Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shattered Tears

Looking around 
But still won’t find it
Craving for some air
Were found, won’t able
Water drops fading away 
From sight, out of the whole life
Dried of lust 
Just needing for sympathy 

The puzzled spread out
Some pictures missing
Memories appears
But gone in instant
Searching for words
Missing out
Wondering what’s left for now
But fading…

*It’s shattered away
Broken hearts and dreams
Spread out, a raging flame
Through life’s that’s cold and gray
The temperature rising
Increases , won’t ever fail
Through life and death

Suffered a life
Screamed out, unheard
Ran out of tears
Felt lost, confounded 
Confusing fear how
But the question was what
Facing alone
Out on my own life

Heard a sound of
The steps gets closer
What that might be
A shadow appear
Wondered what was
A light so near
Was it a hope for
Emotion fear of

Feel so close
But I 
Won’t let go
( Through life’s that’s cold and gray )
Hold my hand
Just don’t 
Let me go
( Through a life and )

( Again, I thank SpyAir for their great music. ;) 0 Game )

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