Saturday, 24 November 2012


Looking ahead

How the world was just
Crushing down
Each time you kept on 
Telling me that 
You want me
How it badly you ache
A emotion froze
When I felt your touch 
Grabbing through
Right on my skin

Don’t stop whispering
Tell me, baby
How you need me 
Craving for your temptation
Every night, throughout the day
Won’t ever let u off my sight 

Feeling the hottest sensation
Your lips against mine
Somehow, It never stopped
Even for a second as time passed by
Don’t ever stop
Don’t even think of
Just keep on
Tempt my lust for your love
Holding me in your arms
( Can’t let you go )

Just tell me how
What you wanna do, 
Got to do it now
Take a soul away
Won’t ever regret
Hold me close
And you know what
You just got to do me
Just do me, now

( Noted what's on ur mind. ;) )

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