Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beast With a True Love

                Somewhere in the human world, there are two men that have been friends, who never splits up, even if whatever things happened between the two of them.
                Sho, a simple guy, a good hunter, yet have a soft heart. Masaki, a gorgeous guy, would get every girls attention with his smile, but he’s just too cruel to be forgiven most of the time.

Somehow, their life changed after a girl, Miyuki, walked into their world. . . . .


Will I be able to
Keeping a promise to you
Will hold my love
No matter what might just
Might just happen to my solitary life
Even if I go 

and will never return
My heart will forever ache
My tears won't ever fade
If a love from you
Leaving me astray.

Sho leaned closer to Miyuki’s body, touching her lips, he closed his eyes in disappointment  with what had happened, “Forgive me, my love," he whispers, feeling the tears that was hiding behind his eyes trembled down, one by one, he had a short sigh, "I really don’t mean to let you go,""I love you my love," he whispers in her ear.

The stars shines bright again
When I see you right there
Do you still remember

Our last kiss
Some time ago

Wanting you closer to my love
Come back to me

 and please don't
Don't let my love go.

“Remember me,” he told her, when she smiled to him behind her mask, “I will always will do,” she replied, as he held her hand, giving it a little kiss, he looked at her and smiled, “I will find you even if the earth turns around,” he smiled to her, "Or even if life turns to gray,"
She smiled to him, “Thank you,” touching his cheek, as Masaki pulled her closer, and they share a one last kiss before they say goodbye.

Even if I have you here next to me
Somehow the past memories were still there
Whispering for my love
Was it still engraved inside my heart?
Will I ever find you?
Just once again?
Or might just
Forget about you?

“Do you regret knowing me?” Sho asked. “No” she said, “Do you love me?” he asked her again, but Sho had a small sigh, looking to the side even though it was at the darkest night, he can still see her beautiful face, he looked at her once again,
 "Do you love Masaki too?" he asked her, as at that time, she felt her heart was skipping beat.

                How will this love triangle end? Will their friendship ends because of that? Will she ever make up her mind?


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