Thursday, 14 February 2013

Equation 31 : Truth?

Soft wind, blew
Winter breeze,
Snow fallen down,
Somehow, melted in,
An only touch,

Why should it be, 
Fading away, without
Realizing a single matter,
A proper probation,
Fearless heart, still was,
Looking ahead, across a
Shady, yet just too quiet
Shelter, but how can I see
Noticing what was actually
Real to me, 
Forgiven mistake, hoping to be
Set free, but how may I seek
Asking just for an only
Sight, even if it was just
For a few, Second
Time was still moving,
Won’t ever be, back to it’s own
Actual decade, will shattered
But still there was a new day
Why it was the only way
Why can’t I witness the truth
The only solution there was
The only chemistry there will be
Standing there, an endless life
Concealed away,
Hidden behind,
An everlasting love,
It was you, I’ve been
Searching for,
My everlasting, 
Promises for,
The only one,