Saturday, 24 November 2012

Forever Friendship

Strong winds blows
Holding on one another
Won’t let go
Even thunder strikes once again
Blizzard appears, our tears ran away
Just smile and pray
Nothing won’t breaks away

Trusting a world
Risking a life through it
Thinking back a time
When you came into my life

Friendships won’t fades away
Even day ends today

Promises were meant here to stay
Five forever a star
Gazing throughout
Out a life that was so dark
Thanking you for being there
Being without eternally
Smile again
When star light strikes again

*Years had passed now
The journey of existence goes by
Walking ahead
Oh, my life
Had been dreaming of
What would a world
How could it get
Made it pass by a love
My friends

Promises won’t fades
Dreaming of will take
Smile in a world been living
Just come close, and stay
Thank you for always
Being there through a life and destiny
Always loving you, Arashi.

( Thank you again SpyAir for great music! :) 

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