Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Equation 190 : Twilight

In the Twilight,
As the sun was setting down,
Giving a chance for another life to reappear.
Sooner or later,
As the light that shines throughout the world,
Faded away as night falls.
In a rigid time,
Was it even another way to escape,
The path that was written to convey.
Time kept on ticking away,
Each second had passed,
As it was for another day to be awaken again.
In a dreadful time,
Being left alone only accompanied by a shadow,
How a heart kept on longing to let go.
For another day tomorrow,
Will a life be given another chance to breathe,
Without your existence in a life that should be left alone.

Will there even be a chance for a life,
To be facing another day,
Until another twilight arise once more...

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2016

Friday, 17 June 2016

Equation 189 : Persistent Dark Cloud

Hollow heart
Begging for an answer
To a question that it can't define
The glimpse of those eyes,
It was still looking through,
What was uncertain,
Searching for a life that was still unsure,
It’s pulse began to increased,
Even though what was seen ahead,
It was still hidden behind the darkness,
Somehow at the end of time,
Hollow heart
Wittered as it was still,
Searching for the answer for its life,
Prolong it’s life to see,
Perhaps another day to come,
Another night had gone away,
As the sun was rising up once again,
But the persistent of the dark cloud that was still
Shielding it’s heart to move on,
Hollow heart,
Was left broken,
Unsure with what will happen tomorrow,
The time had finally stop ticking,
It’s heart was no longer beating,
Hollow heart,
Gasping for his last breath to breathe,
The questions were left unanswered,
The dawn was perceive,
As another day had fallen,
But still hidden behind the persistent of the dark cloud.

Craig J. Burt / Scarlet B.

Equation 188 : Another Tomorrow

Each day and night,
As time passed us by for another tomorrow...
I kept on wondering myself,
I kept on asking me why,
Why I am still standing here?
Even though I was left alone,
In the darkness where I cannot see,
I cannot see anything else anymore,
The darkness was so cold,
I was left there frozen all on my own,
I sealed my eyes shut,
Evading the vision of what might come,
Come each second time was ticking away,
The cold night was frightening my soul,
I wanted to go,
I wanted to run away from where I am,
But I felt my body was stiff,
I couldn’t even move anywhere anymore,
Slowly in silent I fell down on the ground,
That was already frozen cold,
Why am I still waiting here?
Hoping for a shadow that I wanted to be with,
That wasn’t even there,
It was never there from the beginning I know,
I fell down flat on the ground that at the end,
Burying me alive with my own sorrow,
I saw your shadow just right there,
Reaching out for the love that was never meant for us,
But you were still holding my body so close,
Please just let me go,
I know my heart couldn’t bear with it anymore,
Let me bleeds until the death came forth,
I don’t want to be trapped in this hell anymore,
In this hell of dark cold sorrow,
Of a love that never have another tomorrow…

(c) Scarlet B.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Equation 187. Pain as a Fan

I will try to avoid looking at you.
Even though your eyes glimmers when I see you.
I will try to runaway from being close you.
Even though your body is so warm wanting to hold me too.
I will try to escape from reaching for you.
Even though my heart still furiously beat if I dont find you.
At the end of time,
I woke up and realized who am I to you,
This is all only a dream,
A dream that I myself know won't come true,
It is best to keep a distance gap in a heart between me and you,
I don't want anything more but,
I will still be there for you.
I will still love you,
Slowly l,
I would still  take my leave from being close to you,
Because I don't want to,
To be left broken again,
Because of you.

(C) Scarlet Boundaries 2016