Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yadda3. . .

This is just a random thoughts..
Do you ever think about
How almost everyone do make mistakes in the world?
Which human on earth is 100% perfect anyway?
None of us really are.
Maybe from life experience, mistake were done.
Without even been realize.
But God do make us to forgive each other.
Not hating, or making revenge just because of your own satisfaction.
If you say, or tell that people do mistake, what's worse if you're doing it as well?
Not that I wanted to brag about anything here.
I admit that I've made mistake to some certain people I've known.
Even through the net, everyone have their own emotion to face.
Maybe I felt stupid after I realize everything I did was actually wrong.
But like I said, how long are we supposed to have revenge on each other anyway?
Until death tear us apart?

But sometimes, there are good things in this kind of issue..
We make mistake to learn.
We learn to be better.
We be better to become the best.
Even if we say we're not clever enough,
we don't hold any certificates like some certain people.
But what's the use of being smart, but with a heart as bad as a rotten food?

The moral of the things I share with you,

Don't give up even if life isn't always fair, because there's always something much better for you in life.
There's always a bright future if you think positive.
Let all the cheesy life behind you, and move forward.

You'd be someone better.

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