Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fate 2 Stay.

If only I could erase
Erase all the past relection of life
What was written in a distance
That wasn't my love
For you
If past could be written again
How wishing when the first
As the dawn meets the day light
The only man I saw only was
Fates stated a way
How two hearts met
A straitened direction
Even if before it wasn't your love
Therefor why would
 How could a heart ache
When we never say
Or even spoken a sentence a day
Even how memories didn’t go as how
Wishes, planned forever
Life outcome lastly
Gladly now
Keep holding me close
Close right in your arms
How I know now
Even though the time
Isn't always the same
We'll forever stay
Let love guides the way
Never go
or fades out to gray.


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