Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Loosing U...

Saw you there again
Hold your breath, closing away
Hoping for life to starts, over another time
Feel my heart burns into flame

This is not the end
Shadow appears, didn’t wash away the stain
Broken tears slipping down 
Experience, suffering a heart again
Over do what wasn’t fate
I’ve drowned a life, 
The world still moving

This were that starting of
Hearts holding a love, close together
Rain falls down, don’t just bother
Anxiety of knowing, just wonder
Running forward, didn’t turned around again
Leaving pain, don’t want to miss a thing
The worlds collide, days turns to dark
I got your number
Remembering your name
But you let go a heart releasing, far away

*At that second
Missing a view
A heart crumple
Risking all
At that second
A heart whispering
Forgive me, my love
Face it all, together
Don’t let me go

Where my life stopped there
Wounded heart of
Aching for love
Washing away the pain
Trying to breathe again
How to be living
When my life turns out to gray
Letting me go, out again

At that second
Knowing how world
Treating fear from
Loosing you

( Nothing related to the picture above.
Loosing someone special in a life would hurt you more..
Perishing your feeling away...
Tore a broken heart worse than how you trying to hide away your tears.. )


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