Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Equation 192 : Tomorrow II

In a dream,
When those eyes were sealed tight,
Where a mind could illustrate a story line,
Everything that a heart haws been dreaming,
Hoping for to come true,
Through out thou life,
Perhaps still longing for a perfect time,
A fantasy that was craving to come alive,
In a heart that was palpitating slow,
Adrenaline rush that was breeding each second pass,
In a life that wasn't true,
In a dream that was supposed to be so beautiful.

But sadly,

In the actual reality,
When a life that we couldn't figure out what was true,
Where a heart at time bleeds,
With an uncertain life of what might come to be soon,
The sound of noise that wasn't long to be heard,
Was drumming so close to those ears,
That wasn't able to cope anymore,
Those heart beat were furiously palpitating swiftly,
It couldn't control itself anymore,
Still living in a life that at the end you couldn't live no more.

Brace a heart because you wouldn't know,
What a destiny in life written for a mind, heart and soul,
Awaken once again in this world that's unpredictable,
No longer in a dream and fantasy that was created,
A life would continue to breathe,
As those seconds continue to ticks,
Minutes continue to pass,
Before another day falls again,

Friday, 15 July 2016

Equation 191 : Feeling Awake.

Feeling awake,
Feeling alive,
Won't ever know what will happen tomorrow,
Won't eve know what will happen later today,
Don't be afraid to do what you wanted to,
Believe in yourself,
Because apart from you,
Nobody would ever do.
Courage is all you need,
For a better life today,
A brighter future tomorrow,
Feeling awake,
Feeling Alive,
Another life,
Another happy ending,
Stay awake as u go deeper and deeper,
Stay stronger,
And believe in only life.

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2016