Saturday, 24 November 2012

One Love

The day begun once again
Still closing my eyes
But saw you here
Just so close in my existence years
Heard your gentle whisper calling me
Telling just how much you wanted to
Only to be right next to me
*Praying to hold you close, my love
Soft winter blows turned a life so cold
A heart is aching without your love
When the sky turns so dark
Just want to love you forever
Even if two world merge into one
Won’t ever let your love go
Out of sight, for a second time
I want your love
Your only love

How I know we were never meant to be
Together aside for eternity

One, wishing you’re forever here
Two, never let me go out from your life
Three, wanting to hold you close
Never letting go, yet again
Four, your smile warmth my soul
Five, Just whisper your only love

How sacred you are through the spinning globe
Won’t ever fades away
Won’t ever leaving astray
Forever here
Keeping a promise together
My only love.

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