled him up.
            She looked at him, when she took a deep breath. Aiba was wondering what’s on earth was this woman he just met trying to do to him. He raised his eyebrow, “What is it?” he asked her when he felt her ran her fingers through his hair. She messed it up a little bit. Aiba looked at her when she slowly unbuttons his shirt one by one. She opens three of the buttons up when her fingers ran against his cheek to set up the side burns at the side of his face.
            He smiled to her, “What are you doing to me?” he asked her when she looked away, avoiding his gaze, but she just give him a smile that he wasn’t sure what it really meShe caress her fingers on his neck when she leaned closed and whispered to him.
            “Just imagine that you are trying to seduce me, even if I know you don’t like me,” she said to him when he felt her fingers were moving lower down his chest. He raised his eyebrow and tries to look at her seductive gaze and he licked his lips thinking on what might happen if they were not there.... He grabbed her hand; “What if I want you now?” he asked her. Misako short a small laughter and looked at him.
            “I can’t do you until you finish your job,” she said when she patted on his chest. He looked ad away from there. She talked to the camera man and told him that Aiba was ready for the shoot and she was sure that Aiba have something good in store for this shot.
            Misako sat on the chair in front of him, she looked at him when the makeup crew came to him and did some touch up for his makeup that was applied hours ago. Their eyes met when she gave him a friendly smile as she crossed her legs against each other, exposing some part of bare legs to him.
            Aiba bit his lips when all he could wish for was her right there in his control. He raised his eyebrow when he saw her leaned back on the chair, ‘Damn, this girl is doing it for real this time,’ he groaned in his heart. He saw her gently touching her thigh to straighten up her skirt that had a slight wrinkle.
            ‘What are you looking at, ey, Aiba?’ she wondered when their eyes met unintentionally. She bit her fingers when she looked at Aiba was taking the shot. She smiled when he was doing a great job impersonating the biggest play boy in town. ‘I know you had it in you, Aiba,” she said.

            After sometime passed, she was looking at how he was posing there. He did ran his fingers through his neck, lowered down his open chest and messing up his hair worse than she ever did to him. Misako smiled when she hope this is a success for him. The temptation he was giving to the readers soon, sure would make them wonder, ‘Why isn’t it about his sexual life?!’ but right now, she knows that he was showing his true identity to people without anyone realize any of it.
            The camera man took his last shoot of Aiba when both of them bow down to each other. Misako stood up and walked straight to Aiba,. She passed him his t-shirt that she held in her hand, “I think we should go now,” she said to him. He raised his eyebrow when he unbutton his shirt one by one and took it off in front of her face. He return the shirt he was wearing to her and grabbed the t-shirt she had in her hand. Misako looked at his jeans that was loosen up, part of it was already slides down, exposing his belly button, his black Ralph Lauren’s boxers, she took a deep breath when she felt her heart wanted to touch it, but she looked away as he wore the t-shirt in hand.
            “Are we ready to go?” he asked her, but Misako only lifted up her shoulder, “It is Saturday and I think we got nothing else to do after this,” she said to him when she hand him his White Porsche Sport Car’s keys. He smiled to her when he grabbed the key and walked out from there with her by his side.


            Both of them were back in their office... Misako were looking at those files that she had forgotten to send over to the HQ. They wanted it by next Wednesday, and she wonder if she can  manage to finish it all in time. She frowned her face when she was putting all of Aiba Masaki’s schedule together.
            She looked at the empty planner for next month on her desk. She took a deep breath when she buried her face on both of her hand that was rested on the table. ‘How am I going to finish all this?’ she groaned to herself when suddenly she heard someone opening the room door and walked inside. Misako stood back up and looked at Aiba.
            Surprisingly, he was only holding a cup of coffee and holding his mobile phone in his hand. He took a sip of that drink and looked at her, “Wassap?” he asked her when he walked towards his table. Misako took a deep breath when she grabbed the plain water bottle on the table and took a sip herself, ‘I’m doing my work?!’ she replied in her heart when she start to write down certain events on the empty planner. She turned her gaze towards Aiba, “Why are you still here?” she asked him directly when he looked at her without any emotion, he lifted his shoulder up, “I don’t know... I guess it would be bored to go back alone...” he replied her when he continues with the game he was playing in his phone while eating the sandwich he had in his hand.
            “Aiba, I check on your schedule next month it seemed like you would be having a full roasters, but there will be a few days available if you want to take a day off,” she said to him, and was waiting for his answer. She turned her gaze towards him and notice that he was actually listening to his Mp4 player instead of listening to what she was telling him. She frown her face when she put the pen down on the table, standing up and walked towards Aiba who was ‘super’ busy doing his thing.
            Misako tapped on his shoulder to get his attention, but it seemed like the loud music making him not realizing that she was there beside him. He was singing and bagging his head while listening to it. He was passionate with the art of music but he didn’t hear what she was talking to him about his job right there. She had a hard sigh when she pulled the earphone off from his ear. He looked at her, “What?” he asked her sarcastically when she disturbed him with his music.
            “Nevermind,” she said when she felt infuriated with what he was doing there; she shakes her head and walked away from him. She ran her fingers through her neck as she sat back down at her desk. She look at the journal on few missing spots that he can request for his day off. How she wished she can finish it then but it seem like he got no interested in finishing it.
            She heard Aiba pushed the chair back as he stood up and walked towards her direction. She looked at him when he sat at the edge of her table that was slightly full with her work. He sat on the paper she was referring her work at. She looked at him, “Aiba!” she shrieked and looked at him sharply as she was trying to pushed him away but he was still sitting there.
            “Get off!” she screamed to him when he was still ignoring her, “Why should I?” he asked her when he crossed his arms on his chest, Misako stood up and pushed him away while at the same time was trying to take the paper that was underneath his ass, “Get off, Aiba!!” she said at the same time she grabbed his arms and tries to pulled him away from there.
            Accidently Aiba loose his balance and fell on top of Misako on the ground. She groaned hard when she felt his heavy body weight were on top of her body, she pushed him away instantly and stood up from there. She walked away from where she was standing. She touched her lips when she remembered back as he fell on her, their lips met even though it was by mistake.
            Misako took a deep breath and grabbed her hand bag, “I’m going back home,” she said to him, but before she could manage to walked to the door, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to himself. Misako tries to push him away, but there was no use, he was stronger than her.  He held her close in his arms, “Just imagine I am trying to seduce you right now, Misa,” he whispered to her ear when she remembered what she had said to him before.

            “What if I want you now?” he asked her. Misako short a small laughter and looked at him.
            “I can’t do you until you finish your job,” she said when she patted on his chest.

            She closed her eyes, ‘Until you finished your job,’ she remembered that word she said to him. She felt his hand were gently touching behind her back, “I’m tired of you being in demand with work,” he whispered to her when she felt him taking off the scarf tied up at her neck away. He let it dropped on the ground when he looked at her, “But right now,” he whispered when she felt his breath became slightly hoarsely, she raised her eyebrow up when she looked at him, using all of her might, she pushed him on the couch behind his back.
            Aiba fell on the couch behind him and looked at her that was walking towards hid direction. She took a deep breath, “First rule working with me, I don’t negotiate!” She raised her first finger up. “Second rule, I don’t give and take!” she said to him with her second finger raised up after that as she stopped in front of his face, “And my third rule, never, ever start anything without ‘my’ permission,” she said to him when she grabbed something inside her handbag and sat on his laps.
            She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled it back slightly. He raised his eyebrow when his hand were trying to touch her back, but she pulls it away, “I told you once again, I don’t give and take,” she said to him when she was leaning close to his face. She took a deep breath when he felt her lips gently touched against his. He wrapped his arms around her waist when he continues kissing her lips. Aiba caress behind her back, “I want you, Misa,” he whispers to her when she pulled his hair slightly since he was making too much noise, “Can you keep quiet?” she asked him.
            She held both side of his hand together towards his back, when slowly she leaned lower down on his neck when her tongue were gently touching from his lips to his neck. He closed his eyes when he felt her doing like that to him. He tries to move his hand it seemed like it was impossible. He tries to break it apart from each other but it seemed like he was tied up together. He looked at her, “What are you doing, Misa?” he asked her when she put her fingers on his lips and gently pushed it inside his lips. she wants him to suck on her finger when at the same time her hips were moving back and forth when he felt her cunt were gently touching on his dick that was already erect.
            “Me? You are asking me?” she replied him with a smile on her face. She gently caress his hair when at the end, she gripped the end of it, as she leaned closer and kissed his neck so passionately. She moves lover down the open space on his collar bone as she started to sucked there hard. She heard him moaned as her fingers were touching on his chest, she moves lower down n between the two of them when her hand slowly went underneath his t-shirt. She pulled it up when her lips began to explore his bare chest.
            She licked on his nipples, exchanging from here to another, she looked at how he was moaning hard when she was only doing that. Her other hand was gently caressing his bare belly when her hips were still moving slowly, “Yeah, Misa... Wth are you doing to me...?” he wanted to know but he doesn’t want her to stop either.
            She touched both side of his cheek when their lips met once again. She caress her cheek against his when her breathing became much more hoarsely then before. “I want to make you mine,” she whispered to him when she kneels down on both of her knees, making her chest at the same level as his face. She still let him feel her breast from outside of her blouse.
            He frowned when he looked at her, but the softness that he felt in her shirt was driving him insane. He wanted to be angry but, he felt Misako took something from her side and wrapped it around his mouth and tied it to the side. She smiled to him, “Keep quiet.” She said to him when she patted his cheek, Aiba raised his eyebrow, “What the hell?” he tries to speak but she can only heard him mumbling crap she don’t understand. “I don’t understand you, seriously,” she said when she pressed her lips on his.
            He closed his eyes when he tries to pushed his anger to the side, ‘What is up with this woman?’ he wondered when he felt like his dick was harden eighty five percent of it. He looked at her when he heard her gently moans next to his ear. He can feel her breath gently brushing against his bare neck, Aiba gripped his fist tighter and wonder how long can he last being tied up together. He knew that if possible, he would just want to grabbed her and make her feel the real satisfaction. He don’t care anymore who she is and what is her status between the two of them, all he care right then was just he want her now.
             She gently touched her breast that were still hidden behind bolousekeeping safe behind her cotton bra on his face. He felt her nipples were already hard as at the same time, he felt some part of her skin brushed against his face. His tongue reached out and licked in between her two breast when she pressed it against his face on both side.
            “Oh, such a naughty boy,” she said to him. She rubbed her fingers on her own cunt and felt like she was already soaking wet. She licked her lips when she smiled to him, “I’ll make you mine,” she said to him sarcastically She touched his lips with her fingers when he felt that she was already wet. He tries to smile, but he only manage to licked his own lips, “Give me more,” she heard him say something like that when she pushed her fingers inside his lips after she rubs on her cunt once again, “Suck me, Aiba,” she said to him.
            She felt he was licking on her fingers when she was pleasuring herself as he was doing that to her. She moaned so hard when she moves her cunt on his hard dick once again. She kneels up a little as she took off the blouse that she was wearing, exposing him her breast that was still hidden inside her bra. She squeeze both side of it so hard it made her screamed a little, “Arghh,” she moaned when at the same time, she grabbed his head and she leaned closer to him. She kissed his lips when he felt her fingers were roughly ran through his hair. He was devastated that he couldn’t do anything, but he want to see how rough his ‘manager’ can be.
            ‘Show me your true colour, Misako,’ he said silently while biting his lips. He was already chained up in her lust and desire; he felt her breast were at both side of his cheek when she pushed it harder against his face. “You want this, Aiba?” she questions him but only his eyes can tell how much he wanted her... How much he wanted to make her his...
            He wanted her so bad, he felt his heart were aching with each move she was doing to him. How he wished that he could just yell into her face and tell her how he would make her regret for doing this to him. How he wishes he could just tear the scarf that was tying him together. How he wish he could tear her apart.
            Misako slapped his face a couple of time, she bit her fingers when slowly she unhooked her bra, she pushed it on his face so that he would keep in mind her body scent, “Remember me,” she said to him when he took a deep breath. Her body odour seemed to arouse him more. She puts the bra to their side when she leaned her chest closer to his face and buried his face in between her voluptuous breast. She pushed it tighter when she made sure that he wasn’t breathing for sometimes, she reached out behind his back when she unto the scarf that were tying up his mouth. “Make me yours,” she said that to him when she buried her nipple inside his mouth, she closed her eyes when she felt him licking on her nipple. Her moaning became much harder and she seemed to be lost to her own concentration in what she wanted to do to him.
            She leaned lower when she pushed her breast up, she was licking it at the same time hhe was licking hers. She moaned became harder when she felt both of their tongues were playing with the same nipple. “Oh, fuck yeah, Aiba,” she groaned hard. She groaned hard.
            Misako buried her breast on his face again, suffocating him for sometimes. Aiba groaned, “Oh fuck it, Misa,” he said to her when he bites her nipple really hard, she widen her eyes as she felt the pain he was giving to her. He was hoping that she would notice that he was rebelling to be free but she ignored him. “Oh yeah, Aiba.... Bite me hard...” she moaned to him when at the same time her hand was touching his thigh.
            She felt like he was suffocating somehow. She caress his cheek  against hers, “I don’t want you to die not breathing,” she whispers to him, he felt her breathing was giving him chills from head to toe. She touched his chest when she pushed herself up from being on top of him and kneel down on the ground in front of him. Aiba looked at what she was doing to him, “What the hell?” he asked her as he felt her fingers gently touching in between his crotch from outside of his jeans. She just smiled to him, “I told you, I’ll make you mine,” she said that to him.
            He moves his gesture a little when he looked at her pulling up his shirt slightly, revealing to her face his pubic hair underneath his belly, his black Ralph Lauren boxers as he saw his jeans were lowered down like always. He saw her smile when at the same time he felt her fingers gently caressing underneath his belly, “I like this,” she said to him with a mischievous smile on her face. Aiba just rolled his eyes and act like he don’t really care for anything.
            “So?” he asked her. She smiled to him deviously when she spanked on his thigh and swiftly unzipped his jeans. She saw his dick that was suffocating from its previous place that he got not enough air to breathe. She caress on it lightly, “Oh, my dear,” she whined, with a pitiful face expression, she looked at Aiba, “I’m really sorry your friend didn’t manage to breathe well a while ago,” she said to him when he raised his eyebrow, ‘What?’ he wondered to himself, when he felt her taking off the shoes that he was wearing, she pulled down his pants lower.
            Aiba closed his eyes when he felt her fingers gently ran through his bare thigh, she leaned closer when she began sucking on the open space of it. After a while she looked at the red mark she had left there when she gently caress on it, “It will heal soon,” she said to him when he felt her fingers started to rubbed on his hard dick.
            Misako smiled when she heard him began to moan, “Oh damn it, Misa... Stop teasing me,” he groaned to her when he felt her spanking on it lightly, “You talk to much,” she said to him, when she wasn’t happy at all.
            Slowly, she pulled down his boxers when his dick stood up gracefully. She smile when she notice how massive and long it was in front of her face. She leaned closer to it when she lightly caress his dick on her soft cheek, “Oh, this is hard baby,” she groaned to him. She wonder how long can she manage to hold herself together looking at him like this. She spit on the head of his dick when she spanked it on her hard nipple, rubbing it there, making him feel the sensation of how much she wanted him to be hers.
            “Arghh,” she moaned when she opened her legs wide to him that was looking at her, exposing her red g-string that she was wearing. She smiled to him when she licked two of her fingers that wasn’t doing anything and began to rubbed on her clitoris.
            Aiba felt his pulse increase little by little when he looked at what she was doing. She was moving harder on her clitoris and it was driving him insane looking at her doing like that to herself. He was trying to find the point on where she had tied him up together, ‘I need to get out from here,’ he said to himself, when he saw her slowly pushing one of her fingers inside her hole  and moved it for a couple of times. She licked on her fingers when she leaned closer to him and pushed his hard dick inside her warm mouth.
            Aiba groaned when he felt her was moving faster on his dick while her fingers were rubbing on his balls. “Oh, fuck it, Misa!” he said when he can’t take it any longer.
            Minutes has passed and she was still enjoying herself looking at how desperateful he was trying to break free from her chain, she spanked his dick on his tongue when he felt her saliva was dripping down on it slightly. Her breathing was worse than before when at the end he manage to loosen up the knot she did on him, he pushed himself up when he grabbed her with both of his hand and pushed her on her table.
            He spanked her cunt so hard with his long fingers, he rubbed on her clitoris from outside of her g-string, “I’ll teach you what is ‘good’ manners, Misako,” he said to her when he opened her legs wider and leaned down on her cunt. She looked at him and was surprise with his sudden behaviour, but she knew that she had made him angry.
            Misako tries to pushed him away from her, “What are you doing?” she asked him when she felt the pleasure of his fingers moving harder on her clitoris, ‘Oh Aiba,,’ she groaned on her own. She felt him leaning closer on her pussy when he pushed her g-string to the side, exposing him her dripping wet, red cunt. He smiled when he saw her clitoris was already hard, “You made me wonder too much, little Misa,” he said to her when he leaned closer to her clitoris and started to sucked on her clitoris and biting it at the same time.
            He rubbed his finger on her wet hole when he pushed it deep inside her. He raised his eyebrow when he was surprise how tight her hole was gripping his fingers. ‘What the hell,’ he wondered alone when he tries to move his finger slow and steady inside her pussy. He heard her moaned so hard when he continues licking on her wet cunt. “Oh, fuck it, Aiba!” she groaned hard when his finger and tongue were moving at a different speed at the same it. He smiled when he spanked her cunt harder, vibrating on her clitoris; she put one side of her leg on his shoulder. 
            He felt her was trying to pushed his head away, but at the same time pulling him closer, “Oh, you like that, Misa?...” he asked her with a smirk on his face, she felt her heart was panting harder, “Shut up, Aiba!” she groaned when he pushed another of his finger inside her hole when he moves on her really fast when he saw her gripping on her breast tighter, “Oh, fuck it Aiba!!!” she groaned hard as she pulled him closer to her when she took off his shirt with she even realizing what she was doing. He felt her fingers were buried deep inside his skin behind his back when he felt her fluid went out from her hole.
            He smiled to her when he spanked his hard dick on her wet cunt, “Gosh... I didn’t know you would cum this much,” he said to her when she was taking a deep breath after her first orgasm. He leaned closer to her that was on the table, he pushed everything that was behind her back on the ground when he gently rubbed his hard dick on her wet cunt, “You know I’m not done with you yet,” he said to her when he bite his ear, and spanked her breast really hard. He heard her groaned harder. He spanked her clitoris with the head of his dick when he felt that she was already wet once again.
            Aiba smiled when she finally manage to shut the hell up. He pushed his dick at her hole that was too tight for him to handle, for her to retrieve his arrival there. She screamed hard when she felt he was trying to get inside, he leaned closer to her when she kissed his lips. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder, “Oh, Aiba... Damn the pain...” she groaned so hard when he continues to play with her tongue inside her mouth. “Shut the hell up, Misa,” he said to her when he slapped her face a couple of time.
            At the end, he finally manage to get inside her hole when he thrust his dick slowly at first but as the speed increased, her moaning, her screaming was terrorizing the whole room. He grabbed her breast when at the same time spanking it hard, he looked at her face expression that was mixed up with pain, lust and desire... he smiled when he was moving faster on her. She grabbed his t-shirt that was by her side and bit on it hard, trying to avoid from screaming too much, Aiba pulled the t-shirt away from her, “Scream for me, Misa... Scream for me...” he said when he spanked her ass really hard.
            After sometime passed, Aiba was fucking on her tight hole so hard when he looked at her went out of control, “Argh!! Aiba!!” she screamed so hard. He just smiled to her, when suddenly the door of the room both of them were at flew open, Aiba looked at the side when he saw Matsumoto was standing at the open door.
            Matsumoto’s jaw dropped open when he was startled with what he saw. Matsumoto wanted to leave Aiba and his ‘girlfriend’ together. He don’t want to disturb her in any kind of way. Him and Aiba has been friend for so long, and he knew it wasn’t right for him to disturb Aiba when he was doing his thing, “I’m sorry,” he said to Aiba when he was about to leave but Aiba called for him, “Oi, Matsumoto!” Aiba said. Matsumoto turned around when he saw Aiba was calling him with his fingers.
            “Come on,” he said to Matsumoto who closed the door and walked closer to them. Matsumoto felt his lust began to build up suddenly, “What the hell are you doing?” Matsumoto asked Aiba when Aiba was still moving slow and steady with his dick inside her hole. Aiba smiled to Matsumoto where Misako was already rubbing on Matsumoto’s dick that was partly hard.
            Matsumoto looked at Misako who was undoing his belt when his hand grabbed on her breast as he leaned lower on it to suck and bite it hard. He looked at Aiba direction with a smirk on his face, “And i never thought you would be this bad,” he said when Aiba laugh as he was thrusting her faster once again.
            Matsumoto help Misako with his jeans and pulled his dick out from his boxers and shoved it inside her mouth. She was grabbing on his dick while she was shaking on it and suck it at the same time. Matsumoto grabbed on her nipple when he heard her grumbled, he wasn’t sure if it was because of him or Aiba was fucking her too hard. Matsumoto closed his eyes when he pushed his dick deeper inside her mouth, gagging her for sometimes. She tries to pushed him away but he was still standing still there.
            “Oh, you like that Misa,” Aiba said when he pushed his dick so hard inside, he felt her cunt was gripping his as her leg was trying to push him away, “Oh fuck it, Aiba!” she screamed so hard when Aiba pulled his dick away from her hole as her cum came out from there again. Aiba looked at Matsumoto who was pleasing himself with her there; he smirked when he touched Matsumoto’s hand.
            “How about we give her something she would remember us for,” he said that to Matsuda sarcastically. Matsumoto looked at Aiba when he pulled his dick out from her mouth, “Why not,” he smirked to Aiba when Aiba looked at the couch behind him. Matsumoto nodded his head when Aiba walked towards Misako’s side and Matsumoto took his place.
            Matsumoto rubbed his hard dick on her cunt when he felt her getting wet once again. Aiba thrust his dick inside her mouth, letting her taste her own flavour, “Now you really taste yourself, Misa,” he said to her when Matsumoto grabbed her hand as he pushed his dick harder inside her hole, she accidently bite Aiba’s dick my accident and gave him a sudden pain, he slapped her face hard, “Damn girl! That hurts!” he leaned close to her when he sucked on her nipple and bites it hard.
            Misako pulled his dick out from her mouth, “That hurts! Baka!” she screamed when Matsumoto laughed at their behaviour, “That’s it,” Matsumoto said when he grabbed on Misako’s hand and pulled her close in his arms. He lifted her up as he sat on the couch behind his back, with her on top of him. “I’ll make you mine,” Matsumoto said to Misako when he pulled her close as he started to kiss her. He moved his lips hard on her when he heard her groaned so hard she buried her face on his shoulder as Aiba was standing behind her back.
            Aiba looked at Matsumoto with a smile on his face, “She taste good doesn’t she?” he asked Matsumoto as he was shaking his own dick, he spits some of his saliva on his hand to make it a little faster. Matsumoto groaned with her as both of them were feeling the pleasure that they felt, “Oh, fuck, Matsumoto,” she moaned when she gripped his hair when at the same time she felt someone was thrusting her from behind her back as well.
            Aiba leaned closer to her when he felt her ass hole was gripping his dick so tight, he fucked her harder as both of their dick met in the centre in between her skin. She felt both of them moves at a different speed at the same time. She buried her face deeper on Matsumoto’s shoulder when she felt Aiba was grabbed her breast from behind and Matsumoto were spanking hard on her ass.
            Misako groaned hard when she wasn’t sure how long she can take both of them were fucking her hard at the same time. She took a deep breath when the scents of their body odour were overwhelming her. ‘Damn, I never felt this good before!’ she moaned alone when she felt Aiba was grabbing on her breast so hard, it gives her the pain that she can still manage to resist.
            She pulled Matsumoto’s t-shirt when she kissed on his neck when her hand were touching on Aiba’s that was gripping her and Matsumoto’s that was caressing her. “Oh fuck me, boys,” she said to them when she felt Aiba spanked on her breast hard, his fingers went down on her clitoris as he was rubbing her at the same time.
            “Oh fuck it, Aiba!” she shrieked when Matsumoto felt her biting the skin on his neck, he groaned when he felt her cum began to drip down little by little, he pulled his dick out from her cunt and her cum dripped out once again.
            Aiba had a laugh when he pulled his dick out from her ass hole and Matsumoto pushed her away from his lap when Masaki sat at the edge of her table, “Come here, Misa,” he said when he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.
            Misako looked at Aiba when she gently pressed her lips against his, “You are such a bad boy,” she whispered to him when she felt Matsumoto was spanking on her ass damn hard, “Get on him,” Matsuda demanded her to do so when Aiba had a snort of laughter when he grabbed her ass as Misako crawled and sat on top of him. She felt his dick slowly goes inside her wet hole when Matsumoto pushed her lower to Aiba as he pushed his dick inside her ass hole at the same time.
            She moaned so hard when she felt the two of them were trusting her deep when their dick inside each hole met once again in the centre. She gripped on Aiba’s hand when she passionately kissed on his lips. She wrapped both of her arms around his body “Aiba,” she whispers for his name when she felt both of them were fucking her hard.
            She closed her eyes when she felt Aiba’s arms were wrapped around her back as well, He kissed her lips once again, when suddenly she heard both of them began to moaned so hard, Matsumoto and Aibs both pulled their dick out from her whole at the same time as Aiba felt her cum dripped on the table once again.
            Misako kneel on the ground when she closed her eyes as both of them were moving hard on their dick as they felt they can’t hold it any longer. “Arghh!!” she heard both of them groaned at the same time when Matsumoto first cummed on her breast as Aiba pushed his dick inside her mouth and cummed it inside there.
            Matsumoto sat on the table behind him when he felt his short visit there was really satisfiying, he looked at the two of them, “So, I better get going,” Matsumoto said sarcastically when he went the the sink and washed himself a little bit. He puts his clothes on and smiled to the two of them, “It was amazing,” he said as he walked out from the door.
            Both Aiba and Misako were sat on the couch once again. She turned her gaze towards him, “I never thought you would be like this,” she said to him when she was impressed with everything he just done a while ago. He pulled her close in his arms when their lips met once again. Aiba kissed on her lips passionately, “I made you mine and you made me yours,” he said to her when Misako smile and buried her face on his shoulder.
            After a while she looked at him, “But I am still your manager,” she said to him when Aiba snorted a laughter and pulled her close in his arms, their lips met again, “I know that,” he said to her when he turned his gaze towards the clock on the wall, “It’s pretty late already,” he said to her. Misako nodded her head, “I guess,” she replied him when he gave her a quick kiss once again, “I’ll send you back home?” he said because he knew Misako always walked far to the bus station since she is too lazy to drive or get on a bike.
            Misaki touched his cheek, “Okay,” she said as both of them stood up and get ready to leave.


            The a few days after that, both of them were doing like how they regularly does. His schedule seemed to be packed than how it was before since there were too many magazines called up for interviews and shooting. She went with Aiba on his shooting for his upcoming drama, “Miracle,” after their hard day in the evening, but she didn’t complain at all since it was her duty to keep her safe.
            At that night, both of them had to go back home late since the shooting finishes at twelve midnight. Both of them were walking towards his white Chevrolet  sports car when Aiba looked at her that seemed to be doze off already. Aiba wrapped his arms around her body as he lifted her u[ in his arms, “I think you need some rest,” he said to her when Misako gently leaned close on his chest.
            He remembered that night when both him and Matsumoto were pleasing her, he didn’t really hear any noise from him after that. Sure he was busy with his project as well, but he was glad that the news didn’t speared up like a hot paparazzi from the oven. He stopped in front of his car when he took his key out and unlocks it.
            Aiba opens the door and puts her that was already asleep on the seat next to the driver’s seat. He caress on her soft hair as he closed the door. “Whatever happen, you are still my manager,” he said when he walked towards his side.
            After he gets in the car, he grabbed her handbag and unzipped it with no hesitation, he put a black box inside her bag and zipped it properly. He held her cold hand in his when he kissed it gently, “Thank you for making me yours, Misaka,” he said to her when he heard her grumbled, “Aiba,” in her sleep. Aiba snort laughter when he started his engine, heating it up slightly. He puts on the engine and drove his car away.
            “I’ll make you mine for an infinite life time,” he said when he looked at her as both of them disappear through the darkest night of Tokyo.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Equation 77 : Meant 2 Stay

Even if time passed away,
Even if time skips another day,
The memories of your laughter,
The images of your smile,
It won’t ever shattered away,
A love for you,
Were meant to stay.

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Just asking... XD

Well, Apart from writing poetry and fiction i shared here, i do write something.... sorta dirty as well.. i just want to ask for your opinion.. should i post it on here or maybe should just keep it for myself? hahaha just wondering! Thank u! :)

Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlette Storm.



Ohno: What’s Livejournal?
 Sho: It’s a blog. It’s quite popular, actually.

 Nino: Yeah, okay, looking for it. Oh, wait, it’s working.

 Aiba: Ooh, I know! Let’s search for us. (types in keyboard) Let’s see, “Arashi”…

 Jun: I don’t think that’s a good idea…

 Aiba: What is this “arashirabu”? (clicks)

 Nino: Arashi… fan fiction… huh?

 Aiba: Look at the first story! It’s Ohmiya… What’s an NC-17?

 Sho: Aiba, I don’t think—
(Aiba clicks anyway. Silence. Everyone reads on.)

 Ohno : …I did… what…?


crdt : ivyluvicecream