Thursday, 29 November 2012

Not Alone.

When the moment
of you being there
Even though so far away
But I still
Need you near
Even if
You're never here
I always knows that
You're my one true love

When the world
Step, Stop, Slow down
I'm waiting
When I know
You'll be here
Next to my world
Even if I fell down
You hold me so close
Right in your arms
Never gone
You never will be

I can feel it
You're next to me
But you don't see
Waiting for you just for too long
Still can feel it
How your touch was so near
How you're meant to me
Won't ever let you go
Even if
Tomorrow no longer here
You'll always be there
Engraved deep in my heart
Won't ever let you off my sight
Loving you forever
I know that
I'm not alone
Always needs you here
Right next to me


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