Sunday, 19 April 2015

Short Essay : My Life

           This story is about a little girl, Yuriko Natsuo, aged six years old, who seemed to be happy living her life close with her family and friends. Every day she wakes up with a smile on her face for another day to come. She lived inside a small house with her brother, Kenji Natsuo, aged twenty two, a Tokyo University student, who was working at a small diner close to their house to live their life together.
            It was on Wednesday, outside her kindergarten, in the beautiful evening breeze of Spring, Yuriko sat outside at the garden and waits for the return of her brother from the University. She looked at the clock on the wall and didn’t feel happy at all. It was already four fifteen in the evening. She felt her heart wasn’t at east at that time. She wondered what actually happened to her brother since he isn’t home yet. She narrowed her eyes when she saw her friends walking back home with their brothers and sisters and she was still left there on her own.
            Yuriko remembered the promise that her brother said to her before he sent her to the kindergarten earlier that he would come back and pick her up, and until right now he still wasn’t there. Her teacher came to her and asked her what was wrong since she didn’t really smile after all of the other students had left that place. She kept on denying to the teacher how sad she felt at heart, and told her that she was alright, but she was actually crying deep inside.
            The clock on the wall was already six in the evening and the kindergarten was about to close the gate already and Yuriko was still left there, waiting outside the door on her own. She looked at the sky that has fallen down and sealed her eyes at the end. She felt her tears fell down and she wiped it away from her eyes. She felt like she was left there on her own and there is nobody else to come and fetch her home. She sometimes before asked her brother why she doesn’t have any mother or father when her other friends does.
            Her brother take a lot of courage to take care of her on his own since both of them had lost their family when she was at a very young age. She remembered that her brother always tells her that their parents are now at somewhere very special, where they can watch other them all the time. Yuriko wiped away the tears that were still fallen down as she sun that was rising up already began to fall down. She felt the teacher touched her shoulder and asked if she wanted her to send her home, but Yuriko refuse because she believed that her brother would come and pick her up.
            After a while waiting, Yuriko covered her face close to her own legs and suddenly felt somebody touched on her shoulder. She shakes her head, refusing to listen to the teacher  but she heard someone calling for her name and how delighted she was when she saw it was her brother standing in front of her. She wrapped both of her arms around him as he lifted her up on his shoulder.
            Both of them went home together as her brother told her the reason why he was slightly late that day. It is true that almost all of her friends have the wealth in their life, perhaps she only eat twice a day, sleep underneath the same blanket but she knows that she have someone that no one else could replace in her life. It was her only brother.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Equation 114 : Season of Life

In a life,
As the snow fallen through
The cold winter breeze,
As flowers blossom again,
The gracious Spring sensation,
Each day kept on passing by,
In a willow tent,
Breathing in slow,
We closed our eyes,
Hoping to be arise.

In a life,
As the rain drops down on,
The warm summer ground,
As the leaves flown apart,
The autumn love that echoes,
A blissful remedy,
Through seasons of life,
Life that was full of custody,
Alive at the end of this melody.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 / Kytty Sakuraibamoto.

Short Essay : Strength

           As it was today, after years had passed from the bound of love that once felt in a heart for him, she believed in herself and still stand strong apart from her heart that was torn, shattered apart. Shizuka Ayato, aged was only eighteen at that time, wasn’t sure if she could ever moved on without him right by her side. 

            Almost every night, she cried when she felt her body shudder as she can no longer able to adpt the pain in herself. She remembered the last thing that he had said to her, “It’s just my work! If you can’t accept how my life is, then what’s the point of us being with each other?!” She knew that he wasn’t happy with her, but why when the tense was rising, she felt that she needed him more than anything else in her life? Was it the mistake that she had done with him or was it only an existence of another person that was living along with her through her life?
            The memories of them, the love that they once shared that shattered at the end of July 2009. He left her with only a last goodbye. She spent most of her night wondering if it would be the right decision to be done. She felt her heart triggers as days and months had passed in her life. The little creature, she said, that was living in her womb was growing bigger and bigger. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be responsible of it or does she still want to keep the love that both of them had once before?
            “If my destiny isn’t supposed to be with him, then let me raise the child as he was meant to live with me,” she said to herself and keep the baby in her life. She still see the man that she known before as she live her daily life and until it was today, both of them still hadn’t spoken a word other than asking for how they were doing. 
            It did twisted her heart apart as she still see him smiling with his life. She didn’t even manage to tell him before that she was pregnant with his baby, perhaps the only love of her life. She gave birth to her little child, Akio Matsumoto, in the end of January 2010. The man who loved her before kept on asking her, who’s baby that she was taking care of and why was the baby’s name seemed to be related to his. She only give him a smile and said there was a reason.
            Until today, April of 2015, that boy was already five years old and he kept on asking her why he doesn’t have a father. It did made her heart triggers but she kept on telling her child, “Your father was a great man, and he was there, he would love you the most in his life,”. She still miss his, Jun Matsumoto, presence in his life, but she already have someone else's love to replace his in her life.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Friday, 17 April 2015

Dreams Comes True

On 9th April 2015, was the date that i didn't expect it to be. The novel that I have been written for over a year has finally been released. Even though there are still some part in the book that people asked if I write it because the imagination of them being too high in my head, or was it only just the inspiration that they had given me to write something that isn't really actually about them, but related to them somehow.

It sure is a hard to deny how much my love had been buried deep in my heart for them, but because of the character's existance in my fantasy, it somehow had created something else apart from who they really are.

 Aiba Masaki, Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun. To whom these men were if none of us really know them in our real life. As time passed, I had woken up from the dream that I had been lying asleep before. They made me realize one thing that I should see before anything else that matters in my life. My desire? No.. It was only my dream to be the first one.

My life with multiple sclerosis isn't that easy, but I hope that not only with this, there would still be another story, hidden behind this history.

Get urself a copy!

(c) Scarlet Storm / Kytty Sakuraibamoto 2015

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bound : HIStory! Book Released!

A book written inspired by the only trio that meant too much in the author's life.

Who are they really are in real life?
By the inspiration to those who meant another story in a different destiny.
In another life.
In another time.
Within the hidden agenda and meaning at heart.
Along with Poetry written to console a heart that was torn apart.

Grab your copy today!

©Scarlet Storm / Kytty Sakuraibamoto 2015

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Equation 113 : Deep In My Heart.

Even if in the shadow of light,
Of moonlight that was so dull that night,
How I am wishing that,
The shadow of you won’t go away,
I could still hear,
The sound of your whisper in my ear,
As every time I was falling down,
You were always there,
You held me close in your arms,
Always there right next to me.

How I can’t tell the whole world how,
How my heart actually feel for you,
You actually feel in my life,
All I am asking you,
Is never to let me go.

Even if through the darkest time of our life,
Please always stay right by my side,
Even if I can’t tell you how I feel for you,
Even if sometimes I felt like I am ignoring you,
But I really know deep inside my heart,
That I truly,
Really do love you.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015