Thursday, 7 February 2013

Equation 27 - Echo.

Echo sound heard,
Written there, somehow
Hidden apart, other than
Just, only the
Whispered words,
Perceiving a heart,
Tormenting soul, though 
Motionless, Preventing fear
Over loading, emotion
Howling, without reason for,
Mistaken by only,
Shadows were once,
There, but again
Never were, here
Though force facing,
Strength was lighten
Difficulty, avoiding fright
Deceiving tears, 
Still was, why would it be?
Hidden there,
With no answers,
Ignoring each second, continues
Forever decreasing, a day passed away
But the echo was still heard,
Holding close, craving inside
Don’t let go, fade out from,



  1. good poem ,keep it up.
    aunt mary

  2. This piece was amazing, glad to have it entered in 'Potters Wheel Anthology' I always love reading the entries, and this one was simply amongst the best :) Definitely keep up the good work Kymmy; you're amazing.

    1. Ohh. Thank you so much. =) i'm really happy that you like it. =) i'd try to write much better. =D thank u soooo much!

  3. Sounds very nice when read aloud. I like your flow.

    This poem to me was like an abstract echo, in that I wasn't quite certain of all the words said, but I couldn't help but listen until it stopped at the point where it began, at the original echo.

    Beautifully bizarre.

    1. Thank you so much dear. ;) I guess, some words are hidden in a certain point of the line, but once you understand what it really meant, . . . :) :) Thank u so much. *hugs* :)