Thursday, 29 January 2015

Equation 97 : Dearest Love....

My dearest love,
Since the first time I met you,
I wasn’t sure how was it for me,
For me to say to you,
The love you gave to me,
The purity of heart that was meant to be.

My dearest love,
As time went away,
Right now it is another day,
I kept on praying that the bond we had,
Won’t shades to grey.
No, I wanted it to stay.

My dearest love,
And again it is today,
I felt my wounded heart,
It was tearing apart,
Will my love for you stay?
Or will it go away...

My dearest love,
I’m thanking you,
For a chance for me to embed,
Imbedding my love for you,
Even if I won’t get a chance to know,
Who you really are...

( a dedication to someone whom I would never know.... )

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 96 : Yesterday...

Since it was yesterday,
How the a heartfelt even though time,
Slowly counting each second,
For it to go,
As I hope it would fade,
As hasty my heart had shattered,
Right now where I am standing.

Since it was yesterday,
How my soul rigidly stumbled,
Slowly down as I felt the pain,
I closed my eyes,
As I pray for my destiny,
As I hope for my integrity,
Was the only one I can own to give.

Since it was yesterday,
Until right now it is today,
How a life has been taken apart,
As slowly as unwanted tears fallen,
As I wish there won’t be another day,
Just go away, and only leave me astray.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Equation 95 : Defy

As days changes,
Until it was today,
I still wonder if,
If everything was okay,
Your beautiful smile,
Slowly has shades to grey,
Was it me that matters?
Was it me that disobey?
Was it me that made you felt betray?
Was the truth so obvious to the eyes,
Of your love that was given to me?
Was there any other way for me to defy,
Defying the truth, all the lies,
Hidden in my heart,
Because I know it’s no longer you,
You that I once see in my eyes,
Only another reflection,
Of another man’s smile.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 94 : For a Lost Love.

For a lost love,
I keep on remembering,
Those previous times,
Of you and I,
We had together.

For a lost love,
I still see your smile,
All the pain, sacrifice, and memories,
The love we once had,
We couldn’t say goodbye.

For a lost love,
I am still waiting here,
The wound that once bleeds,
The blood were still dropping,
Until there won’t be anymore another day.

For a lost love,
I closed my eyes,
Holding the breathe I can no longer feel,
Cascading in time,
I know I will see you again.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Equation 93 : Stand By Me.

Through a heart,
An emotion that was feeling,
There was nothing anymore,
For a man to see,
Your love,
Truth, Lies or Cruelty,
Obliterating that was falling,
Is it you I hear calling,
Was I am the only one standing,
False modesty,
The lost of your love,
That is no longer stand,
Stand by me.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015 

Equation 92 : Air to Breathe.

Here at the deepest Eden,
How I am searching for my path,
A reliance of time that was distained for me,
For a heart that wasn’t able to find it’s peace,
For sorrow of horror that still couldn’t able to,
How was it for me to respire,
How is it for me to survive standing,
The hidden agenda that no one see,
But force to forfeit,
Though it didn’t even begin,
How long will this life would last,
How long will this faith assemble,
Hatred felt in a heart that once bloom,
Shattered like it was only,
The rose that has lost its life and belief,
The heart that dies,
With no more air to breathe.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Equation 91 : The Beginning

At the beginning,
How am I standing here,
Stills standing here at present,
With the feeling of your touch,
That has embrace upon your love,
You held me close in your arms.
How do I hear,
Still heard your pulse beating,
As the tempo was melancholy erased,
Some part of me,
I still wonder,
Why does it felt like it was yesterday?
Why does my heart cry tears that never,
Never ends as another day begins.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Equation 90 : Imagination

Let me see things,
Throughout your imagination,
Let me go through my destiny,
With no expectation,
Let me do my things,
With no hesitation,
Let me breathe,
With only your first impression,
Let me love you,
With only your loving sensation,
Let me be with you,
It's my only intention,
Let me hold you,
My only dearest seduction.
(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 89 : Passing Through Time...

Passing through time,

As how it evaded in a life,
Each time I closed my eyes,
How I still see your smile,
Each minute I try to come back alive,
How your whispers complied the pain,
Leaving me high as you’re down below,
I felt in my heart that was drowning. 

Passing through time,
As how I wish everything would parish,
Each time I try to breathe,
Each time I tried to calm at ease,
The bound of love that never build,
Caught up in an intensity,
Maybe this is fate through a destiny,
Or maybe it’s just a one dull memory.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Equation 88 : My Love For U.

Even if time has passed,
Even if the minutes changed and the day passed away
You grew older until it is the day at present,
The reflection of your eyes,
The glimmer of your smile,
It still won’t ever shades away.

Though at times,
It’s still hard to say but,
Even if it's until today,
My heart for you still felt emerge together.

A sensation won’t ever be forgeten,
A desire to breathe could never be erase,
My love for you,
Never turns to gray,
No, it won't fades away.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

Thursday, 8 January 2015

01 : Detention

            It was ten in the morning. The class seemed to be in its own regular way. Regular huh? She thought to herself. Class of 4A’s. it seemed like it is supposed to be the greatest class in this school, but for her, things might be calm since no one wouldn’t be disturbing anybody, but somehow, it was just boring. Yuki looked outside the class room. It was a three story building, and the class was at its top floor. It seemed like a beautiful day, but somehow the sun was shining just so bright in the outside world. She rubs her eyes, trying to avoid the gazing sun beaming her eyes.
            Suddenly, the students bodies stood up, “Good morning, teacher,” they wished, greeting an attendance of a teacher. Yuki got up from her fantasy. She looked. Ah, that new teacher. Masaki Sakurai. Wonder why all the girls would go crazy over him. Saying every time, he’s just so good looking and yet just too sexy. But why would she even care about that? She blinked her eyes and just stood up when everyone was about to sit down. He’s just too sexy, she kept on telling herself that but she knows that he’s a teacher and she’s from this small hell hole, what else can she do with that?
            The teacher just smiled to her, “You can sit down too,” he nodded his head to her. She lifted her shoulder, “Oh,” she tried to smile, somehow it succeeded, but. . . “Okay,” she replied again and just sat down on her chair.
            The class went alright, but somehow, “Yuki,” he called for her, and she just look up, “What?” she asked him back, just so emotionless, when he showed her the test paper. The red marks did say she only get 69 for her marks. She just looked away, “Detention?” she asked him, because it seemed like almost everyone else in the class got 80 marks and above.
            Masaki just looked at her, “Yes,” and that’s all he can say. Yuri is a very stubborn young girl, and she always answered a teacher back, “What time?” she just looked at him, so irritatingly. My first detention from him, she told herself, even if she’s just frowning, feeling so unsatisfied with him, but who would know how she feel deep inside her heart? Nobody does.
            “After school,” he told her before he picked all of his books on the table and went to the door, “Okay,” she replied him. And he just went out from the class.
            The time was ticking, as the time goes by, Yuki looked at her watch, Five more minutes before its two thirty in the evening, as she hide her hands back underneath the table. The girl next to her approached, “Excited or something?” she asked her with a very irritating face. Gripping her hand, she knows, if no one stop her, she might just punch this woman’s face. Why would you care anyway? You never talk to me and suddenly you’re all nice? What’s up with that? She told herself. Trying to calm herself down, before that actually happen.
            She touched her hand, “Oh, Mr. Sakurai,” she said, trying to sound like an annoying girl, approaching a guy, “Touch me, touch me please!” she said again while touching her own body. Yuki sigh, this woman is sick, telling herself while she turned around to face her, “Don’t make me,” and that’s all that came out from her mouth, looking at her, without even blinking once. She just look at her, “Oh,” she said, sounding just so bitchy enough, “What are you going to do?” she asked Yuki, so arrogantly. Yuki only looked at her, still didn’t plan to do anything, yet.
            Yuki looked away when she heard the school bell rings. Those girls laughed at her, “Don’t forget to tell him to make you feel good,” telling her, imitating as if they were having a good time being a bitch. She turned around and walked just close enough to her and pushed her towards the wall, gripping at the end of her shirt, with the punch up, “You don’t make me,” she told her when suddenly, she felt someone touching her shoulder. She looked at that side. There he was again. Masaki Sakurai. Full time teacher, part time investigator. She just look at him, “What?” she said, putting her punch down slowly when that girl just went so irritating again, she touched his shoulder, “Sensei,” with a pitiful face, “She tried to hit me,” she told him that and he just nodded.
            Now who wants who? Is it her or the so call bitch? She just shakes her head, “Whatever,” Yuri said when she turned around to get out from her class. Masaki looked at her, “Don’t be late,” he told her before she left the scene. She lifted her hand and just go away.
            It was around three thirty in the evening, Yuki was walking towards the class room that she was told to go, but she knows that she is not on time. He did told her to be there around two fifteen, but she wouldn’t mind being in the detention for another time. “Why bother,” she said, pulling her back park on her shoulder, she stopped in front of the door. She wondered, why would a detention room with be dark and scary? But maybe they said being in detention is the greatest moment. No one would disturb you. No one could do anything.
            She looks at the wooden door, Would he still be there? She wondered all by herself. She turned the door knob, and it was unlock. She blinked her eyes a few times, and pushed the door inside. She walked inside and closed the door behind her back.
            She paused her thought for a moment. Why is this room so quite, she wondered? Where is he? She bit her lips and turned around to get out from there, Maybe I should just go, she thought to herself again. She touched the door knob once again, but suddenly, it locked itself. She whined, maybe there is someone there. This school is quite high tech. but what happened between a teacher and a student, that is just their matter. Once you’re inside this room, you can’t get out until the clock that was ticking on the wall, ends.
            She looked at the clock. “Two hours and a half,” she walked over to the nearest seat, “Great,” she whined, when suddenly, she heard the footsteps. Black shoes, black nicely iron pants, blue shirt and a black tie. That is a description you’d say to a person who is in charge in this detention this time. She wonders why a teacher would waste their time to baby sit a nineteen years old student in this hell hole. They could just give them the extra home work.
            “Hello,” she heard him giving her a friendly greet. She looked at him. “Hi,” she replied back, but somehow, doesn’t sound too happy about that. He smiled, “Do you know what happen in a detention, my dear, Yuki?” he asked her. She looked away and just shakes her head, “I seldom got into detention, but from what I heard,” she looked at him again, “It’s where good girls gone bad,” she told him, when he just had a small laugh, “Isn’t it like the other way round?” he asked her.
            Suddenly, she just smiled, “Is that so?” and shakes her head, Why am I having this conversation with this guy? She wondered, but the situation in the surrounding, was a little warm. Maybe not a little, it is kind of warm. She looked at him, “I’m sorry,” she told him when he just look at her, “For?” he asked her, as she just unbutton the top two buttons of her shirts, revealing a little part of her cleavage, she bit her lips, “So,” she started off her line, “What are we going to do next?” she asked him.
            He smiled to her, with her exam paper in hand, “You got a very low mark in your Biology paper,” he told her, placing it down on her table, when she just licked her lips, knowing somehow, he, who was standing up beside her, was looking down into the pit of satisfaction. She smiled, “It’s hot here,” she told him, when he just sat down beside her chair.
            Wiping away his sweat, “It certainly is,” he replied to her statement. She stood up and smile, “And sensei,” she called for him when he looked at her, “Yes?” he replied, but his cheek started to turned a little red, as if he was embarrassed with something. She leaned down and whispered, “What were you looking at?” she asked him, as she bit his ear.
            He felt his pulse started to beat rapidly. What is she doing? He wondered. She looked at him, “No one can enter here other than just you and me right?” she asked him. He just nodded his head, “Yes, it’s fully locked,” he told her, and smiled, “I set it that way,” he added in.
            She had a small laughter, “I wonder why,” when she walked towards the teacher’s table and sit on it. “You know what sensei?” she asked him, while touching in between her breast, down to her belly, when he smiled again, “What?” he replied. She had a small laughter, “Everyone said to me,” she winked, when he walked towards her, “What did they said?” he asked her back, when she just smiled, “That I have a heart to do you,” she told him when he stopped right in front of her. He leaned closer, “Is that so?” he asked her. She touched his nose, “What do you think?” she asked him back, and pushed him down on the chair. He looked at her, full of lust, but just holding it back.
            She bit her finger, and slowly ran it down her neck, down her chest, in between her cleavage, and unbuttons another one of the buttons. “I got a question,” he asked her. She leaned down, close enough to his lips and whispered back, “Ask me,” when she kissed somewhere near by his lips. He knows he can’t hold it any longer as he place both of his hands on her hips and pulled her, sitting on his lap, “I wonder,” when he started to help her unbuttoning her shirt, and she just looked at him just so innocently, “Mmmhmm?” she asked him, and leaned forward to kiss his cheek and a little bite on the end of his ear, “What is it?” she asked him again.
            As the shirts were done, revealing the beauty hidden behind, he pushed the shirt down, and started to kiss her breast, slowly. “What size are you,” he asked her, as he unhooks her bra. He slides it down. Yuki had a small laughter, “You think?” she asked him back. She knows that all men are curious about all this kind of thing. He smiled, “Thirty two, B cup I guess?” he looked at her, when she just shakes her head, saying No, “It’s thirty, C,” she smiled as she leaned closer and kissed his lips.
            He started to grab, massaging her breast, holding her close and lifted her up. He put her down on the table, kneeling down a little and started to suck on her pink nipple. Exchanging from one another. She pushed him a little to the back and started to unbutton his shirt and threw it away, “I don’t need that.” She told him and start kissing him. She pushed herself down and slowing moving down from his neck, to his chest, and start to lick his nipple.
            She opens the belt buckle, unbuttoning the pants and slides it down. She kneel down a little and kissed around his belly and looked at him, “I’m taking the lead,” she told him, with a wink when he just laughed, “Watashi ni yatte kurete,” he touched her back, when she touched his little friend, “Hello,” she smiled and softly ran her cheek on it. He felt the chill, the lust that was trying to get out from his mind, s finally been set loose.
            She pulled his boxer down, and she just smiled, with her hand gently caressing it, “May I?” she asked him, when he looked at her, “Oh baby,” as he caress her hair and pulled the hair band away. Her hair falls down. She had a small laugh, and leaned closer, licking the edge of its head. He started to moaned a little, “You’ve been waiting for me huh?” she asked it, when all he can reply her was, “Oh yeah,” and she started to sucked the edge of the head, slowly pushing it deeper in her throat.
            She started to move a little fast, with one of her hand holing it and the other was touching her breast. She licked and sucked its balls and shaking the other partner with her hand. She heard him moaning harder, she stopped for a moment, “Kore suki?” she asked him, biting her lips a little bit while playing with her tongue at the end of the head again, “Hait,” he replied when he pushed her head, and helping her with the  speed of the sucking that was going on.
            With his head holding behind her head, he pushed his dick so deep inside her throat, feeling the passion of lust that was running through his soul at that moment, he started to moan harder, and harder, “Oh, yes, Yuki,” he called for her name. He felt her hand was touching his bare ass pushing him to be much wilder. Knowing that he can’t hold it any longer, he trusted it deeper, “Oh Yuki!” he screamed for her name again, “Ikuiku!” he told her once, “IKUIKU!!!” he told her again when without realizing, he cummed inside her mouth. He pulled his dick out, when Yuki rushed to the nearest sick and wash herself.
            She turned around and looks at him, “You felt good huh?” she smiled and walked towards him. “Oh yeah,” he slowly pushed her to sit down on the table and opens her legs wide. She was wearing a red g-string, “Anata wa sekushi,” he told her. She bit her lips and pulled him closer, “Arigato,” and kissed his soft red lips.
            He pushed her down once again, “I’m taking the lead now,” he told her when she just laughed a little, “Dozou,” she told him. He touched her fair, bare thigh, and started to kiss it. He heard her moans a little, moving in deeper, he started to kiss her pussy from outside her g-string. She moans again, “Oh, sensei,” closing her eyes, grabbing her breast and playing with her nipples using her fingers. He was smiling. He licked her clitoris from outside, and slowly, his tongue finds its way to touched it.
            She couldn’t resist anymore, when she felt his tongue, playing with it. She moans harder as she felt him pushing one finger inside her hole, “Wow,” he said, when she opened her eyes, “What?” she asked him, was still at her greatest temptation ever. His finger was still rubbing on the clitoris, and he licked her hole, pushing his tongue inside it. “You’re so tight,” he told her, with a very sexy voice.
            She smiled, “I’ve been saving it for someone special,” she told him, when he moved a little, with the fingers still rubbing and he leaned down, kissing her soft lips for a moment, and licking her nipples again. He whispers, “Don’t be afraid to scream my name,” and kissed her once again.
            He pulled her for the right position on the table, with him standing there, he started to rubs his dick on her pussy, with the intention of getting it wet, somehow getting her high as well. He looked at her, “I’m going in,” he told her when he tries to pushed it inside.
            She looked at him, “Will it hurt?” she asked him, biting her lips, with both of her hands were still grabbing her breast. She stopped for a moment, and stood up, reaching down for his dick, she leaned over, and kissed him. He touched her back, “Just a little,” he said, pushing her back a little bit, licking with her nipple again, and bite it a little bit. “Ouch,” she whined for a moment, when Masaki had a small laugh, he whispered to her while grabbing her breast, “Where’s pleasure if there’s no pain,” he told her, and smiled.
            He pushed it in a little bit. She screamed a little, “Oh sensei,” she moans, when he touched her hand, “Don’t be tense,” when he leaned down and kissed her lips. He moved his head to the side, “Just relax,” when he pushed it in, slowly. He felt everything was just nice, he started to move his hips a little faster, pushing it deeper, and deeper. She holds him close, with both of her legs wrapped around his waist, he moved harder, “Oh Masaki!” she moans, calling for his name, “Hegeshiku!” she told him.
            She started to feel the satisfaction running through her veins, when he suddenly whispered, “Hold me tight,” and he held her close and started to fuck her, standing up. He heard her moaning next to his ear, “Scream my name baby,” he told her. She looked at him for a second and started to kiss his lips, “OH Masaki,” she called for him. “Good,” when he kissed her lips again.
            After some time had passed, he put her down on the ground and pushed her, kneeling down, he started to rubbed his dick on her pussy again. He kneel down in between her legs and started to lick her clitoris again, hearing her screaming his name, is just the best thing, “kore suki?” he asked her as he continue to lick it. He thrust his tongue into her hole, moving it inside, with her finger touching her own g-spot, “Yes baby,” he told her when he stood back up and thrust his dick back inside the hole, “Sensei!” she screamed, when he spanked her ass, “MASAKI!!” she screamed again. He grabbed both side of her breast, while doing what he was doing, just so hard, “That’s good baby,” and moves harder.
            While things were happening, she started to feel that her sweats started to dripped down. No wonder they said having sex in a warm situation is just great. She held Masaki’s hand and put it on her breast, “Bebii, sawatte,” she told him, when he leaned down and kissed her neck. He turned her a little, as he started to suck on her nipple again, tickling it with his tongue, he heard her moans, with her hand touching his hair, “Oh baby, sawatte,” when he continue with his licking on one side, and grabbing her on the other side.
            She continue screaming, and moaning, Oh, this felt so good, she told herself, “Masaki,” she called for his name again. He pulled her hair, spanking her ass, he leaned down, kissing her neck, and mved towards her lips, “Oh yeah baby,” he moans next to her ear, “I love it,” he told her, but still didn’t stop at thrusting deep inside her tight hole. He heard her moaning next to his ear, he knows that this was te greatest pleasure he ever felt for such a long time. He kissed her lips once again, “You’re so good,” she told him.
            He turned her the other way round, with one side of her leg was on his shoulder, he continue doing what he should do. He continues to fuck her so hard, so good. It was just so pleasurable. It was unable to describe it in any way possible. “I’m going to make you cum,” he told her, when she just grabbed her breast, touching herself, “Oh, watashi ni yatte kurete,” she told him, and he did want she requested.
            After sometime passed, she suddenly started to gripped her pussy, “Ikisou!” she told him, when he put her leg down, and back to the kneeling down position, he thrust his dick deeper inside her hole, “MASAKI!!” she screamed for his name, “IKISOU!!” she knows she can’t hold it any longer, “IKISOU!!” she told him again. He fucks her harder, and deeper, “Oh, cum for me baby,” he said, while grabbing her breast, “CUM FOR ME!!” he told her again, a little aggressively.
            “Ah! Masaki-kun!” she screamed one more time, “IKUIKU!!!” when he felt water flows a little inside her hole, he pulled his dick out and kneel down again, licking her while the water came out from her pussy. She was shaking a little. He knows, she felt the pleasure. He asked her to sit on him, with his dick back inside her hole, he started thrusting his dick inside her hole again.
            He knows he can’t hold it any longer, he looked at the clock. Left only ten more minutes until everything was unsealed again. He kissed her lips, and fucks her harder, and without realizing anything, “Oh,” he hold her so close in his arms. He felt his cum slowly, dripped out from her hole, he kissed her lips again, “That was great,” she told him. He sigh, “It was amazing,” he told her back, when she stood up and went to the nearest sink, and washed herself a little.
            The time left just three more minutes. Masaki wore his clothes back after Yuki is settled with everything. He cancelled the mark on the paper, and put it from 69 to 81. He walked towards her, with the examination paper in his hand, “I guess you passed your exam,” putting the paper down on her table. She had a small laughter, “I’m glad I did,” as she stood up and kissed his lips. He kissed her back, holding her close, “I’ll see you in detention again tomorrow?” he asked her, with a smile across his face. “Again?” she frowned a little, when he took out his name card, “I’ll pick you up after school,” he gave her the name card and kissed her lips once again.
            She smiled, “Alright,” when the class bell rang. He took his bag from his table and walked towards her, “Following me?” he asked her. She raised her eye brow, “Where?” she asked him, with a very innocent smile across her face. He leaned close, and whispered, “My house,” he looked at her and winked. “Ahhh,” she smiled, “Mata yatte kurette?” she smiled, “Hait,” and he kissed her lips. She sticks her tongue out, “Let’s go then,” she replied. He smiled and both of them left the class room.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Equation 87 : A Dedication for U.

Even though when the first time I met you,

We were stranger in each other's life.
Even if I want to know you,
You were still a mystery in my life.

But after times changes,

The more I get to know you,
The more I felt in my heart that I know,
Sometimes fate has been design for two,
Hearts to be united through destiny has passed.

How I am grateful,

How I am glad that,
God has introduced me to you,
Though sometimes I know how my heart were..

It was torn apart,

How it is still crying for me to be,
For me to always do,
Fall in love with you.

I would still cherish you,

I still love you,
But I know that there are still,
Limits between us two.

I am always thanking you,

For always being by my side.
For at least letting me call you my friend,
The special person in my life.
The bound of our friendship,
The bound of my love for you,
With each other's heart,
I always pray it won't ever depart.

Even if we can't be together,

Be close with each other,
Deep in my heart,
I know my love for you,
Would still be there,
It won't ever fades away,
No, It won't ever shattered on the earth
That shades to grey.

Sweet love,

Kytty Sakuraiba.

Happy birthday 2 u, my dearest love, Nia. <3 :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My own heart confession....

Hello.... Oh, sorry for taking some time to write this, but I know this is a little terrible... The deadline is soon to come and i felt the anxiety came and pour down all over me at one go.. I don't know if i can manage to do all of this anymore.

But this has been my dreams since I was only 11 years old. I know even though people think that iit is a ridiculous dream, but I always felt in my heart that I can do it.

Maybe there were too much mistake has been done in the previous time, but as it passed, i realized that what i needed to write stands inside my heart, It doesn't hide behind any other person's reflection. It all were there underneath my my heart. What I felt inside, the fear, the faith and everything else.

I should not be afraid of who I wanted to become.I know now that there's not a lot of people that can do things like this. This mind sound insane, but I am really happy, delighted and proud to be a poet, an author.

I really hope and pray that my first book will be publish soon.. Even though how I know how terrified my heart was feeling, how I am crying in silent, I still have to believe in myself. I need to face my fear of not becoming who I wanted to be and move forwards....

As for whoever is my readers, I hope that you will support me... Thank u for always standing by me. :) Thank you so much..

Sweet Love,
Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm