Friday, 19 August 2016

Equation 193 : Starlight

Looking through the empty space at night,
Searching for those stars,
Those stars that were shining bright,
Not noticing where it was hidden through out the night,
As so far reaching for at least the only one,
That was hidden behind those thick clouds.
That was evading the happiness,
That somehow was there once before,
But somehow,
It wasn't even actually there.

The only star light that was seen,
Through the darkest night,
In a life that thought could be brighter than it was before,
The longer time had passed,
As for hours stood still there,
Was seen the only one that was glimmering,
Glimmering through the rigid hour,
With a strong heart hoping for it to collapse,
Collapse beneath those eyes that were shielding tears,
Reaching out for the only one,
But with a breath that can't hold on any longer,
The starlight that was seen a while ago,
Vanish only with a glimpse of sight.

Could the starlight be found once more,
Or could it be a life that end only in a few second,
Second that passed as time of life,
Ticks away without looking back,
For those tears that keep on falling down,

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2016