Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Soft cold breeze
The day has pass now
Fallen away
Just thinking of time
For you just to be
Right next to mee

Answer for now
Remember then
A day has come for
Shining star light
Have you seen my
Infinite dreams

Night has come now
Fading away
Sky turned to gray
The world had change
But I still feel
Gentle whisper
Calling for my love

How I want to stay
Innocent prays
Hoping for love
Don’t fades away
Until the end of days
Were kept so deep inside
Won’t go from me

Your love engraved in my soul
For eternity…

Thank you for giving me your love. Even if you're not here in my life, I am wishing that my dream will come true. I'll forever pray, to see you...

I <3 you forever.

Aiba Masaki
Matsumoto Jun
Ninomiya Kazunari
Ohno Satoshi
Sakurai Sho.

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