Thursday, 20 December 2012

Equation 12 : Life.

They would say action might be
Just crazy enough to prove how
The courrage and bravery
But what left the world
To fight for it to be right
How keep asking a heart
Wishing if only time situated
A life, living just so close
What other would makes it better?
Even if there’s no related motivation
Or a life sensation
Though it was only a word
Truth stands further ahead
Statement won’t forfeit
How the hardest time
A life, somehow won’t change a bit
Remember a heart
How beautiful words were said
The only ‘wish’ only just
‘To be Free’ from a destiny
A graving ‘truth’
Let a long life last
Keep on ‘dream’ing to be ‘alive’
Through the mischievous light
All life out from the 'supernova'
It will be there
For a life.


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