Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Summer's Today.

The day turns away
Starting again
The sun had rose now
Shining life that was
So gray
The winds blow slow now
How beautiful
Red roses blooming

Why it was fading
A heart was crying
Why it was begging

The rainbow of May 
Summer’s here once again
Hidden behind the world
Of clouds once 
Were gray

Oh no no
Thinking of you there
What can be said
You walked away, again
Your love were there
Shedding a life
From tears, Fades away

Come back to me 
Don’t go away
If wasn’t be able
Return a love
Growing all through the years
Breathing alive
In spite you thought
Of giving me 

Let go of love
Release me out of
Give me back my life
Your promises
Fading away
Don’t exist to day

Won’t give up a life
Will be living again
Just give me a world
Breaking free from you
Let me go my love
Don’t be here again
Walking far from you
Leaving you away


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