Friday, 11 November 2016

Equation 200 : Oyasumi.

It's already late at night.
You close your eyes,
Hiding underneath a blanket,
It covers your body so cold,
It holds you close to keep you warm,
Looking at your gaze that isn't awake,
How calm you were as time passes by,
How it makes my heart calm,
Each and every night you had fallen to sleep,
I only smiles, holding you close,
So close in my arms,
Your warm breath could be felt,
It tingles my heart,
I'll cuddle you throughout the night,
I'll caress you gently until you are lost,
So lost in a dream that only you can see,
I am wishing you good night,
Oyasumi to my only one,
Let the lulably of the soft wind,
Stroll you throughout the night,
I'll keep holding you close,
I won't ever let you go,
Oyasumi my sweetest love,
Let the melody of night,
Makes you forget what has happen today,
Let the good time be a memory,
Let the dull moment takes it's leave,
Oyasumi my dearest one,
Take a good night rest,
Have the sweetest dreams in your fantasy,
Have a beautiful sleep,
Until I see you again, my love,
Good night to you,

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

(c) Scarlet B. 2016.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Equation 199 : Another Tomorrow

Equation 199 : Another Tomorrow.

The curiosity of what will happen,
To another day is beyond expectation.
The thought kept twisting and turning around,
At the end it becomes a tight knot,
A craving heart,
It's still tries to forget what has happened before,
But those memories,
It kept on crawling back,
Dominating in a mind,
Tearing the hear apart,
That still pleads for everything end,
Even though the journey seems to be so easy,
The path that was mistook,
Has made it longer than it should become.
A strong will of a wittered soul,
Would still focus hard,
Even though it would take some time,
Longer than it should be,
But a promise has been made,
Written in a heart that only listen,
Even though a life kept on falling down,
A strong heart would do whatever it could for a promise,
A promise to finish what has been said....
Even though it would never knows
What will happen in,
Another tomorrow....

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Equation 198 : Imagine.

Imagine that you're alone,
Left in a place so cold,
There isn't anybody else right by your side,
You felt like you wanted to run away,
To another life,
Where everything was like it was before,
But further away you go,
The closer you felt you are still.

Imagine that you're alone
At the distance you were before,
The path of life you are trying to face,
The journey that seems so easy,
But it never was a simple things to achieve for,
You falls down at the end,
Where there isn't anymore hope to reach out for.

Imagine that you're alone,
You are afraid to go,
You have nothing else anymore,
But behind those eyes,
Your courage, believe & faith,
That are buried so deep inside your purity of heart,
That's burning so hot,
It's raging so deep in your soul.
It only long to keep you alive,
It longs for you to still,
Keep moving forward for what,
What your life had been written for,
For your destiny that nobody would know,
What you will be tomorrow...

(c) Scarlet B. 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Equation 197 : Embrace.

A heart that was left alone,
In the darkest night,
In a place so cold.

Through the darkest hours,
Time kept on ticking,
As a suffocating life still continues breathing,

A soul that seems to be abandon,
In the rigid time still hoping for to see another day,
But there isn't anywhere else left to go.

Before suddenly it appears,
Only from the purity of it's beauty,
Of your eyes that tells no lies,

Secret still hidden behind,
With those eyes still has the light that shines,
In a fragile whispers that meant so much.

Even though through the darkest time,
Your shadow would embrace a life,
Holding so close until another tomorrow comes once more...

(c) Scarlet B. 2016