Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Heart Breaks.

Judgment of life
Bleeding right away
The path was taken
Road wasn't easy
Splinters of love
Don’t step, just wishing
If world would skipped it
The time passed away

Blood drained out of
Veins cuts so easy
Trying to end
The wound won’t release
The echoes was heard
No sound reappearing
Don’t ever dare thought of

*Of my heart breaks away
Shattered down in fierce
What else can be seen
The sunlight turns to gray
A feeling fades away
Leaving me astray
Just get out, don’t stay

Don’t ever think of
Remember a time
What once were dreams
There’s no ending
Why don’t you see
Don’t you ever longing
Or even think
Of loving me

Storms has begun 
The cyclones aligned
Promises gone
Tears of tomorrow
Wish for it to end
Never know now
We weren’t meant together
No more sense of

Don’t be here
My Love
Don’t be near
( Leaving me astray )
Don’t need you
Don’t be near 
( Just get out )
Don’t stay!


I wrote this , maybe coz I think anyone can feel like this sometimes anyway right? Don't you think so? :) I'm sure I do. :)


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