Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Equation 325 : A Story of a Man.

Equation 326 : A Story Of A Man

This is a story,
A story of a man,
A man in a blurry image,
Am image so blurry you can barely see,
What was written behind his eyes,
What was written behind his smile,
His face hidden behind a mask,
You won't even know what was on his mind,
What he's actually thinking about,
Could it be about his life that he's still uncertain,
His life that he's still unsure,
Or could it be about another person,
That's wrote a melody in his heart,
Embracing his soul,
Could another word ever replace the question,
The question that he kept on asking,
Could he be thinking of you,
Telling himself how much he want to be with you,
Could he ever confess,
The feeling that he felt in his heart,
He surely know it's true,
Because he really loves you...

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2018

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Equation 325 : Stay?

I wrote something in my diary,
Something that came from my heart,
Could it be a new story?
Or is it only a tragedy?
I kept on writing and writing,
But somehow at the end,
When I read everything,
Why does it felt like it’s nothing?
Where has the love, the emotion that you and I once had went away?
Why it no longer portrays the sensation we felt,
Why does it parish in the thin air?
In a short time,
How I wish the love would last,
But somehow, it has vanished away,
With no more tracks to trace,
Why did it go away?
Why the beating heart once before shattered to grey?
When I really want you just to stay,
And would never go away.

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2018

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Equation 324 : Who Am I?

Right now I wonder,
Who am I really in this life?
Am I a person who only says words?
Words so pleasant,
That it could make you smile,
Or am I actually a lover,
A lover that’s hiding behind his own shadows of lies,
Lies that hopes for that you won’t ever cry,
Cry for what I’m telling you that isn’t true,
Telling you how I never liked you,
But actually nobody knows my true feeling for you,
How much I actually love you.
Why am I still smiling today?
Because I know when tomorrow comes,
I’m still trapped in those smears of lies,
Those lies that I hope it won’t bruise your heart,
Your heart that I wanted it to be,
With that sweetest smile,
Happy  throughout your life.

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2018