Friday, 9 November 2012

Don't Say Goodbye.

Will I ever see you
In my dreams
( In my dreams )
Will I ever be loved
Just hoping for
One last kiss
( One last kiss )
Forever searching for
Knowing the hardest time
To face alone
Without you
Promises written here
Won’t disappear
In a true memory

*I need you
I’m waiting here for
A life
How would a dream would ever be
Come alive for a destiny
Without you in my world again
I miss you
Don’t ever say goodbye
I am missing you
Needing you near
How a heart cries for you
I know
You’re no longer here
But a dream won’t disappear
Won’t ever fades away
In my life.

( I always need you in my world.
I always need you to make me smile.
I always need you until the end of life.
Arashi. )