Friday, 2 November 2012

Gakuen - Masaki


Japanese :
Sou Yume nara kono mama de forever
Owaranai future hoshikute
Sonna rakuen wo Itsumo kokoro hiraite sagasu yo
Doushite toki wa sugiteku no
Kono mama motto isasete yo
Isshun no tokimeki
Kimi to itsudemo Kanjite itai paradise

English :
That's right If it was a dream, we could stay like this forever
I'm wanting a future that won't end
I'm always searching with an open heart for that paradise
Why does time go by?
Let me stay like this for a little longer
The sudden flutter of my heart that I feel with you
I want to feel forever in paradise

That is just the sweetest thing! :) Love u, Masaki kun! :D

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