Friday, 5 May 2017

Equation 304: Life

There are 365 days in a year,
30 days in a month,
7 days in a week,
24 hours in a day,
60 minutes in an hour,
60 seconds in a minute,
How can a life escape,
As it's still living,
And breathing in this world,
That at times seems to have no end,
But eventually one day,
Time would passed away,
Leaving you to return once again,
To a place only life could see,
After a last breath to breathe.

Sometimes in a day,
Strength that fight to live,
Faith and believe that builds up,
To jeep moving on,
Is there even any  second of your life,
That you would be free,
Free from all those false thought,
Unhappy moment?

Just take a while and close your eyes,
Imagine there isn't anything else,
Nothing that come to mind,
In the world that you are still breathing,
Living there alone,
Living there on your own,
Take a deep breath and carry on,
Tell yourself that you must go on,
Clear your mind and believe that,
It won't be too long,
Regain your strength,
Because this is your life,
Always know that you must stay strong,
You must keep,
Moving on.

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2017