Monday, 10 December 2012

Equation 02 -

As though trust a life
Hoping for, hoping of
Gazing through love
That lies beneath youth soul
Emotion compels
How heart tortured with life that
Aching for even just only second
To breathe a life
Somehow that couldn’t understand how
Anymore pain
Resisting tormented lust
Of fear
What other can be done
What more may words say
Or believe
Truth hidden inside
Just a wish
Pray for life to praise
Sympathy, or even how
What would if
Won’t ever see
Your truthuful eyes
Eternal smile
Even only a minute
Worse if it’s just a second fate
Forever love
Disgracing a life
A feeling for your heart
Washed away
In tears
It will forever
Shattered away...


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