Monday, 18 February 2013

Equation 32 : Visible.

Memories are sometimes,
Though how can,
I, remember,
If the only second that came
Ever do cross my mind,
Was just the time, I last
See you there,
But when once I did
Sealed up sight, Nothing would
Ever come back,
Alive, somehow,
Still were searching,
For a path, only for this
Endless remedy, that was
Written there, unseen,
But still was, there
Not realizing, the visible conclusion
How faith, truth of life
Depended a day,
Would skip a minute, Still
Continues away, in a
Dim sight of light,
Would still find a way,
Though was still,
Missing a view,
Knowing, forever do,
Without light showing,
You are there,
Still, shimmering,
Through the radiant shades of,
My life.


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