Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Equation 332 : Love Can Make

Love can make a woman go crazy,
Love can make a woman lost her mind,
Love can make a woman drain of tears that doesn't seems to end,
Love can make a woman miserable,
Love can make a woman unaware,
Love can make a woman go blind,
Love can make a woman suffocate,
Love can make a women suffer worse than loosing life,
What does love actually meant for a woman?
Perhaps happiness that somehow could end with a broken sorrow,
An endless hollow,
Neverending yesterday,
Not even wanting to move for another tomorrow.

© Scarlet Boundaries 2019

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Equation 333 : Come Back To Me?

One time ago,
We used to talk,
At times.
I don't even know,
When I will see you again,
When your schedule isn't full,
I know you'd be there,
But when you don't even have time,
I know you'd sleep not even more,
Than only 2 hours per night,
You're not with me for quite sometime,
Deep in my heart,
I kept on asking myself,
Would you ever return,
Would you ever come back to me?
At times,
I don't even want to think,
Think that you exist in my life,
But how can I ever forget those memories,
Those memories we had when you were with me,
On the last day we ever talk,
Before things I don't even know,
Might actually get out of hand,
You said to me before you hung up the call,
You told me that you love me,
And you even told me to wait for your return,
But until right now a year had passed,
I'm still sitting here alone,
I still cry thinking if you'd ever come home,
If you'd still even think of me,
When your schedule doesn't even have even a minute,
I kept on wondering endlessly,
Would you ever return to me like you promised me,
Would you come back to me?
Or will I just still be sitting here, With memories that isn't able to be erased,

Sweet Love,
(c)Scarlet Storm 2019