Sunday, 29 December 2013

Equation 57 : Loving U.

How can I,
Understand why
Because  everything’s now
Why is the puzzle
Still visible in the,
Eyes, Though I
Wouldn’t want to see,
But, your beautiful love,
A smile, would make my life
Still shimmer,
Oh how I am,
Missing you,
But why,
Why can’t I say,
Admit how much I,
 I really do,
Have fallen in love,
In love with you.
(C) 2013 Kytty Sakuraiba


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Equation 56 : Disobey.

From a heart, 
I shall not say.

From words,

How can I,


Whispered hollow,
There's no other way.

How life has not,
Turned to gray.
My feeling would,
Still decay.
It will never,
With a gentle touch,
How do I,
Your loving tears,
Healing a wounded fear.
Missing out, 
It didn't ever,
Shattered here.
Forgiveness pleaded,
How can I ever say,
The beauty of,
A smile that was true.
And truth, 
The eyes would never,
Only I,
Would still comply.
An only love,
You give away.
Hold me close,
And forever,

(C) 2013 Kytty Sakuraiba


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Equation 55 : Without U

Time changed from a day
Another way
In the end,
And I see,
All the problem’s there,
It drifted away
Do not understands what life’s

Trying to utter words,
Coz something’s not right,
Alone, here.
Erasing memories,
What you’re trying to say to me
There’s no tomorrow,
I’ve waited

*You’re no longer here
With me,
You’re not here for me
But always be with me
Your beauty lives
To me
Never fades away
Even you’re no longer here
Your beauty lives.

Oh, our memories
Is  here to stay
Even if,
Time is telling
You should go away
But your heart stays
How it ache

(C) 2013 Kytty Sakuraiba