Saturday, 8 December 2012

Thank U, Arashi / Sakurai Sho.

Sakurai Sho, Arashi,
Even if I've known you ( Arashi ) since the year 2000, even though I felt like I was on my own at that time, since no one else really care or know who you are, but I really love your music, and how sweet, too adorable you all looked like when the first time I saw your PV, Jidai played on the local tv.
Everyone around me, made fun of me for loving you, but I say, who cares?
I love you, why should I care if they don't anyway?
I don't even bother if they don't know you
Somehow it made me happy to be the only one that love you back then... :)
But anyhow, I guess when I first know Arashi, you didn't really hold my heart,
I lost track of you from the year 2001 - 2003,
but when I met you again, but somehow, my heart changed to someone else, but still not you.
My heart opened once again for him, and I wonder why it wasn't you.
 But I'm grateful and really thanking you for fate making my heart 2 stay and keeping it safe right by your side.
7 years of me loving you coming a head, and 14 years of Arashi being together.
I thank you forever for letting me love you.
Giving me a chance to get to know you.
For holding my heart.
Hoping that even if the world knows you,
I still have my little space, even very tiny bit chances,
2 keep on loving you.
Fate 2 Stay right next to you.
Thank you so much,
Sakurai Sho
 ,Arashi. )

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