Monday, 12 November 2012


It’s not the reason why I’m hating you
But most of the time
It’s just your way of life here
You made me disappear
From the truth I’m facing on my own
Nobody would ever realize
Understand how my emotion was damaged
Burning deep inside my heart
It had been torn a distance
Dividing two world apart
I never wanted to be near
Or even care to be there
To where you were praised in the world
Where you were treasured 
Miserably, until end of time
Speculating on my own
Who am I to you?
What am I to your eyes?
What is this I’m feeling?
Why don’t you even know anything?
Why would I still be here…
Why should I even wait...
Just for your love?
I’m asking you, please
Just release my heart
Let me be free
Far away from your unfaithful promises
From your factual
In this ruthless world.

( this poem isn't dedicated to anyone since i wrote this quite a long time ago.. just re edit it.. but to someone who feel like this at some certain times, I understand how you feel inside your heart. :) )

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