Monday, 3 December 2012

I Want a Place

The clock was ticking

Times fading away
The next day 
Will be here soon
Just wait
Waiting for the time to be just

So close in your heart

Colors of life
Blue, Red, Green or Pink
Step ahead
Don't be scared
What's there in front of you
Don't go away
Just stay with me
Swimming through

The seven sea

I want a place
Hold me close just be with me
I want a place
Don't let me go, our love wont break free
Emotion whispers 
Baby, you just listen to me
Be strong and believes in
One true destiny
I want a place
To be safe in your dream
I want a place
To be love for eternity
Forever hold on to me
Baby please
Don't let me go
I know It won't break free.

I want a place
Deep in your heart
Just keep me safe
Just want a place
I want a place
Don't let me go
Won't ever break free. 


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