Monday, 12 November 2012

The Road

*Through the road of a veracity
with the sound of an echo
Appealing a heart, a true affection
Keep on walking through
Loving affair of a life, gracefully
How rain drops kept on falling down
Soaking a life so cold
But you held me close
Preventing time from fading away
To seize our love to one
Promises won’t shattered away
And I’ll be safe right in your arms

Day light fading away
How beautiful the sky that turned to gray
Moon light shines
With the gazing stars aside
Closing my eyes
Wrapped around the truth
You’re there in my world
Love that won’t grow fainter
Vanishing from sight, out of mind
You paint my world
With colours of happiness
Forever in my eyes
Will be here, until the end of a life

You held me close
Preventing time
It won’t fades away
Seize our love to one
Engraved in a memory.

Even though sometimes it's hard to accept the truth.
Even though I know I won't ever see through your eyes.a dar
Or understand your propose in life.
Your smile still shine up a dark cold life.
I will forever.
Love you.



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