Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Equation 141 : Another Day

As it was the time,
For another day to end,
Close your eyes and felt your heart,
That was beating slow and easy,
Forgive the person who hurt you,
Ask for the forgiveness,
For the sin that you have done,
Today before another day,
As the sun that soon will rise once again,
Forever smile through the destiny that was written,
In a life with no hesitation to face it with,
Full of courage and believing in yourself,
As it was another day,
That will begin to awaken,
At the time you open your eyes,
To see the brightest light,
In your life that will forever shine,

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Monday, 27 July 2015

Equation 140 : Forsaken of Love

Forsaken of love,
In a quivered heart that was,
Differing the controversy,
Of uncertainly emotion,
It triggers endlessly,
Eventually at that time,
The moment was concealing, 
The intimacy was still holding,
The youth that never cascade,
The purity that never evade,
Strongest believe,
In the sweetest gratification of dreams,
Or what was longing to earn,
The providence that was in printed,

A candle holding its last breath,
Through the darkest night of life,
The truth of your love revealed,
In a destiny of your love,
Promises would last forever,
Hearts still belongs,
Next to one another.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Equation 139 : ...

Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer get too emotional?
Is it a bad thing is sometimes,
A writer can't get anything out of their mind?
Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer can't hold them self from crying,
Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer can't take their emotion any longer?
Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer at the end decided to quit doing what they always do?
Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer decided to walk away from their destiny?
Is it a bad thing if sometimes,
A writer close their eyes and not wanting to do anything anymore...?

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Equation 138 : Eruption

Before the dawn,
As the sun was setting down
In a silent that still echoes,
A wittered reflection,
The previous existence,
In a life that was hoping to be,
Awaken once again,
It was shattered at then,
Crestfallen at a distance,
In a time that only last too short,
Wittered in an instant,
Through a willow sorrow,
Neglected heart was torn apart,
Not longing for faith or hope to reappear,
Just to be perished away,
Extinguish a petrifying sorrow,
Exist within our love,
That at the end,
Came alive to a solemn greed,
The fallen tears that no longer mean anything,
Pleading for a distinguish needs,
With fears that was still hidden,
At the end of destination of eruption.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Equation 137 : The Fallen Tears of Love

The fallen tears of love,
I was awaken again,
With a single touch,
Your fingers ran against the ace,
Through the lurk of my disgrace,
The grimace of light went through,
This false clarity,
So hard I tried to resist,
As at the end,
I open my eyes once again,
And what I felt before,
It has shattered to grey.

The fallen tears of love,
I was awaken again,
With a gentle whispers,
Your arrogance was calling for me,
The witness of your agony,
Can love crestfallen this insanity,
Holding your shadow close in my arms,
That prolong for this integrity,
Your promises for our love to last,
From this fate for eternity.

The fallen tears of love,
I was awaken again,
In a shudder winter,
The wind was blowing harshly against my cold skin,
I saw you laying there next to my providence,
Your eyes were shield,
Not seeing anything else anymore,
The frozen tears were still there,
Fallen down on your face,
The significant of your love,
It wasn't perished away,
Through the love, lies and impurity of heart,
The last smile still didn't shade away.

The fallen tears of love,
I was awaken again,
The touch of your fingers that was fallen,
Stiffen cold as the warmth of it fades away from the existence of your love,
My tears that were still falling,
Holding upon my love that was no longer breathing,
Touching what was left for me to only be seeing,
Was it possible for me to close my eyes,
And wished how this sorrow I feel would perish,
Gone through the wind,
And only be to where you are still standing?

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Equation 136 : Rhapsody

Even if at time,
The rhapsody of your love was written here,

I wasn't sure what do I really see,
Was it too obvious to the eyes,
That no one else could be able to visualize,
What actually lies within,
Behind those smile,
The questions sometimes been asked,
Answers still frequently given,
I still see no difference,
Apart from what I see that lies hidden within you,

A heart that was trembling apart,
Buried alive with all those false accusation,

The truth of the oversensitivity,
The lies of this prolonged rhapsody,
Only hope for just integrity,

All that I am hoping for,
Let me learn,
How to understand what,

What was your heart is,
Trying to tell me,

Let me learn,
How was it possible for me,
To also be loving you,

For eternity.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

Equation 135 : Regrowth

In the whispered hollow,
All was seen only your dim of sorrow,
Will a heart able to lend,
An unforgiving echoes,
Temperamental heart raging,
Hope that once were aching,
Now gone,
The wittered rose,
It was dying,
Littered in the darkness time,
It has shattered in a life,
Shading sorrow full of grim,
In the frame of indulgent,
Where there wasn’t any more intention,
It was never really written,
Colliding against truth and anticipation,
It’s bewildered soul,
Pleading for faith to regrowth,
Crying for love to never impose,
Needing for life to only be shown.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Equation 134 : No One

Even if he smile,
To tell you that he was alright,
No one knows what was hidden inside,
How bad he was torn apart,
In his heart that was bleeding until it was another day.

Even if he smile,
To tell you that he was doing fine,
No one still knows,
How he was lying to himself,
To prevent the love he felt in heart shattered to dust.

Even if he smiles,
To tell you that the next day will come again,
No one knows what was hidden in an agenda,
How he tries to keep an emotion that was still bound together,
Even if it was shattering apart silently.

Even if he still smiles,
To tell you that there won't be another goodbye,
But no one would still know why,
Understanding why,
He still smile even if he was crying so deep inside in his wittered heart,
How strong he was trying to stand on a ground that was no longer there.

Even if he still smiles,
Hiding away from your shadows,
That has in the end shattered to thousands of tears,
The earth that fallen apart,
In his own dark sorrow life,
Still needing your light of love,
To show the path,
Of his way to survive.

Not everybody in this world have a strong heart, and to the one who does, and to whoever who have the person who is, cherish him/her for the rest of your life.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015