Friday, 14 December 2012

So Long, Good Bye.. :) ( 4 My Friends )

Even though we seldom say Hello
Asking one another
How do you do
You're still my friend
Thank you for always be there
Even if where we stated
Don't make our friendship much closer
We still hold out heart together
Stand right aside
Thank you for being there
Thank you for being my friend. :)


Just to let you know, I might away for these few days ( not more than 6 days I hope ) since there's something wrong with my health, I will get admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning, so I guess, these two drs have to take care of me.. Hahaha.. :D Wish me luck since I know.. Injection isn't really my best friend.. XD Take care! <3 u always! :)
Kytty Sakurai.

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